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LeBron James Skills Academy: Day 1

Mon, 07/05/2010 - 10:15pm

The buzz around the LeBron James Skills Academy is much different than last year as the basketball world awaits the final decision of the biggest free agent in the history of sports. As a result, there was a large media contingent at the camp that probably had more interest in what LeBron was wearing than scouting any college or high school players. That didn’t distract us from taking in the first college and high school workouts of this year’s camp.

Orlando Summer League: Day 1

Mon, 07/05/2010 - 9:35pm

Orlando Summer League Roster & Schedule

Game 1 – Utah Jazz 83 vs Charlotte Bobcats 85

State of the Cap: Sacramento Kings

Mon, 07/05/2010 - 3:20pm

By Mike Misek

2010/11 Sacramento Kings Payroll: $40.1 million
2010/11 NBA Salary Cap: $56.1 million
Roughly: $16 million under cap

Tyreke EvansTyreke EvansVariables:
Kenny Thomas- Unrestricted Free Agent
Ime Udoka- Unrestricted Free Agent
Sean May- Unrestricted Free Agent
Dominic McGuire- Qualifying Offer for $1.0 million
Jon Brockman- Qualifying Offer for $932K