2013 NBA Draft

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2013 NBA Draft

I think there's a few guys in this year's class that are going to end up being way better in the league than in college...Marcus Smart, Shabazz, McLemore, Oladipo & Archie Goodwin...

Smart's very special & probably (along w/ McLemore) has the highest basement out of all the prospects..He's a Jason Kidd clone. Floor general. Jack of all trades type of guy. Always seems in control. At worst, you're probably getting Andre Miller.

Shabazz has the kind of skills to be a 25 ppg scorer in 5 years. He doesn't have an exact comparison to me. I see a bit of Jerry Stackhouse because of how he bully's other 2 guards. If he tightens up his handle, he could end up being very special. From reports, he's a relentless worker & he has a chip on his shoulder, both of which is great to have. He reminds me of Carmelo Anthony how he hits the offensive glass for put backs. He can score in a variety of ways. Decent low post game, Stand still jumper, streaky Pull up jumper, can drive, can create contact, will rise up & dunk. He understands how to score. He plays OK defense, he's not a guy that's going to generate a lot of blocks/steals because he seems to only play hard on that end in clutch situations. He could end up becoming a better defender because of his long wingspan. Still waiting on him to have that big coming out party. I think he's been misjudged because he hasn't exactly met expectations. Whenever he got hot, Howland would yank him out of games. He has a bit of a Kobe like attitude, he wants the ball every trip down floor & especially in the 4th. If he goes to a coach that will allow him to have the ball, put a pg around him & let him continue to develop, he will be special.

McLemore has less risk than Bazz because he's an electric athlete who can shoot the deep ball with range & consistency, so at worst, you're getting a JR Smith type of guy w/o the chucking. I think he should develop into a Jason Richardson type of guy. Hopefully he becomes more assertive though.

Oladipo is a guy I like a lot. He worked hard & developed. He reminds me a lot of a Wade type of guy. I just feel like he's gonna be really special. At worst you're getting a guy who could contribute in a Tony Allen kinda role.

Goodwin, to me, is a wild card. He's a black hole at times, ala Russell Westbrook. He can get to the rim almost at will & can finish pretty well. He just needs to learn how to run a team & work on his jumper. I think he could be special, but only time will tell.

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I really don't think Oladipo

I really don't think Oladipo is going to be that much better in the pros opposed to college, that's no knock on him since he's a wooden award candidate. I think his jump shot can be improved but that will come with time, not a function of being the NBA.

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How can you seriously say

How can you seriously say Marcus Smart is a Jason Kidd Clone. My goodness. Do you realize who JKidd is and how good of a basketball player he is?

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Nerlens Noel's draft stock

Nerlens Noel's draft stock might go up the most after this tournament.

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Oladipo can't get way better.

Oladipo can't get way better. He's a player of the year candidate right now.

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I see Oladipo being Tony

I see Oladipo being Tony Allen with a better jumper. A role as committed athletic defender is enough to make a 10 year career.

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oh lordy, jason kidd clone?

oh lordy, jason kidd clone? mclemore to jr smith? your list isn't bad, your argument in your opening line had me going for a second. then once the player comparisons came, you lost me buddy.

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