2014 Draft Top 5

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2014 Draft Top 5

Do you guys think there is any possibility that Wiggins, Selden and Embiid all get selected in the top five?

Bill Self believes Embiid has the potential of going second. I think that's a stretch, but with a good season he could have a chance at top five. Selden is also my sleeper pick at being a top five pick, while I have Wiggins obviously slated at number one.

I think it's a huge stretch and will mostly be based on Embiid having a good season. I think some scenarios may help their case, such as maybe Dante Exum not declaring (even though this is unlikely) or Jabari Parker staying another year at Duke. Even if both of these happened, Wiggins and Randle would most likely go first and second, leaving Selden and Embiid a chance at sneaking into those 3-5 spots.

I really doubt it happens, but it would be amazing to see three freshmen from the same school going top five.

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NO! Embiid is a project that

NO! Embiid is a project that I think is over hyped.He's athletic but he doesn't have good post moves, not strong and I can keep going. He will need to take some years to develop. And put in the fact that Marcus smart, Parker and Randle are way better then him and are top 5 picks.

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I think it depends on who declares. Wiggins will obviously declare, if isn't already a lock for #1 he's certainly a top 5 lock. Randle will also be likely to ride his hype train into the NBA with a stacked Kentucky team. However, after that it gets cloudy. Will Jabari Parker still want to go on his Mormon mission? If Smart didn't declare earlier this year, why would he risk doing so next year? Does Exum want to play in college?

With Selden already being a borderline top 5 pick any of the above players dropping out will most likely see him getting picked in the top 5 become a certainty (barring a horrid season on his part). For Embiid though, despite the raw talents he possesses and large improvements in his game over a short period of time, it will take him having an absolutely amazing season to get him in the top 5 in this stacked draft.

That all being said, it may be hard all 3 of these players to prove they have the credentials while sharing the court. With Wiggins being the obvious focal point, Selden and Embiid may not receive ample opportunities for them to both prove themselves.

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Does anyone remember Wayne

Does anyone remember Wayne Simien. He was one heck of a rebounder shucks

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