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Player of the Week

LaMelo Ball 6’2 150 PG – Chino Hills 2019 (UCLA)

LaMelo BallLaMelo BallWith Chino Hills coming off of a rare four-point loss to Oak Hill Academy at the Nike Extravaganza, Ball put on a controversial yet big time output with 92 points (41 in the fourth quarter), five rebounds, and seven assists beating Los Osos. There’s been much talk about his lack of defense while camping out at half court but Los Osos didn’t stop it and it resulted in a historic performance. Ball would put together a 27 point and seven assist game in the win against Rancho Cucamonga to close out the week. Only a sophomore, there is still much basketball left to be played for Ball and he will be an interesting player to track over the next two plus years, before he heads to Westwood. Brother Lonzo Ball may end up being a top 3 pick, but he never came close to doing this!

Who's Hot

Orangeville Prep

Orangeville Prep only had one game over the week and defeated Southwest Academy. Orangeville had big numbers from Ignas Brazdeikis with 39 points, 15 rebounds, and four assists. Also, a triple-double from Junior Farquhar with 14 points, 14 rebounds, and 15 assists. Orangeville only has two losses on the season but still has many games left to play as their season until late March.

Michael Porter 6’10 215 SF – Nathan Hale 2017 (Washington)

Nathan Hale has yet to be beaten and Porter continues to showcase his abilites. In Hale’s two games, Porter would drop 40 and ten on both occasions. The first against West Seattle with 46 points and ten rebounds. The second against Garfield with 40 points, 13 rebounds, and five assists to win the Metro League title.

Kevin Knox 6’9 205 SF – Tampa Catholic 2017

Knox and Tampa Catholic won both of their games over the week, both by 15 points. He posted 40 points, 14 rebounds, four assists, and three blocks against Brooks DeBartolo Collegiate and 29 points Berkley Prep. Although 29 isn’t a huge game, it takes on more meaning as Knox became Hillsborough County’s all-time leading scorer with 2,562 career points.

Trae Young 6’1 175 PG – Norman North 2017

Norman North only played one game over the week but Young closed out the season with a career high scoring statement. He finished with 62 points, five rebounds, and four assists beating Edmond Memorial. Young has joined Knox in the 2.500 career points club and a top ten finalist for the Naismith Award. Young’s college decision is coming on February 16th.

Zion Williamson 6’6 240 SF/PF – Spartanburg Day 2018

Williamson has lived on this blog as he has had tremendous weeks all season long. This week he led Spartanburg to three wins. Not only is he posting impressive stats but making highlights in the process. He scored 36 points and grabbed 21 rebounds in the win over Oakbrook Prep. His follow up game consisted of 49 points on 18-20 shooting, along with 14 rebounds, and three assists against Carolina Day. In his final game he dropped 34 points, five rebounds, and ten steals against Shannon Forest.

Tre Jones 6’1 175 PG – Apple Valley 2018

Jones’ first game of the week consisted of scoring 34 points leading Apple Valley to victory over Lakeville North. He followed up with 48 points, six rebounds, and four assists to beat Rosemount. Jones’ 48 point output broke the school scoring record that was previously held by his brother, Tyus Jones who scored 45.

Trevion Williamson 6’8 220 PF – Henry Ford Academy 2018

Williamson had a strong pair of games to close out the season. His first game he finished with 22 points, 12 rebounds, and five assists beating Detroit Community. He followed with a huge 28 point, 31 rebound, and eight assist performance to defeat Jalen Rose Academy. The 6’8 power forward is hovering top 100 status for the 2018 high school class. If he continues to show an advanced multidimensional game, he has much room to move up.

Who's Cold

St. Anthony (TX)

St. Anthony lost two games at the Gotham City Showcase in New York. A strained wrist and concussion-like symptoms led to the absence of Charles Bassey. The first loss came against Virginia Episcopal with a 57-54 score. The second coming against Victory Rock Prep 81-47.

Under the Radar

Brad Davison 6’4 195 SG – Maple Grove 2017 (Wisconsin)

Davison had a big Nike EYBL season last summer but doesn’t get the same recognition as Howard Pulley teammates, Gary Trent Jr and Tre Jones. Maple Grove had two big wins over the week and Davison contributed in multiple areas. His first win he posted 17 points, 18 assists, and seven steals against Irondale. The second win consisted of a triple-double posting 31 points, 11 rebounds, 12 assists, and eight steals over St. Michael-Albertville. In a week where everyone seems to be breaking records and reaching milestones, Davison also reached 2.000 career points.

Top 5 Fantasy Players

In the hypothetical world of high school fantasy basketball, these would be my top 5 selections:

1. Zion Williamson 6’6 240 SF/PF – Spartanburg Day 2018

Not only is Williamson a walking highlight reel, he’s known for posting big time stats in the scoring and rebounding column. He’s been featured on this blog many times with 40 point and 20 rebound games. Not to mention shooting a high field goal percentage. Williamson has already scored his 2,000 career point earlier this season and is still a junior.

2. Trae Young 6’1 175 PG – Norman North 2017

Young is one of high school basketball’s top scorers. In addition to scoring, he is a triple-double threat every night. His current average is 43.1 points, six rebounds, 8.1 assists, and 3.4 steals per game. Young recently scored a career high 62 points and as mentioned earlier, he will be making his college decision later in the week.

3. Michael Porter 6’10 215 SF – Nathan Hale 2017 (Washington)

Porter’s been on a tear this year at his new school. Similar to Williamson, 40 points and 20 rebound games aren’t unusual for him. He also has the ability to light it up from outside if your team needs some threes.

4. LiAngelo Ball 6’5 220 SG – Chino Hills 2017 (UCLA)

Ball could lead your league in scoring; 56, 65, 72…some of the scoring totals he’s put up this year. He doesn’t post other stats like others on this list but points and three pointers are a guarantee.

5. Jarred Vanderbilt 6’8 215 SF – Victory Prep 2017 (Kentucky)

Vanderbilt’s posted a few triple-doubles in his career. He won’t give you great three point or free throw percentages but he will give high totals for every other stat. Another advantage with having Vanderbilt in your lineup is being able to use him at any position, avoiding logjams at a specific position.

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