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BJ Mullens Promise?


BJ Mullens


Two different sources have indicated to on Friday that the Pistons
have a promise in place to take BJ Mullens if
he’s available to the them at 15.

Mullens works well with the rebuilding Pistons as he’s a player with significant
upside but will take time to become a contributor. With the Pistons in the process
of rebuilding their squad, Mullens offers them a potential center for the future.

#2 Pick Still up in the Air

The 2nd pick is still up in the air. If Memphis holds onto it, it’s likely they will opt for Hasheem Thabeet.

Sacramento may stand pat and take their chances that Rubio falls to them at 4. However they may feel the pressure of other teams trying to jump in front of them and may put a deal together to swap picks with Memphis. Memphis would then hope to grab Thabeet at 4.

There are a number of other teams who could be in the mix to trade up to grab the Spanish sensation.

Hot Curry

As impossible as it sounds, there are rumors that Stephen Curry could go as high as 2 overall with teams such as Portland targeting him in a possible trade. The Thunder are also apparently very high on Curry and will consider taking him with their 3rd pick.

Curry has a lot of intrigue after leading Davidson one possession away from the final four in the sophomore year and then making a successful transition to the point guard position in his junior year.

The Knicks have all but conceded that Curry wont be there at 8, which would have been an marriage made in heaven.

Questions linger for many about his ability to defend and play the point guard position against elite level athletes, but apparently a number of teams are convinced and willing to mortgage the farm to get him.

Knicks Attempting to Trade Up

The Knicks are trying to make a deal with Washington to move up to the 5th pick offering Wilson Chandler. New York is after a number of players that they don’t feel they can get at their #8 pick including Curry, Ricky Rubio and Jordan Hill.

It’s possible they will offer their pick in a deal or hold onto their pick and add the 5th pick along with their 8th pick.

Portland to Target Hedo Turkoglu


Hedo Turkoglu


The Portland Trailblazers would like to dump Travis Outlaw ($4 million next year)
and their pick and clear some additional space to make a run at Hedo Turkoglu.

The Blazers have 12 guys under contract next season and loads of talent, and somehow
their cap is at just $50 million. So they are in position to make some moves,
and have an owner (Paul Allen) and GM (Kevin Prichard) who are eager to improve.

The league’s salary cap is expected to be close or less than the $58 million it
was in 2008-09. (Imagine, had Darius Miles stayed gone, they would have an additional
9 million to play with.)

Portland’s cap looks great right now, but next year they’ll have to resign Brandon
Roy and LeMarcus Aldridge, so if they want a free agent it better be this summer.

After his playoff heroics, it’s unlikely the Magic will be able to afford to resign
Turkoglu. While many teams with cap space are looking forward to the 2010 free
agent class, Portland’s situation forces them to go after a free agent now.

There’s also the possibility that a team such as Olympiacos or Panathinaikos jumps
into the mix and makes a huge offer to him to come overseas to finish out his
career. Hedo has a game that would extremely well in Europe with his ability to
make plays for himself or others.

Tyler Hansbrough On the Rise

After measuring very impressively in Chicago and testing well in the athleticism
workouts, Tyler Hansbrough has been on
the rise lately and could go as high as 11 to New Jersey. In fact, New Jersey
looks like the likely destination for Hansbrough at this point.

The all time leading scorer in the ACC is considered a surefire contributor (safe
pick), which in a weak draft is a valued commodity. Hansbrough may have leapfrogged
DeJuan Blair who continues to impress in workouts himself.

DeJuan Blair Likely to Chicago

It’s looking very likely that if he gets to them the Bulls will take DeJuan Blair.
Blair makes a lot of sense as he would work well platooning with the longer and
more versatile Joakim Noah at the 4 position. Blair’s toughness and ability to
rebound would fill a huge void for a team that was 20th in rebounds last year.

Wayne Ellington/Gerald Henderson Struggling

Highschool teammates and close friends Henderson and Ellington could be slipping

Both players have had disappointing workouts of late. Henderson’s workout with
Toronto failed to impress while Ellington had some struggles shooting the ball
in workouts of late.

Jonas Jerebko in Late First?

The top performer at this year’s Reebok Eurocamp, Jonas
is reportedly getting looks in the late first round. Teams in the
23-29 range are possibilities for him as well as a team such as the Spurs or Rockets
moving in to take him. The Lakers (29th pick) are said to be very high on Jerebko
as well.

Buyers and Sellers

Expect a flurry of action on draft night, which has become the norm in recent
years, and a number of first and second rounders to be sold and traded.

Teams with multiple picks such as Sacramento (23), Oklahoma City (25) and Chicago
(26) are all looking to sell their picks according to sources. While three other
teams would like to buy picks late in the first round: San Antonio, Detroit and

Joe Dumars has his eye on Toney Douglas and
would like to pick up a late first to grab him. San Antonio is likely after Victor
who suspiciously remained in the draft, despite a lackluster and injury
plagued season. No word on who Houston is after, but Rockets GM Daryl Moray was
on hand in Treviso as Swedish SF Jonas Jerebko
put on an excellent performance.



  1. Portland would look good on paper
    Looks like if Portland can’t land curry, they’ll win the Hedo sweepstakes.


    Fernandez coming off the bench.

    That is an impressive lineup if Grege Oden can ever learn an offensive move and Blake/Bayless ever learn how not to shoot the ball as soon as they touch it.

  2. Bulls’ Rebounding
    They were 10th in the league in rebounding. They did have a small negative differential though, so perhaps Blair’s Brand-esque standing reach would help them.

  3. Please, please, PLEASE tell
    Please, please, PLEASE tell me this isn’t true. Please tell me that BJ “Baby Montross” Mullens do not a promise from Detroit?

  4. Pistons
    why wouldnt they take a chance on mullens, it isn’t like there picking number 2 again? Call me crazy but i dont see any dwades, bosh’s or melos behind mullens there

  5. BJ Mullens To Detroit???
    I have a lot of respect for Dumars and I don’t believe he will make the same mistake with BJ Mullens that he made with Milicic. If he does, my level of respect will be eroded.

    Mullens is at best a LONG TERM PROJECT. Dumars is a very smart GM and doesn’t want to repeat the experience of never ending criticism that he had to endure with the Milicic saga, while he waits 2-3 years for BJ Mullens to develop. As a little footnote, I think Mullens will be a failure, even 2-3 years from now.

    By the way, I’m one of those guys who hasn’t given up on Milicic. If he gets in the right situation, and with all of that talent, he could still develop into an excellent NBA center.

  6. Pistons
    I don’t hate the pick of Mullens as much as most of you. I don’t see him as a superstar but I could defiately see him being a 10 and 10 guy in the Joel Pryzbilla mold. That being said, I would like to see them take Budinger. He could provide them with instant offense off the bench. Best possible scenario: sign Ariza, get RIP to be cool with coming off the bench, like Terry and Manu are, start Ariza with Prince to give them a Houston look with two lockdown defenders starting and shutting down everybody, and then take a shot with Mullens if he’s there.

  7. whoa
    if the knicks somehow get the 5th pick to go with #8 (like mentioned above), i got wood.

    If they give up Wilson Chandler i still think thats ok. This is a huuuge draft for them to bring in young talent to build that squad and prepare for the King’s arrival next offseason.

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