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2013 Combine Measurements
Last year's: 2012 Combine Measurements

First off let's reiterate our formula for determining a player's height. Since NBA official heights are listed with shoes on and since a player's height is listed without any fractions of an inch, it is imperative to round up or down. We take a player's barefoot measurement, add an inch and round up or down from that point. If a player is at .25: down and at .5: up. So, for instance Ben McLemore is 6'3.5 barefoot, therefore he's 6'5, while Victor Oladipo is 6'3.25 and he'll be listed at 6'4. It's that simple.


Vander BlueVander BlueVander Blue -- Blue measured much better than expected, resulting a legit 6'5 in shoes, 6'3.5 barefoot. His 6'6 wingspan and especially his 8'4.5 (nearly the same measurements as Ben McLemore) are very solid for a 2 guard who was considered undersized, having been listed at 6'3 throughout his Marquette career. His draft stock probably got the biggest boost from his surprising measurement results.

Rudy Gobert -- Apparently Gobert is French for "condor". Gobert's 7'8.5 wingspan is the longest in a number of years. Former draft picks like Saer Sene and Jamaal Maglore come to mind. His 9'7 standing reach is just 5 inches shy of the rim meaning he can likely touch the rim on his tip toes. His 237 lbs is impressive as his body appears that he can put on another 30 lbs without problem. He also measured with a very impressive 4.4% body fat.

Allen Crabbe -- The Pac 12 standout is actually a big 6'6, having a 6'11.25 wingspan and 8'7.5 standing reach, numbers that would make him solid size at the small forward position, when he's clearly a true 2-guard.

Trey Burke -- There was some concern about Burke actually being 6'1 in shoes, but fear not, he's 5'11.75 barefoot making him a legit 6'1, and has terrific length with a 6'5.5" wingspan.

Peyton Siva -- Siva's 5'11.5 gives him a 6'1 in shoes measurement by the skin of his teeth. He honestly appears much shorter in person and on TV, so that result should give teams a little more confidence in him. Still his standing reach is 4.5 inches shorter than Trey Burke's.

Kentavious Caldwell Pope -- Pope measured a legit 6'6 with a 6'8 wingspan. His standing reach of 8'4.5" is a little short considering his height and wingspan but gives him solid numbers nonetheless.

Brandon Davies -- Davies was long thought to be undersized for the PF position actually has excellent size measuring 6'10 in shoes and a very impressive 9'0.5" standing reach which is just .5 shorter than DeWayne Dedmon, who is an inch taller and has a 7'4 wingspan.

Jamaal Franklin -- While just 6'5 in shoes, his 6'11.25 wingspan and 8'7 standing reach (an inch taller than Harrison Barnes last year) means that he is not really undersized at the 3 position.

Steven Adams -- Measured a legit 7' feet with a 7'4.5 wingspan and 9'1.5" standing reach. Also measured the biggest hand width at 11 inches.

Gorgui Dieng -- Anyone that measures a 7'3.5 wingspan obviously needs to be mentioned. His 9'3.5 standing reach was second only to Gobert and it's no wonder he's such an intimidator under the basket. His 6'11 in shoes height was also a bit of a surprise.

Archie Goodwin -- Our apologies to Goodwin who we listed at 6'4 all season. He's actually a big 6'5 considering his 6'9.5 wingspan and 8'6 standing reach.

Nerlens Noel -- Nothing really shocking about Noel's dimensions. 6'10 barefoot, a massive 7'3.75 wingspan and painfully skinny 206.4 frame. Apparently all that sitting around waiting for his knee to heal is no match for his metabolism. 4.2% body fat. Noel thinks guys like CJ McCollum and Ryan Kelly have no excuse for their high body fats.


Richard Howell -- Howell was probably one of the most questionable names on the combine list. His 6'6.25 measurement for a post player without great athleticism is likely a death blow to his draft hopes. His 6'10.25 wingspan is not nearly the type of length that he'd need, ala Quincy Acy (7'2.75" last year) to make up for it.

Shane Larkin -- For a guy with first round buzz, his hopes took a major blow falling short of 6' feet. On top of not having height, his length is also disappointing. His 5'10.25 height barefoot and particularly his 7'5.5 standing reach could give teams in the first round pause, though his athleticism numbers obviously helped him immensely.

Pierre Jackson -- It was well known that Jackson is an undersized PG that beats opponents with quickness, but his measurements were low: 5'9.5" barefoot, 7'6 standing reach. In his favor he is a freakish athlete, but he will struggle to get shots off at his size.

Phil Pressey -- As expected Pressey was under 5'10 barefoot. He's 5'11 but with such little length to make up for it his NBA chances become very challenging. His 7'8 standing reach is a major concern.

Ryan Kelly -- Had the worst body fat of anyone. Some of that can be excused as he had a number of months of inactivity sitting out with the foot injury, but 14.8% body fat is far too high regardless that he's a big forward that specializes in shooting. On the positive side, Kelly's 9'2 standing reach is absolutely center size.

Other players with high body fat:
Ricardo Ledo (10.3%), Grant Jerrett (10.1%), Colton Iverson (9.6%), Seth Curry (9.6%), Deshaun Thomas (9.1%), Shabazz Muhammad (9%), CJ McCollum (8.6%), Glen Rice Jr (8.5%), Jamaal Franklin (8.3%),

Nice Try Award

Phil Pressey, Deshaun Thomas and Ryan Kelly all gained 2 inches between their barefoot measurement and in shoes measurements. It's a bigger deal for Thomas as it means he's really 6'6 and for a guy that does a lot of his damage in around the basket, that's a concern.

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Shane Larkin, 'loser'

"He doesn't really show the dynamic speed and athleticism to overcome his size."

Larkin posted he highest vertical (44") in 12 years, finished 1st in sprints and top 5 in agility. Essentially, he was the fastest and highest-leaping player in the combine with elite agility. We knew Larkin was 5-11.

The guy isn't a loser, he actually boosted his stock tremendously and could even give a team like the Jazz pause at #14 considering that they are looking for an electrifying PG who can shoot, and Larkin is just that, having shot 40% from three this past season while demonstrating off-the-charts physical prowess. If he was considered a late first-rounder before the combine, he has to have risen to mid-first in a weak PG draft.

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Offline Larkin was a winner Larkin was a winner

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These are winners and losers for measurements. Not athletic testing. Tale of the Tape, as in tape measurement.

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Weighing 206 lbs makes him a winner?

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no mention

no mention of denis schroder, who had the longest arms ever (I think) for a guy 6 1". plus huge hands. ALso Iverson measured bigger than he has been listed all year, and clearly was a winner. Brandon Paul also had insane and surprising length. And larkin had short arms, but a 44in vertical which is sick.

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Regarding Larkin, how can you

Regarding Larkin, how can you say he is a loser and that he didn't show the dynamic speed and athleticism to overcome his size ? Larkin showed to be the best athlete at the combine: Best vertical, best speed in the sprint, top 5 in agility. Good score in the bench, IMO if anything he is a winner and definitely not a loser.

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You can't add length or

You can't add length or height, but weight can easily be added.....he isn't stuck at 206 lbs his whole life. Weighing in light is a lot better than weighing in heavy...

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Weight can be easily added,

Weight can be easily added, but not 50 or so pounds. And if he does add that much weight will it take away from his explosiveness? Noel is going to get eaten alive playing against NBA bigs

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