2 trades that would put OKC over the top

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2 trades that would put OKC over the top

These are minor trades that improves OKC on short term while trading for expiring deals.
First one is for improved Back up PG. Eric Maynor and OKC's 13' First Round Pick for Will Bynum from Detroit.
Both are expiring deals so does not affect OKC's finances and will shed them of guaranteed contract of first round pick. Detroit does this for the future as they have fallen 7 GB of 8th seed this year and Will unliekly to return

Second One is Improve Center position while getting out of Perkins contract.
OKC trades away Perkins, PJIII and its First Round Pick via Tor for Samuel Dalembert.
(I feel like his explosion yesterday showed he still has enough to be league average, which is huge upgrade from Perk. OKC gives up two assets but benefits for this year while also getting expiring contract and dishing out the 2 years that remains on Perks deal after this year. Mil does this for the prospects. No big FA will ever sign in MIl so must make moves like this to win.

Hope these don't get crusified too hard on this site lol

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call me crazy, but I wouldn't

call me crazy, but I wouldn't be so quick to trade PJ3. I really think in 2 years we will be looking at him and scratching our heads as to how he fell to OKC.

The Bynum trade i like a lot. Will Bynum has played very well in limited minutes the last couple of seasons and he would fit in very well with OKC. Eric Maynor hasn't looked good at all

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what makes you think the

what makes you think the bucks want perkins contract?

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They don't but there is a

They don't but there is a price to pay if you are to get PJIII plus Toronto's first round pick. Plus he can still be amnestied as his deal is part of old CBA.

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If OKC wouldn't trade PJ3 or

If OKC wouldn't trade PJ3 or any of their first round picks for Varejao, what makes you think they would trade them for 2 role players?

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Not sure why OKC would be

Not sure why OKC would be giving away its 1st round picks in these deals. Since OKC has 2 max players the best way to improve long term is through the draft.

I might do the Bynum/Maynor trade if it included OKC's 2nd round pick instead of their 1st.

The 2nd trade... not a chance. There is a reason why Dalembert hasn't been playing the last few years and its not because he doesn't have the talent. To give up PJIII (on a very cheap contract for 4 years) and a top ten lotto pick just to get out of Perkins contract is not good business. OKC has managed their cap well by making the tough call on Harden so there's no reason to do this trade for "cap reasons". PJIII's time will come in OKC. The lotto pick according to NBAdraft.net could turn into Alex Len... Should OKC not be able to resign Dalembert at a cap # they like, they will have nothing to show for Perkins, PJIII and a top 10 pick.

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These would definitely not

These would definitely not put them over the top. 1st round picks do not grow on trees. They already might be the best team in the league and 100% top 3. Varejao to the Thunder made some since, but Dalembert does not.

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I think they should stay how

I think they should stay how they are. They got 2 first round picks this year and the dallas one eventually, plus they have lamb and PJ3. The thunder need to sustain their success rather than go all in. The spurs have sustained themselves for over 12 years of being a contender. That is what the thunder need to do and they will win 2 to 4 championships over that time.

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not only is okc contending

not only is okc contending for a title right now with its stars, with no pressure and someone like KD to look up to.. PJ3 and jeremy lamb could potentially help the team be contenders for a looong time! if i remember correct PJ3 was first compared on this forum to a bigger tmac.

patience is the key for those 2 rooks and on okc they'll have all the time and help they need to develop... so i don't like to see PJ3 mentioned in any trades

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Bad trades. Picks and young

Bad trades. Picks and young players for limited role players that have reached or passed their prime.

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Dalembert always looked the

Dalembert always looked the part some games but other games he would look lost. There is no way I would give up PJ3 for him let along a draft pick and Perkins as well. Perkins is a good post defender which is what they need against the Duncan's and Griffin's in the playoffs. Perkins is overpaid and they might look to move him sooner than later but this deal doesn't make sense for either team.

They should get rid of Maynor though...ever since he waved off Durant and tried to win that playoff game on his own I thought he needed to be shown the nearest exit.

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When I saw the title

When I saw the title immediatly thought that one of them would be with the Celtics for KG.

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