3.09 PER: What's wrong with Derrick Rose?

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3.09 PER: What's wrong with Derrick Rose?

Derrick Rose is back from his injury, but he and the Bulls are struggling.

Rose is obviously not 100% nor is he in playoff rhythm, but he looks OK in the speed and athleticism department. He is still playing his game for the most part. He isn't getting that many assists or knocking down a ton of 3's but that has never been his game.

Rose is a slash and burn type of player who does his damage by getting to the rim. Lots of his layups and tear drops are circus shots, and if those aren't falling as much anymore, then his game will suffer.

Maybe other teams have figured him out. If you give him the jumper then he won't do much damage. If you put a bigger, longer guard on him and give him the jumper, and then use your bigs to pack the paint, then Rose will not be as effective.

Also, the Bulls don't have that many shot creators or scorers. D Rose has to do a lot of it himself and he is neither a pure pass-first point guard nor a pure shooter. So that might be wearing him down and making him less effective.

The Bulls are 1-3 now and Rose' PER is beyond abysmal. It's early in the season, but if things don't turn around soon, Bulls fans will have real reasons to worry.

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Rose will be fine give him

Rose will be fine give him some more time. The thing Bulls fans should be worried about is the same thing since they drafted him. They do not have enough offensive fire power other then him.

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We know Rose needs time to

We know Rose needs time to get back into rhythm, but we forget that the team as a whole needs time to get chemistry. The team, as well as Rose, will improve rather quickly.

Like For Never Ever states, the Bulls lack firepower around Rose. Having 1 go to guy surrounded by role players and defensive players didn't work for Iverson and sixers years ago, and it will not work now. Especially with the amount of super teams out there. Chicago just needs to take a risk and trade for someone to come in and help Rose. They seem to be banking on Mirotic being that guy, but it's still too risky to bank your future on any overseas player. They have attractive pieces in Deng, Butler, Mirotic and the bobcats pick. I think they should pursue Aldridge, Horford, or even Zack Randolph.

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Seriously dude, if it was so

Seriously dude, if it was so easy for other teams to figure him out, if it was just about to "put a bigger, longer guard on him and give him the jumper", then do you really think the other teams would've needed 5 years of D-Rose in the Nba to find out?

And most of all, he hasn't played an official basketball match for more than a year, and he's played only 4 games so far, I don't even know what we're talking about.

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were talking about how drose

were talking about how drose has gotten off to a horrible start...mcw who is a rookie totally dismantled him...not trying to compare the 2 or make this about mcw but i mean wouldnt u think a rookie is more likely to have a tougher time getting adjusted rather than a former mvp? drose will get better but the fact remains that he is playing like shit(for him). I would not put everything into him if i was a bulls fan

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now westbrook on the other

now westbrook on the other hand..woahh

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He's rusty, pressing and his

He's rusty, pressing and his timing is off. It's like he's trying to get it all back at once, pick up where he left off and that's not happening. Coming back was always going to be a process, which is why I preferred that he come back last yr, even it was just to play in increments and limited time. He looked better this last game offensively as far as picking his spots but he's not seeing the angles or reading the help defense in time. What I was hoping for was for Derrick to improve his bball IQ after sitting out and being able to see what's happening on the court. He said as much during the preseason. Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to be the case. It seems like all the progress that he was making up until the injury in terms of his PG skills was lost. He actually looks to be playing a dumber, more selfish brand of basketball, taking on 3 help defenders instead of making the right play which he did in the past. Instead of making the simple dump off or his patented kick outs he looks more interested in, in his own words "making the refs call it." I hope he gets that out of his system soon because the Bulls don't need that sht.

The team as a whole is struggling with the new offense which will take some time as well. It's supposed to be a read and react offense but I see a whole lot of reading and not much reacting. They're thinking too much which is resulting in a bunch of station to station passing, catching and holding. Add in the fact that the Bulls are getting crap shooting from the outside and opposing defenses are just loading up the paint. IMO, they should scale their offense down a bit, simplify it and introduce the new sets in smaller doses.

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Solid post. Unjustified neg.

I'm a huge Rose fan and if someone would have told me that he'd start the season off this bad I would have laughed. But he did. If I were a Bulls fan I'd be very concerned. I wouldn't be "sell the farm" concerned or anything crazy like that, but this is more than a "rough start." I expect he'll turn it around, but I'm not starting to think there's a tiny chance that he'll never be the same again. We've seen that happen to far too many stars. No one is immune. Hopefully he has a breakout game soon and we'll all laugh about our concern here.

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Derrick Rose

Rose needs time to speed up with the game. Remember he was out for a year!! I do agree that Rose need a scorer along side with him.

Possibly trade Luol Deng for a scoring threat alongside him?

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from what i see he's playing with no conscious, jacking up every shot possible. Being agressive is a good thing but his shot just isnt there. Right now he above five threes a game, i think thats the most he avged per game in his career. Its still early though so just let him get his feet back under him and he'll be playing like a top 3 pg that he is

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Hes obviously rusty and

Hes obviously rusty and stuggling with confidence a bit...

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I think the real problem is that the coaching staff is...

I think the real problem is that the coaching staff is putting too much pressure on rose to be a do everything type of player when the reality is that he's not ready to embrace that type of role. Rose will be fine in my opinion. As the season goes on I expect him to adapt and develop the needed rhythm, timing, and confidence that will help him consistently play at a very high level. Also another big problem with the bulls is that they do not have another guard who can create his own offense off the dribble which puts enormous pressure on rose to always be the main dynamic scoring threat who has to score against multiple defenders and extremely tough team defense. The bulls should have kept nate robinson who would have been great playing with derrick rose in the same backcourt

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Can we please disqualify the

Can we please disqualify the Rose/Westbrook comparisons?

Do people understand NBA defense? Do they understand the difference between the defense double teaming you on every single pick and roll, trapping, forcing the ball out of your hands, opposed to playing with the best scorer in the NBA?

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They are doubling him hard

They are doubling him hard becaue Butler, Deng, and Dunleavy just aren't good enough 3 point shooters to make them pay.

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