The 2012 NBA Social Award Big Winners

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The 2012 NBA Social Award Big Winners

The use of social media has been one of the easiest ways to popularize a particular phenomenon making it more accessible to people especially for those who are on the internet. NBA for once has been utilizing social media including Facebook and Twitter to identify the funniest and most liked or most memorable moments in the NBA history every season. This year, the NBA Social Media Awards was held last June 20th and here are the most social media involved basketball players of the season.

The Epic Award. The Epic Awards was won by no other than New York Knicks Jeremy Lin. Yes Lin. This is after his epic scoring during a game against Lakers where he epically scored 38 points. Wow! So that’s the reason why there is “Linsanity”.

The Snap Shot Award. The Snap Shot Award of course went to Jeremy Lin again after his epic couch- a symbol of him being on bench for a while before rising into fame. Compared to other nominees like Wade and Stoudemire, Lin’s couch actually had 20,000 views. Amazing right?

The LOL Award. As the award indicates, this is the funniest moment in NBA 2012 seaso. JaVAle won the award after going the wrong way hence voters advice him to get a GPS.

Got a Game Award. For a more serious award, the got a game award goes to Blake Griffin after his amazing dunk dubbed as the “dunk of the year. The Triple Threat Award on the other hand was given to Shaquille O’Neal. Criteria for this award is simple, you should be a former NBA player and a current analyst on radio or TV.

These NBA players and personalities won their respective awards after trending on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

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