2007 top H.S players scouting report-ESPN

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2007 top H.S players scouting report-ESPN

Derick Rose

Derrick Rose emerged this summer as the best point guard prospect in the Class of 07 with outstanding performances at the NIKE Skills Academy, Peach Jam, and Big Time Tournaments. He led his Simeon HS team to a state championship last year in addition to leading his Mean Streets AAU team to the finals of both Peach Jam and Big Time tournaments this past July. Rose exhibited all summer why many feel he is a future NBA point guard. Rose is a true point guard with a big, strong body who not only can score but really defend his position. He is extremely athletic, with big time hops and excellent quickness. He gets anywhere he wants with the ball and is a strong ball handler in traffic. He can get to the basket against anyone. Derrick displays the leadership on the court necessary of a big time point guard. He plays the game with a purpose, he is intense and is not easily distracted. Although Rose is a big time scorer he really looks to get his teammates involved. Roses achilles heel is his perimeter shot. He needs to work on his jumper and become a consistent perimeter shooter. He may be able to get away with it in high school and college but for him to be a complete player at the NBA level he must be able to make perimeter shots in pick and roll and spot up situations.

Kevin Love

He is a throw back player and his style reminds many people of Wes Unseld one of the NBAs best post players of all time. Kevin plays with an intensity not seen in a long time, and is a tremendously focused young man who loves to play the game. He is a physical inside player who thrives on contact in the paint. He is a high volume rebounder, who although is not a big time jumper, works for position and has great hands. Kevin is an excellent passer for a big man. In fact he may be the best passing big man we have ever seen. His speciality is his full court outlet passes which remind everyone of Unseld. Kevin is very advanced in his low post repertoire for such a young player. He understands how to post and seal inside, and coupled with his great hands and love of contact he knows how to finish around the hoop. He is the best skilled post player to come along since Danny Ferry came out of high school. For all of Kevins strengths he needs to continue to improve and monitor several aspects of his game. Although he can step out and stick an open jumper he needs to become a more consistent outside shooter. In addition Kevin must continue to work on his total body conditioning to take the pressure off his knees and develop his stamina. Not athletic, quick how to handle defending 4s on the perimeter. Love is one of the more well-rounded basketball players that youll ever see on any level. His skill level and savvy are a sight to see. His post game is practically flawless, due to his soft hands and impeccable footwork. He has a nifty jump hook, nasty drop-step (uses his body extremely well), and can venture out beyond the arc for the three. He passes out of double teams very well and his outlet passes are the most proficientyet spectacular at the same timesince Wes Unseld and Bill Walton took their games to the hardwood. The only drawback concerning his upside is his lack of elite athleticismdoesnt have a lot of bounce to himwhich will probably come into play when he enters the NBA draft. Overall though, he will make an immediate impact at UCLA and give them a low post presence that they currently dont possessat least not on this kind of level.

Eric Gordan

Eric Gordon may have the best all around game in high school since Kobe Bryant. He is the best scoring guard in the country. Gordon had a meteoric rise this spring and summer with his play on the AAU circuit. Whether it was his 48 point performance at the Bob Gibbons Memorial Day Tournament, to his #1 ranking at the Adidas Camp, to his marvelous performances at the Nike Peach Jam and the Big Time Tournament in Vegas, Gordon has established himself in our eyes as the # 2 player in the Class of 2007. Gordon has committed to Kelvin Sampson and Indiana University. Gordon is a very intelligent player with a high basketball IQ. Although he played point and 2 guard positions in high school he will be a proto type off guard in college. He can score in a variety of ways, and is explosive to the hoop. He has an excellent scoring touch. Eric can shoot off the dribble from anywhere on the court. He has excellent 3 pt range. Gordon has a strong physical body. He can be a terrific college defender. He demonstrated a good attitude and demeanor on the summer circuit.

Kyle Singler

He is the most versatile player in the Class of 07 because he can play multiple positions on the court and he can handle, pass and shoot. Kyle reminds you of Mike Dunleavy of the Golden St Warriors because of his skills, demeanor, and court savvy. Kyle has an excellent body and tremendous length. He will only blossom when he gets to Duke next year and his body fills out. Singler has a high basketball IQ. He knows how to play with and without the basketball. This kid has a big time stroke. Kyle will be a forward in college who will cause a lot of matchup problems for his opponents. He will stretch defenses with his ability to shoot the deep ball. In addition he can shoot on the move coming off screens and off the dribble. He has good ball skills and is an excellent passer. Singler will have some speed and athletic issues, but with his cerebral approach to the game matched with his effort and intensity he will be able to defend quicker 3s at the collegiate level.

Micheal Beasley

Beasley is one of the most talented players in the country, and without a doubt the most talented player in this tournament. He could hop a cab down to Madison Square Garden and is talented enough to suit up for the Knicks. However he looks bored playing at Notre Dame Prep. He turns it on for several minutes at a time but then goes back to being extremely lazy and uninterested. This has been a trait he has carried with him from Oak Hill and he must change if he intends to be a high level NBA player some day.

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Beasley's report is dead on. Dude never changed.

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completely right about

completely right about beasley...needs to change that part of his game.....all on good players.

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