2019 Shades of...

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2019 Shades of...

Instead of direct comparisons I prefer to list players that the prospect shows shades of because you can never truly make a direct comparison and some facets if a players games really do remind you of one particular player.

Zion Williamson - Charles Barkley, Draymond Green, Corey Maggette
Cam Reddish - Khris Middleton, Tyreke Evans
R.J. Barrett - Sarunas Marciulionis, Latrell Sprewell
Ja Morant - Kris Dunn (minus the D)
Darius Garland - Kemba Walker
Ignas Bradeikis - Gordon Hayward, Kyle Kuzma, Joe Ingles
Romeo Langford - Jeremy Lamb
Bol Bol - Sam Bowie, Manute Bol
Daniel Gafford - Brandan Wright
Sekou Doumbouya - Al-Farouq Aminu
Jalen McDaniels - Pascal Siakam
Udoka Azubuike - Festus Ezeli

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Zion Williamson- Larry

Zion Williamson- Larry Johnson
Cam Reddish- Tyreke Evans
RJ Barrett- Tracy McGrady
Ja Morant- Reggie Jackson
Darius Garland- Tyler Ulis
Ignas Bradeikis- Joel Ingles
Romeo Langford- Richard Hamilton
Bol Bol- Kristaps Porzingis
Daniel Gafford- Clint Capela
Sekou Doumbouya- OG Anunoby
Jalen McDaniels- Jonathan Isaac
Udoka Azubuike- Sharone Wright

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Sharone Wright? wow haven't

Sharone Wright? wow haven't heard his name in years. Is azubuike really that bad? I haven't seen any of the players play yet, so your ahead of me.

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Love the Latrell Comparrison for RJ. That makes a lot of sense. They both have a bully approach to basketball.

Zion Williamson - The love child of Barkely and Larry Johnson.

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Love the Draymond conp for

Love the Draymond conp for Zion, I’ve long thought that. Zion more playmaking, Draymond more D, but both modern undersized centres revolutionising the game and the position.

Reddish - I see a lot of Michael Redd in his game.

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A lot of frontcourt guys are

A lot of frontcourt guys are turning in good play making stats - Al Horford and Blake Griffin spring to mind and with the game being so 3 point dominated, a lot of bigs are becoming effective of passing out of the post. Draymond is a mixture of this and a good play ma\ker but he's not say a Grant Hill level point forward on his creative game.

Zion if he improves his playmaking and passing even more adds yet another bow to his game.

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