2013/2014 ATL Hawks

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2013/2014 ATL Hawks

I know they didnt get anything for Josh Smith (IMO ya gotta get something in return even if its Gortat and Dudley) but they will be major players next year in Free Agency. Next year they have 3 players with guaranteed contracts, Al Horford for 12 Mil (3 more years all at 12 mil which is a respectable contract) Lou Williams at just over 5 mil, and John Jenkins at just over a mil. They have 2 players at Qualifying Offers Teague at 3.5mil and Ivan Johnson at just over a mil. so 23 mil goes to Horford, Teague, Lou, Ivan and Jenkins.

Ferry was able to shed Joe Johnsons contract for expiring contracts and I think he didnt want to be stuck with more contracts just for the sake of trading Josh Smith. Theres still a chance Josh Smith could re-sign if Ferry brings on more Talent to ATL, for years they have always been that mediocre team thats good enough to compete but not get past the hump which is why u gotta let guys go and start fresh and give your own contracts. Al Horford has a great contract for his production (similar to Rondo not making max money) and How do you justify paying Josh smith a max contract so potentially 4-6 mil more then Horford makes. There are teams who will throw money out players based on potential (Harden even tho that paid off, McGee and Hibbert arent worth theirs) but i think Josh smith is a 12 mil a year type player, hes huge on defense and in transition but not that great in half court sets.

Sorry got a little of topic but theres a chance Ferry signs a few players in the off season instead of getting stuck with players he might not particularly want. If he wants that big time free agent he will have to get in line with everyone else to get Dwight, CP3, Bynum, Al Jefferson. But there are lots of free agents who will fit nicely if they get the proper fits he chooses, guys like Ginobili (altho hes a lifetime Spur probably), Milsap, David West, Kaman, Dalembert, Corey Brewer, SJax, Tony Allen, JJ Redick, Kevin Martin, Calderon, Jack, Mo Williams to name some bigger time FA's and thats not to name the restricted free agents. Ferry has been a smart GM so far and im sure hes got a plan (even tho i make a trade for something even draft picks)

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Hawks are in a great

Hawks are in a great position. I was all for the Hawks trading Smith simply because he is not worth a max contract. They recently gave Johnson a contract he didn't deserve and were lucky to be able to get rid of it. I agree with trading Josh Smith just to trade him didn't make any sense, but I would have liked to get SOMETHING back. There will probably be a signandtrade during the summer and end up with a pick or two while having Smith finish the season out here. There is also the Howard to ATL dream out there, but highly doubt that is going to happen. I am very impressed with what Danny Ferry has done so far by having a plan and sticking to it. The future is bright for the Hawks imo. I just hope they don't turn out like the Pistons a few years ago and spend the capspace and overpay for players.

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Who out there is willing to

Who out there is willing to give Smith the max? Rockets? Bucks? Magic? Who do Hawks target in off season with all that cap space?

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