25th Pick

Damion James? Tyler Hansbrough? Wayne Ellington? Taj Gibson? Trade Up? Or get picks for next Year? What will the Thunder do or Who Will They Take? your opinions of most likley Picks in this spot. Why?

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would be a nice reserve big!

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go with a 1/2 combo

get a player like darren collison (kinda early but still) or terrance willaims if he falls

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I would say trade 25th pick and someone like Watson for Eddie House and #53.

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I don't think they'll be picking at 25

I honestly think there is a good chance OKC won't even own the 25th pick by the time it comes around. There have already been rumors about swapping the 25th pick with DET for the 15th and Amir Johnson and also a couple of other teams in the teens and earlier 20's (such as the Hornets) are looking to sell their picks so I could easily see OKC moving up in the first round and selecting someone who has fallen further than they expected. Also who they select also has to do with who they pick at #3. If Harden is the selection at 3 I can see them maybe taking a big such as BJ Mullens of James Johnson. However if they take someone like Thabeet or Hill early in round 1 I think they'll look at a shooter like Wayne Ellington. Nick Calathes is also an option I think since he is a big combo guard and they could let him play overseas for a year while the judge just how much Livingston factors into their future plans. OKC is one of the hardest teams to predict what they'll do because they have so many options. They have a ton of cap room, the expiring contract of Watson, 2 first rounders in this draft along with next years draft, and a group of young players who can play multiple positions (RW the 1 and 2, KD the 2 and 3, and JG the 3 and 4)

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ya, it's strange to me how

ya, it's strange to me how some of the ones actually freaking out are laker fans. either that or people who just hate them so they'll take glee in any loss. first game back with dwight...saw some good things.

really hope CD-R makes this roster though. he knows how to score and get to his spots on the floor. we need a guy who can do that because blake doesn't really run the offense well at all. i like goudlock too but i think he's gone. ugh, goudelock over duhon...never liked that idea but whatever.

do people really think LA will go with an all-bench lineup? dwight, gasol or kobe will all rotate and be with those guys at all times. dwight should be able to handle 40 minutes when he gets up to speed.

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