1000 times

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1000 times

It seems like it has taken forever to accumulate my one thousandth post so I figured I would start a random thread with it.

Here is a look at players in the NBA who have accumulated 1000 of something (something actually difficult to get I.E. not points or minutes ect.) in an NBA season over the past 20 seasons.

Feel free to add other categories if you think of them...

1000 made FG's:
3 total times accomplished:
⦁ Michael Jordan (3)

1000 assists:
8 total times accomplished:
⦁ John Stockton (7)
⦁ Isiah Thomas (1)

1000 rebounds:
48 total times accomplished:
⦁ Dennis Rodman (5) (only player in that time to grab over 1000 O.reb, 1 time [91/92 season])
⦁ Kevin Willis (2)
⦁ Moses Malone (2)
⦁ Dwight Howard (6)
⦁ Dikembe Mutombo (4)
⦁ Hakeem Olajuwon (3)
⦁ Kevin Garnet (3)
⦁ Ben Wallace (4)
⦁ Shaquille O'Neal (3)
⦁ Kevin Love (1)
⦁ Bill Laimbeer (3)
⦁ Charles Oakley (2)
⦁ David Robinson (2)
⦁ Tim Duncan (2)
⦁ Marcus Camby (1)
⦁ Buck Williams (4)
⦁ Charles Barkley (1)

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Did I read that right? Did

Did I read that right? Did Rodman actually bring in 1000 offensive rebounds in a season? That's incredible

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He meant defensive rebounds

I am thinking even Wilt Chamberlain and Bill Russell probably never averaged 12.2 offensive rebounds per game back when they were grabbing around 22 rpg on the regular. Dennis had 1007 defensive rebounds in 1991-92, 12.3 rpg, along with 523 offensive boards (6.4 rpg). A really good offensive rebounder will average 3 per game. Dennis averaging twice that is ridiculous. 4 times that would have been absolute insanity. Still really liked this post, just wanted to correct that small blip.

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Slight error. Rodman grabbed 1000 DEfensive rebounds in 92. Lol can you imagine 1000 offensive rebounds?? That would be unbelieveable!! But great list and congrats on your 1000th post!

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Wilt accumulated 1000, or, ah, 20,000 of a little something as well.

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I know this is just over the

I know this is just over the last 30 years (I know you say 20 but I'm pretty sure you mean 30 with your inclusions of Isiah Thomas, MJ and Moses Malone etc) but I thought it might be interesting to see everyone who has scored over 1000 field goals in a season.

- Wilt made over 1000 field goals for the first 7 seasons of his career.

- Rick Barry had over 1000 field goals twice (1967 and 1975, I always wonder what he could have accomplished if he wasn't out of the NBA for 5 years between those career seasons).

- Elgin Baylor did it once (1963).

- George Gervin also did it once (1980).

Kobe Bryant just missed out (978) in 2006 and if he hadn't missed two games might have hit the milestone
Allen Iverson for all his scoring ability never made more than 815 field goals in a season.

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Cool idea, man. happy 1000th

Cool idea, man. happy 1000th

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I meant Defensive rebounds for Rodman and this was over the past thirty years.

Probably should have written this before 2am...

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By far the most impressive

By far the most impressive stat, Wilt averaged 1000 women a season his whole career.

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...and died because of it.

...and died because of it.

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Dennis Rodman probably died

Dennis Rodman probably died his hair 1,000 different times over the course of a season.

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