5 Coaches on Hot Seat

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5 Coaches on Hot Seat

1) Jason Kidd, Nets

Why? Kidd's struggles have been well-documented thus far. The Nets are 3-10. Garnett, Pierce and Deron Williams have looked awfully old, they don't play well as a team, and injuries have taken their toll as well. Kidd's tenure will probably be over within the next few weeks.

2) Tyrone Corbin, Jazz

The fact that this individual still has a job makes me cringe. He couldn't win when the team had a decent amount of talent, and management suddenly believes he's going to be competitve with a bad team? I understand Utah is trying to tank... but Corbin has no right to be the guy who leads this team back to the promise-land

3) Mike Brown, Cavaliers

To be 4-10 with the amount of talent Cleveland has is a ridiculously pathetic joke. Mike Brown actually sucks at coaching professional basketball. The fact that they re-hired his offensively-challenged self is evident that terrible front office decision-making is still prevalent. (man that sentence was long)

4) Mike Woodson, Knicks

With the magnifying glass getting closer, and the sun getting hotter, Mike Woodson is starting to sweat. The Knicks are bad this year. And losing Tyson Chandler to injury was the worst news for head coach Mike Woodson. The Knicks just can't win close games. They're undersized up front, they battle ailments left and right, and their 2nd best offensive option (JR Smith) is shooting 33% from the field. If New York loses a few in a row, Woodson will be canned.

5) Larry Drew, Bucks

I knew the Bucks were going to be bad. They have a ton of role players but nobody very good. Larry Drew doesn't have a clue what lineup he wants to use, Larry Sanders has played like 15 minutes this year because of injuries, and they just don't play very good defense. I don't think Drew will be fired before the all-star break and I don't really know if he gets booted this season -- but it looks like the rest of the Bucks season is going to be long and arduous. I don't expect him to man the controls next year after Milwaukee has re-built its core.

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The Jazz will hire a

The Jazz will hire a different coach in the offseason. Bank.

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It's hard to say MIke Brown is on the hot seat. Even though he is complete garbage and the team lacks and sort of offensive identity, cleveland is in the top 10 defensively and Brown is in his 1st year of a 5 year $20 million dollar contract. Chris Grant, their GM, should replace Brown as being on the hot seat.

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Agreed. Same goes for

Agreed. Same goes for Milwaukee. They couldn't have had that high of expectations with the "mehhh" squad that was assembled. Plus, Drew's in the first year of a three-year contract. It wouldn't be surprising if he was let go, but Milwaukee would have to eat that contract for quite a while.

I'm surprised Randy Wittman wasn't mentioned instead, but that's just me.

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