1yr rental???

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1yr rental???

Would you do this if you are Washington?

Personally I would take a really good look at making the deal. Washington is a little hamstrung for cap-space in part because of Porter's contract, they could move that of the books while getting better this year alone. If Butler decided to stay that's awesome, if not they can afford to pay Kelly Oubre who is a very nice 3 & D player in his own right.

Minnesota obviously puts a lot of money on the books, but you got 3 young talents locked up for the next few years as your core.

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I think Washington

Should take that in a heartbeat. Freeing up Porter's contract alone is reason enough.

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That’s an interesting

That’s an interesting proposition. My gut says on paper, that looks like a smart move, as it would give the Wizards that third scoring option they desperately need and it gives them cap flexibility to re-sign Oubre. Worst case scenario is another first round exit and Butler and Howard leave.

However, I can see an argument that adding a potential locker room agitator like Butler to Wall (a guy who isn’t afraid to throw teammates under the bus) and Howard (a notorious lock room problem) is a bad idea for the Wizards’ chemistry and could have lingering effects even after Butler leaves. I think I also read somewhere that he doesn’t want to play in DC, which is never a good sign.

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Sort of a meh deal for both sides really...

I like Porter as he is a solid team player and hasn't rocked the boat even with Walls dumb comments at times, but the money he is getting paid not so much...

The reason its a meh for all sides involved:

Does Otto really give you a big 3 on the T-wovles...I say not really if he isn't in Washington how could he be in Minny?

Butler won't stay but if they made a big run out east boy would they be interesting to watch..

If both sides did want to make a deal I would rather do something like this:

Morris,Porter,Oubre and a pick(protected)


Dieng and Butler.

Reasons it works: Washington: moves porter,don't have to pay Oubre,The move Morris who is also coming into F.A soon I believe they would only give up a low first at best if they made this trade...Would they be top heavy yes but if they could pick up say two low key players like a jamal c and someone else they would still at least have an 7-8 man rotation..

The T-wolves get added depth,Locked up porter,Move diengs average deal and the pieces may be more complementary than Butler ala sort of like the Jazz last year..

But personally I would rather do a 1 of Tobias H or Gallanari,Avery Bradley,Patrick Beverley and pick or two for Butler and Dieng. That is if I had to do a forced trade....I think they could have gotten alot more if Butler and owner hadn't crater his value but such is life lol..

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Not bad

I like your trade with the Clippers, except if I was Thibs I would want Bradley, Harris, and Marjanovic. The reasons being, they don't need Beverly, they have enough point gaurds. They would be losing their center, in Dieng and they get pushed around down deep, so that's why I would take Marjanovic. And he's played well against MN in the past. I don't want Gallinari, he's hurt all the time. Add in one or two picks and this might work.

I really don't think the Wasington trade the way you have it works. You have Porter and Oubre going to MN and that would be not a great deal. You would be looking at a very big contract with Oubre very soon. And with MN paying Towns, Wiggins and Porter all max contracts they would be losing Oubre to FZ soon. Porter or Oubre, and Morris and 1 or 2 picks might work.

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