15 minutes of Kobe vs. T-Mac

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15 minutes of Kobe vs. T-Mac

Credit to ballislife as well as SGhoops4life and icesco415, who were responsible for making this. As we know, Kobe claimed he "roasted" T-Mac 1 on 1. These claims were refuted by McGrady, who claimed he never played against Kobe nor was in Germany with him, where KB24 claimed the matches took place.

We may never know the truth, and Kobe did get the better of T-Mac, but thanks to these two gentlemen behind twitter handles, we get a nice tape of moments they matched-up one-on-one in many game situations. Obviously this is not EVERY time they went one-on-one, nor a highlight clip of their best moves when their teams played against each other. Just is a guy that put together 15 minutes of moments from 2001-2011 when either Kobe was guarding T-Mac or vice versa.

Do not think anyone had posted it yet, did not check but feel I would not have missed it. Will put it this way, they both had an exceptionally difficult time stopping each other. Some amazing defensive clips as well. When Tracy McGrady was in Orlando, he was a bad, bad man. Their H2H All-Time lean Kobe's way, just will say that their was a time where it was a legitimate question as to which was the better player. Hope you enjoy, should bring back a lot of good memories for fans of both players.

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I remember they had a epic

I remember they had a epic Christmas game where T-Mac was killing that went into overtime. Kobe wasn't checking T-Mac but T-Mac was checking him the whole game. That was the year I thought T-Mac was the best player in the League because he was playing great defense, blocks, steals, etc. and he had that pull up rhythm jumper that was only second to Shaq's half turn elbow in the chest half hook shot as a go to move.

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Per here are their matchup stats since 1998 (21 games)

Kobe: 26.9 pts 42.5 fg% 5.3 rbs 5.3 asts
McGrady: 17.9 pts 39.2 fg% 4.8 rbs 4.8 asts

Kobe clearlygot the better of him statistically, although you could argue that most of the discrepancy is from the earlier and later years, you have to give Kobe credit for taking incredible care of his body and remaining dominant this long even though he came into the league a year earlier than McGrady.

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Thanks for posting this.

Thanks for posting this. Brings back memories of why T-Mac was my favorite player.

I think people forget just how great of a player T-Mac was in his prime. He wasn't just a scorer. He was a complete offensive player just like Kobe. People forget how great of a post player and passer he was. He was a better and more willing passer than Kobe in my opinion.

The difference to me was that I feel Kobe was more hungry at the defensive end consistently, had a better work ethic and just had more of that desire to be and stay great.

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Man it's refreshing to see

Man it's refreshing to see how good T-Mac was in his prime. I forgot after all these years.

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3:33 is just cold. Made kobe

3:33 is just cold. Made kobe look silly.

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Thank You

To whoever took the time and dedication making this video. Just great to watch. I would take TMac in his prime over Kobe.

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Amazing, we forget that T-Mac

Amazing, we forget that T-Mac was what Durant is now(their games are quite different, but there are some aspects that are very similar) It's a pitty that T-Mac's injuries ended his prime early, he was a very special player.

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