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The Doctor is In

Sat, 11/30/2013 - 9:14pm

Just as knowing is half the battle, being an NBA ready talent is only half of what makes or breaks an NBA career. The D-League, Euroleagues, and cashier lines are littered with former NBA fodder; soon to-be-stars for whom prodigious athletic skill wasn't quite enough to keep their proverbial cup of coffee warm. Some are injury-riddled, some are befuddled by glaring holes in their game, most just never came to the realization that being a superior athlete often just isn't enough.

Notebook: Wiggins scores season-low six

Lawrence Journal World/Gary Bedore

Embiid Indeed

Joel Embiid Photo: KUSports.comJoel Embiid Photo: KUSports.comPlayer of the Week

Joel Embiid - Kansas

Arizona outlasts Duke 72-66

Raleigh News & Observer/Laura Keeley