2010 Rookies on stacked teams

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2010 Rookies on stacked teams

What are your thoughts on these players that chose to come out last year who got hidden on a stacked team. What kind of impact do you think they would have had this year in college if they returned & what kind of impact in the NBA if they played more then they did this year.

  • Cole Aldrich
  • Luke Babbitt
  • Avery Bradley
  • Craig Brackins
  • Dominique Jones
  • Daniel Orton

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If Avery Bradley stayed back,

If Avery Bradley stayed back, texas would have been the number 1 team in the country

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add Devin Ebanks to that

add Devin Ebanks to that list.

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Daniel Orton C-Starter : 10 ppg 12 rpg 0,8 apg 1 spg 3,5 bpg

Devin Ebanks : 18 ppg 10 rpg 3,2 apg 1,5 spg 1,2 bpg (Josh Smith)

Avery Bradley: 16,8 ppg 4,5 rpg 4,2 apg 2,3 spg 0,6 bpg

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franfran.. Are you saying


Are you saying those would be there averages in college? If so.. Theres no way Ebanks averages a double-double.

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imagine cole back wiht the morris twins

kansas would have been even better having the big inside presence of cole back with the morris twins and on the ebanks mention its not unrealistic to think hed average a double double

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I think Cole Aldrich and

I think Cole Aldrich and Orton wouldn't have any impact no matter on which teams they played. Aldrich isn't even lighting it up in the D-league and couldn't get much playing time when the Thunder only had Ibaka and Collison as their big men (early after the Green trade) and Orton couldn't even get PT in college.

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Aldrich went for 17pts 18 rbs

Aldrich went for 17pts 18 rbs and 4 blocks in the 66ers last playoff game. He's been playing much better in the D-League, he's not as NBA ready as I thought he would be, but he's gotten better this year. If he were on the Cav's He'd be averaging like 7 and 7 or 8 and 8 with a block and a half or so.

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Aldrich has time to develop

Aldrich has time to develop behind Perkins now and perhaps the Green-Perkins trade was made with a view that Kristic may well move on or wasn't their answer at C and as Aldrich wasn't ready and Collinson is best used as a bench guy then a solid C was required.

People often see a prospect on a strong team as the ideal way to develop and that you may not see much of them for the first or 2nd years like Andrew Bynum but often they can get lost in rotation as teams that are win now can only give garbage minutes to players who may not be up to the level required or could be used as sweetners in trades.

Orton to have played a full college season would have surely benefitted staying with UK for another year.

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Cole is going to take Nazr

Cole is going to take Nazr Mohammed's place as the Backup C in the future. I don't think that Byron Mullens is ever going to see significant playing time in the NBA unless someone wants a jump shooting 7 footer. When OKC made the trade, i thought that it was perfect for Aldrich because he and Perk play very much the same type of game.. Won't score a lot, big defensive pressences, and great screeners. Once Aldrich learns the game a little more, i could even say that he could be a part of a 5 man rotation at the 4 and 5 next year

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