4th pick

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4th pick

Who do you think the lakers will take with the 4th pick?

To me it seems as if its down to two guys culver and Hunter. Personally i think Culver will end up being the better pro, but Hunter would make more sense for the lakers with his catch and shoot ability especially if the lakers are in win now mode, he fits well with bron too.

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Hunter but 4th pick is a bad deal

In a draft with a pretty clear top three, this 4th pick seems like bad bargain with every prospect in the top three having one or several major flaws.

Hunter is a nice defender and shooter and had a great Final Four but his year has been disappointing and it seems lile his ceiling is not that high if he was to be drafted in the top 5.

Culver had some terrible games in the tournament, yet his all-around skills could fit well in a team with good shooters.

We don't know if the Lakers will keep or trade this pick. I'd rather have Hunter and think Culver could be a great fit alongside Sexton at 5.

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Thrilled the Lakers got up to the #4 pick

But I really believe that pick has to be packaged to use in a trade to land an established Veteran b/c once the Lakers were fortunate enough to land Lenron last summer the committment turned from Development to Win now b/c Lebron is in his mid 30's

It's a shame LA could not get into that Top b/c those top 3 have more Value

There are some really strong prospects at #4 & beyond but these are players that will need to be Properly developed & I just dont see how the Lakers can committ the playing time or resources (coaching) to build a young player

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#4 whoever it is and Kuz for

#4 whoever it is and Kuz for Beal after July 1sr

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How the....

How did the lakers get a top 4 pick 4 years in a row?

Has this ever happened before?

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A long time ago...

Lebron left the cavs.

2011 1st(Baron davis deal) and 4th pick.

2012 4th pick

2013 1st pick

2014 1st pick

Good luck to beat that.

To answer the initial question, Darius Garland is by far the 4th best prospect, a guy worth trading for....trading up for.

Almost half the league could draft/use him right away(and for the next 8-9 years), he has so many fits, you really can't say that of the hunter, culver, white of the world.

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Funny thing about Darius

Funny thing about Darius Garland's rise to prominance, it has entirely taken place after he got hurt. Hoopshype mock draft consensus 1.0 from June 2018, he was ranging from 7th to 26th. On the eve of the season in 2.0, he was between 9th and 23rd. In mid-December, the point at which he had his five games and was hurt in 3.0, he ranged from 10th to 12th. Now in 8.0, he is between 4th and 8th.

When was the last time people not only elevated a player after an injury, but almost entirely became more certain of him as a prospect? Just saying, Cam Reddish had a good first four games. Quentin Grimes had a 21 point game and a 10-10 game in his first four. Bol Bol had a far superior start to the season, is a far more unique a prospect, and also got hurt. Keldon Johnson was excellent in November and December. Kevin Porter hadn't even been suspended and mediocre yet. It is okay to like Garland, but you just can't be certain of him when no one was claiming certainty when he was playing, and so many players were just as good or better early on and then actually had to keep playing.

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That means nothing to me

That means nothing to me because I had him 3rd before he got hurt ahead of Ja Morant.

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#4 and Kuz for Derozan? Who

#4 and Kuz for Derozan? Who says no?

(Adam Silver probably, I haven't checked salaries)

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Spurs say no

with Derozan they are a playoff team. With 4th pick and Kuz they are not a playoff team.

Plus they have Lonnie Walker and Murray who I both think will develop greatly and can become top tier role players behind Derozan and Aldridge.

And Pops too old for a rebuild lol. They trade away his best player for 2 role players and he would walk.

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Don't forget Derrick White!

Pop isn't just the coach he is the president of basketball operations too so he would be the one in charge or the trade, so it could only go through if it was okay with him.

I agree with what you are saying and I would add that Derrick White is going to be a good player for this team going foward also and sooner that Lonnie Walker.

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They could get Bradley Beal

They could get Bradley Beal with that package...

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other players

I think Coby White would be a decent get here. With Ball's injury history it makes sense to grab a PG here. Plus with White's stroke and size you could play them together and he's a good fit next to most of their other backcourt guys.

Everyone is sleeping on Cam Reddish here. Lebron loves to be surrounded by shooting.

I do think a player(s)+4th pick trade is very likely.

The other option for me would be to trade down with a team who has multiple picks (Brooklyn, Boston, Atlanta) and pick up a few more seasoned Josh Hart type guys for your bench mob. This would be if you knew you were going to score in free agency and you wanted to pack the back end of your roster with affordable reserves.

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Garland signing with Klutch Sports might mean nothing, but we've seen him with Bron a couple of times now.. I think it's between Garland, Reddish and Hunter. And if Im asked to put money on it, I'll say Garland.

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Use it in a trade, Hunter,

Use it in a trade, Hunter, Culver or (my sleeper) Reddish

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I think Lakers go with

I think Lakers go with Garland or White with the 4th pick if they keep it. I'm 95% sure they trade it though. Even if they didnt sign Lebron trading the pick would be wise, the team is full of developing young players if they have playoff aspirations grabbing another doesnt seem wise.

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4rh pick..

Big if they keep this pick...As like most people I see it being used for trade bait for established player: Beal,A.D or Damian Lillard level player..

But if I had to fill a need then it is either: To back up Ball or Ingram due to health concerns...So either a SF or PG


Best available shooting Wing..So as mentioned above Reddish etc

Can't really comment on this years draft due to not really following College ball.

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