1st Time All-Star Predictions

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1st Time All-Star Predictions

Predicting this year's newest Allstars. Of course we should see plenty 1st time Allstars in the East but there has been some players our West putting the league on notice.

Point Guards

Ben Simmons- Wasnt sure 2 still label him a Point Forward/Point Power Forward but he has been stuffing the stat sheet consistently and Running the 6ers offense like the top Veteran PGs at his Size and Age.

Shooting Guards- Victor Olidipo I could have said Bradley Beal but I predicted a 20 5 and 5 year for him since being traded from the Thunder. He hasn't Disappointed and been Balling out

Small Forwards- Otto Porter Jr. With alot Of the elite wings heading out west and Hayward injury Opened the door for OPJ. The wizards look great by not letting him walk to the kings after the strides he made last year. Could easily be a 20 and 9 gut by the time the All-star game comes around.

Power Forward -Kristaps Porzingis Short and Simple. That's a No brainer

Center-KAT probably should have made it last year. But now his team is winning. In a League where the Traditional Center is becoming Extinct and in a Conference that's gonna be Brutal to make a All-star game is gonna be the 1st of many for Towns

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The East roster will be full

The East roster will be full of first-timers: one of the Magic's big three (Gordon, Fournier, Vucevic); Oladipo and Porzingis look almost automatic; maybe Beal makes the squad over Wall; one of Embiid or Simmons.

Out West the usual big names are pretty much maintaining their dominance, and I think the Warriors will have four all-stars. Towns and Jokic look like the most likely newbies. A second Rocket (Gordon or Capela) is also a possibility.

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Kawhi is coming along a bit

Kawhi is coming along a bit slowly, at least according to internet blurbs. Maybe he doesn't make it.

I think the usual suspects in the West get in. Not sure the Warriors get 4.

Mike Conley could get in, but the Grizzlies usually don't get more than one at a time, and Marc Gasol looks like a top option at backup center.

Ben Simmons: Does he START? I have LeBron, Giannis, and Porzingas as my front line starters. Kyrie Irving gets in. So, between Simmons and Wall... guess it depends on zealous "Processors" stuff the ballot box.

Simmons should be top 10 in the MVP race right now. 16-13-6-3-3 in a win last night. Then they are 5-4. In terms of total production and wins I would have Simmons as a big X factor which is what I will base my MVP on. So, number 1, I am going to go with Kyrie Irving. Production, great record... Steph and KD would be up there but they kinda cancel themselves out and they started out a bit slower this year. Greek Freak? Win some more games.

Embiid? Needs to play every game. Philly isn't the kind of team that gets 2 guys in. I would suspect that Drummond would get a look.

Lillard should be in in the West.

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Off Topic

I wish the rookie game was still Rookies v Soph.

Rooks would win by 50.

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What do you think the chances

What do you think the chances of Tobias Harris making it to the All Star game? Averaging around 20 odd points and hitting 47% of his 3s. Hugely improved player. I think he deserves to be in the conversation, but I'm still not sure he makes it. What do you all think?

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I thinks he's playing well

I thinks he's playing well and he's in the mix. /p> In my opinion, the guys getting in in the East are: LeBron, Giannis, Porzingis, Kyrie, Wall, Beal, Horford, Embiid and Simmons.

If the rosters are 13 nơw then that leaves 4 spots. He's a chance but it's a tight field. Oladipo and Fournier are red hot, DeRozan, Lowry, Kemba... There's quite a few fighting for spots.

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Just to be clear Ben Simmons

Just to be clear Ben Simmons is a PG, he starts at , and guards PGs. Him and Embiid should make the team.

1st time guards in the East playing like All Stars are Avery Bradley, Kris Middleton, and Evan Fournier. Eric Bledsoe could make it now.

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I do think Bledsoe has a

I do think Bledsoe has a chance but AB and Middleton over D'Lo and Schroeder? They both really stepped up their game.

Can't wait for Lavine, Parker and Batum to get back from injuries

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To be fair stats wise D'Lo

To be fair stats wise D'Lo and Schroeder defenitely have Bradley beat but theres no way you can tell me either one of those guys are better players than Bradley. Hes really developed into one of the leagues best two way players and despite the league being geared to cater to offense Detroits record out of the gates still proves that basketball games are won by getting stops.

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I don't think he actually

I don't think he actually gets into the all- star game due to the insane depth of guards in the west (plus I think his usage and numbers will probably go down once cp3 returns). However, if you were to pick the teams right now based solely on this season, I think Eric Gordon would be worthy of consideration.

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If we are going based on records. NO WAY does PHI deserves two all stars. I would Pick Embiid over Simmons.

I would add Fournier, T.Harris, Porter as first timers

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