2013 NbaDraft mock : Lottery Picks ???

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2013 NbaDraft mock : Lottery Picks ???

Little considerations:
--Muhammad ,MCWilliams and C.Zeller can't go so late in the lottery, it's a weak draft
--Whitey will finish between Boston,Chicago and Atlanta
--Andreian Payne in the late first round
--Giannis Adeto-something is not like Biyombo but is value is under 16/17 picks
--Washington needs IMPACT player in SF, PF/C. Oladipo????? They're full of energy player
--CJMcCollum in my opinion will have a 'LILLARD-Impact' in the next year league

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This is your opinion, not fact

Umm, this is your opinion. Yeah its a weak draft but that does not mean that Muhammed, McWilliams, and C.Zeller will all go top 10. There stock still depends on workouts and the pre-draft camp in Chicago, like everyone else's stock. As of right now, I think Muhammed and Zeller will go top 10, and MCWiliams will go late-lottery. But again, that is my opinion not fact.
I agree with everything else except, I think Giannis Adetokunbo will go late lottery, possibly to Dallas at 13, if not to Milwaukee or Boston at 15 or 16

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