#1 Overall and the Cavs

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#1 Overall and the Cavs

Just my two cents really:

A lot of talk about who the Cavs will take at #1. Noel or Len, or Porter? I'm interested that a lot of people aren't thinking they'll go with McLemore. I guess a lot of the arguments against him revolve around his poor showing in the tourney (and as such his mental drive) and the fact that they already have Waiters. Thing is I don't see these being problems.

First of all he's supposedly a level-headed, coach-able kid. Yes he had some poor showings in March but he's what you'd basically get of you described the prototypical elite SG prospect. He's feel and assertiveness need to improve, but those are attitude traits that are easier to develop than how not to be a chucker (which a lot of talented SG prospects turn into). Fact is his combination of size, athleticism and skill doesn't come along all that often without the bonehead factor.

Next, yes they have Waiters, but that should NOT dictate their drafting strategy. Obviously Waiters can play a bit of point and if Uncle Drew plays 32-36 min a game that still leaves plenty of time to split between Waiters and McLemore. I mean who else gets those minutes, Jeremy Pargo? THis franchise is still rebuilding so take the best talent available.

Anyway I guess it comes down to draft strategy: do you take BPA or draft based on team needs? Usually it's advisable to draft BPA with a high pick, let alone the #1. But this draft has such an ambiguous top it makes it a lot harder to predict. Still I find myself wondering where would Bradley Beal go in this draft? #1 maybe? If so I see no reason why McLemore shouldn't. I think Noel's knee/weight is a red flag and I'm not sold on Len.

For me, the Cavs should take the best prospect available (McLemore, but that's just my opinion) and then use a package centred around their other picks to trade up and get Nogueira. Not sure if they can make it that high but he's full of potential and they could mentor him under another 7' brazilian with a great work ethic.

The other option is to take Porter. I don't see why people say "oh but he's not worthy of a #1", WHO CARES?? If Cleveland we're picking at 3 they'd take him. At the end of the day this is a business decision based on improving the franchise, Porter WILL do that as I think he can be a great all-rounder/third-option on offence in the Deng mould. Is it better to take someone who has greater upside but greater bust potential like Len or Noel? I don't understand that reasoning.

You've got first choice of these young basketballers, pick the one which will improve you the most, accounting for risk/reward. To me that's Benny Mac or Porter. But I'd be interested to hear other peoples thoughts....

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I like your thinking.

I think you take the BPA or Biggest need without reaching too much.

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Personally I feel Porter is

Personally I feel Porter is the best fit for their team. Right now I've got them taking Noel in my mock, but that may change depending on what rumors are circulating a few days before the draft. Just think, if they had selected Valanciunas like they should have in 2011, and Barnes like they should have in 2012, McLemore would fit perfectly.

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Yep. I mean Waiters has so

Yep. I mean Waiters has so far panned out better than I thought but Barnes was the better pick then and still is. Valanciunas was a bit trickier as they would have had to wait a year and I feel Thompson has really come along. I think a line up of:

Gee (or free agent)

Is very nice going forward and would probably make the Playoffs in the weak east, especially if that FA SF is half decent (maybe even Iggy)?.

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Many people have been

Many people have been suggesting taking the BPA without stating who they think the best player in this draft is. I think Mclamore has the most star power and at worst will at least provide floor spacing. Second on my big board would be Porter. Those should be the two the Cavs are deciding between, anyone else is a stretch.

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If you were going by the Cavs real needs...

Len or Porter!

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I think he will be comparable

I think he will be comparable to Jason Richardson. Great 3pt shooting, wicked athleticism, but poor ball handling and mid range game.

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It really is a tough pick for

It really is a tough pick for the Cavs. I think Noel would be a good pick, same as Porter. But to be I'd take the BPA which IMO is Oladipo who'd I start over Waiters and bring Waiters in as a 6 man. Then next year look to draft big or get one of those great SF's if your lucky.

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If Jo Val was in this draft he would go number one

The Cavs would select him and there wouldn't be any big issues. How much better as a prospect does Jo Val project more than what Len does. Len has more offensive game but is less of a hustler and rebounder. Jo Val is better but if Len wasn't hurt they would be very, very close. I personally would say its a tie but Jo Val has such great intangibles. Why is picking Len so outrageous then, not that they are but if they do it wouldn't be the worst move, by far.

A question to anybody that might know, there are a lot of posters on here with a wealth of knowledge on international players.

Did Jonas Valanciunas and Len ever play against each other in youth leagues internationally?

I agree with everyone above that McLemore is the healthiest/best prospect. 30 out of 30 teams in the NBA would like to have Bradley Beal on a rookie contract, he is a good guy and a solid player who could turn out to be a top 10-12 for his position player this year. All college season I felt McLemore was like a better Bradley Beal. Seems very coach-able and as smooth as Beals mechanics and athleticism are McLemore's is better. He may not be as good of a ball handler but how much does Beal use that skill any way and McLemore is a better shooter and slasher.

I think that trumps Porter who may be as good as Tashawn Prince was in a year or two but will only get as good as Batum is now. Porter is the best positional fit though so it makes sense he is in the mix.

I think that Noel is out. Bill Simmons and Ryen Russillo had a podcast the other day and Rusillo talked about how much more bad news and vibes will be coming out on Noel soon. He said its a lot of behind the scene stuff and somebody is going to right the article about it sooner or later on Noel's situation.

McLemore and Len are my one and two right now even though a Noel that didn't have the surgery in HS to would be my one. Even if this ACL was injured but not his second surgery I would go Noel, even though I know its not the best idea, I like fiery defenders. This team may have some talent in the future but it still doesn't have passion and heart, the true grit kind. If Thomas Robinson and Derrick Williams didn't screw it up for tweeners in the next couple draft then bennett would get a good look here to. A lot of stuff is trends, like when Dirk had a unstoppable year and guy like Bargs can jump up the boards.

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I think if you go McLemore,

I think if you go McLemore, in a year or 2 you'll have to trade him or Waiters if they both end up panning out, and you should get some nice change in return. Plenty of SF prospects next year and then you'll have a nice complete team. If you go Porter, then you fill the need that needs to be filled most by far, and Porter can contribute right away. I think either way is a can't miss tbh, it just depends on whether you don't want to have to choose between Waiters/Mclemore and if you think Porter or McLemore is a better prospect and fit overall. I personally like Porter just a bit more because I think his potential is underrated but either way I see both options working out well.
I don't like Noel or Len or anyone else for that #1 spot, too much bust potential and I really don't think their ceilings are all that great. Noel doesn't seem like he'll ever develop an offensive game(ceiling is really just a defensive presence down low and a couple putbacks) and I firmly believe Noel will have a career of injuries with his thin frame and injury history and I think Len is just overrated and hasn't proven much at all. Len's just too raw and I don't see #1 pick potential there.

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I like Alex Len. Put a good

I like Alex Len. Put a good center with that good young backcourt.

I actually like Tim Hardaway Jr. as the third guard. They can get Len at 1 and then Hardaway at 19.
That would complete the core. Then they can add role players. Maybe Tony Mitchell at 31 if he is still there.

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Have a strange feeling Cavs

Have a strange feeling Cavs are going after Oladipo. Mike Brown loves his defense and theres nobody that has a motor like Oladipo. Averaging 13.6 on only 8.4 shots a game. Also shooting 44% from beyond the arc he is a very efficient scorer when he decides to be the offense.

Cavaliers have the cap space/Picks to come up with so many different opportunities to get the players they covet. Wouldn't be surprised to see Oladipo go number 1 and see their SF addressed with a package of 19,31,33 (Shabazz)

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Deng impact

and could develop a David West type back to the basket game when he bulks up but with better handle and quickness. Already hits pro jumpers and has a variety of ways to get separation for his shots. Porter, that is.

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