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Playing some NBA 2k13 on my first day of Thanksgiving break. I started a Bobcats franchise, and made some preseason trades. My roster on opening day was

PG Kemba Walker
SG Dion Waiters
PF Ivan Johnson
C Kenyon Martin

I made some trades during the season (We won 18 games), and had a lineup of Kemba, Waiters, MKG, Jason Thompson, and Spencer Hawes at the end of the year. Traded for some draft picks (Orlando's Number 2), and wound up with 1 and 2 overall. I used them on Nerlens Noel and Shabazz Muhammed. Also picked up Dwight Howard (!) in free agency. Now, here's my roster.

PG: Kemba Walker, Dexter Strickland
SG: Shabazz Muhammad, Dion Waiters
SF: MKG, Devin Ebanks, Jeff Taylor
PF: Nerlens Noel, Jason Thompson, Biyombo, Hakim Warrick
C: Dwight Howard, Spencer Hawes

Anyone else playing a franchise?

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Well I only like making a

Well I only like making a trade here or there. If the computer offers it, I will consider. I guess maybe I'm a loser and will only play like 1 game a season and simulate the rest. I like doing the gm thing and set the minutes. I'm like 10 years in with the Kings. The only 3 original players left on the team are Demarcus and T Rob. I don't remember all the specifics of how I got here. Through trades, FA and draft my starting lineup was Isiah Thomas, Demar Derozan, a drafted SF, T Rob and Demarcus. They were like a first or second round exit team and also Brandon Knight as sixth man. I drafted well and some young players became relevant enough to take over some spots. Dumped a bunch of salary like Derozan and Knight. Kyrie was a FA and I picked him up. Traded isiah for a nice young SG who I skilled up untapped potential so he is at 99 on that.

So, now it's Kyrie, a SG who is awesome, the same SF, T Rob, Demarcus. 6th man was a draft pick as well as some other bench guys. I fill out the roster with MLE and minimum vets. We've won 2 championships in 4 years. Demarcus is slowing down a bit but he will remain a lifetime King as will T Rob. Kyrie will probably also finish his career here. Lol

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Nice. Just picked up Andrew

Nice. Just picked up Andrew Wiggins and Mich Mcgary in the draft. I like to sim every game. Gives it more of a GM feel.

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Demarcus is slowing down a

Demarcus is slowing down a bit but he will remain a lifetime King as will T Rob. Kyrie will probably also finish his career here. Lol

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