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NJ: Upgrade SG & SF (& maybe PF) through trade/FA (no lottery pick), which would in turn strengthen their weak bench. Morrow and Outlaw are both great bench scorers who shouldn't be starting. Is this who Kris Humphries is when he gets playing time? I'm thinking its just that good ol' contract year performance, but he would still be a good bench piece at the right price.

They traded all their valuable chips already, so go after proven FA wings who can stretch the floor like Kirilenko, Jason Richardson, & Jeff Green. Possibly consider Nene. DWill isn't waiting on any young players to develop, so they have to go all out this year and they have the money to do it.

CLE: Draft a PG & any available player with the highest upside, no safe picks. Fill out the bench with vets (Earl Watson, Tony Battie,Joe Smith etc). It may seem bad for Cavs fans now, but GM Chris Grant is actually the envy of many team execs, able build a team up basically from scratch with his imprint, even though they don't have any real trade chips beside Hickson & Varejao, maybe Jamison.

If JJ Hickson brings it every game, he can be a 20+10 guy next year, so he should be a building block. Trade/release Baron Davis. Sign young FA wings with something to prove a la Wilson Chandler, CJ Miles, & Marcus Thornton. Let it marinate a year and see what you have in 2012.

MIL: Draft Alec Burks if possible, perfect fit. Find Shooters & Playmakers. Besides Jennings & Maggette they have no other shot-creators, hence there horrible shooting %. Trade Salmons & Gooden. Swingmen like Jamal Crawford, Jeff Green, Jason Richardson, Boris Diaw, Delonte West and Arron Afflalo come to mind as FA playmakers/offensive bench help.

Need more size too to help Bogut. Larry Sanders is a good backup but I don't think is the answer at PF. David West would be perfect in the pick & roll with Jennings.

PART 2 coming tomorrow...

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Wilson Chandler might be a

Wilson Chandler might be a good fit in NJ as long as they him at a reasonable price

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Do the Kings next, they will be one of the few other teams with the most money. With so many free agents about to hit the fan the possibilities are LIMITLESS I TELL YOU, LIMITLESS.

(I'm such a fan boy.)

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uhhhhhhhh actually the

uhhhhhhhh actually the possibilities as LIMITED for the kings. 1st of all, there aren't any really top flight FA this year though there are a lot of solid players. I think Wilson Chandler would be a nice pick up, Nene too. But they could use a top flight PG, maybe they can get one in this draft. And with the uncertainty with their future location, which could be cleared up the FA period, i would think a good amount of players would shy away from that situation. Also, I really hope the Kings don't overpay somebody with that cap space, Reke and Cuz have a bright future with their top 10 draft pick this year going forward. Please guys don't hamstring yourselves with stupid contracts. Also, PLEASE stay in Sac as I will be living there in October and would LOVE to make it to a game.

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