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January 29th

NCAA Power 16 Rankings

Mon, 01/29/2018 - 6:41pm

There was finally a somewhat calm week in the NCAA. I say somewhat even though four AP Top-10 teams lost, Ohio State lost on a half-court buzzer-beater, and UNC and West Virginia both lost twice. Not as many teams lost in general but the losses than happened were still big.

Virginia’s two big wins move them atop the rankings while North Carolina falls out completely. Some more mid-major teams find their way into the rankings as power conferences have proven the parity in college basketball this year.

January 28th

European Stock Watch

Mon, 01/29/2018 - 12:41am

Player of the Month

Luka Doncic (99', 6-7, PG/SG, Slovenia, Real Madrid)

January 24th

Flyin' to the Hoop Recap

Thu, 01/25/2018 - 6:21am

Flyin’ to the Hoop hosted four days of in state and national talent. While snow kept a few teams home, there was plenty of talent on display.

Bol Bol 7’2 225 C – Findlay Prep 2018 (Oregon)

January 23rd

NCAA Power 16 Rankings

Wed, 01/24/2018 - 6:01am

Another crazy week in college basketball shakes up the rankings this week. Three top 10 teams suffered multiple losses, 13 AP Top-10 teams lost, and four teams from last weeks Power 16 fell out, including a Top 10 team.

In a season where top ranked teams have been losing at an unprecedented rate, this week was no different. A few non Power 5 teams climbed their way into the rankings as the madness continued in the major conferences.

January 15th

NCAA Power 16 Rankings

Mon, 01/15/2018 - 8:58pm

It seems like every week we have pretty drastic changes amongst the top teams in the nation. Top ranked teams have been dropping like flies showing the parity in college basketball again this year. Amidst all the madness, Villanova finds a way to stay atop the rankings.

The Top-5 gets shaken up a bit after West Virginia and Michigan State suffered losses. Oklahoma got back on track with two big wins and North Carolina and Kentucky were able to crawl back into the Power 16.

January 10th

Mustang Madness Recap

Thu, 01/11/2018 - 5:58am

TheGrindSession season is underway with the fifth annual Mustang Madness taking place. Although it didn’t have some of the star power provided in previous years, there were still top prospects in competitive matchups.

Terry Armstrong 6’5 170 SG – Bella Vista Prep 2019

January 8th

NCAA Power 16 Rankings

Mon, 01/08/2018 - 8:08pm

The With so many top teams getting upset, the top 3 is completely shaken up with Villanova (7), West Virginia (5) and Virginia (14), all sitting at 14-1, moving into the top 3.

Blue Bloods Arizona, Kentucky and North Carolina all fell out of the Power 16 this week with tough losses. College basketball is back in full swing following the holidays.

January 4th

2018 Extended Mock Draft 2.0

Thu, 01/04/2018 - 9:00pm

At the midway point college season, with the 2018 NBA draft just six months away the list of top prospects appears to be taking shape. But then again, will this year's draft see another immense talent like Donovan Mitchell materialize out of thin air? Here is a look at our extended mock 2.0, entering the new year.

January 1st

NCAA Power 16 Rankings

Mon, 01/01/2018 - 1:18pm

The last two weeks saw many surprising outcomes amongst ranked teams. There are no more undefeated teams remaining in the NCAA as TCU, Arizona State, Villanova, and Miami all lost. A national powerhouse fell to a mid-major team and all together half of the teams from the last Power 16 suffered losses.