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Grizzlies' draft plans a mystery

Memphis Commercial Appeal

Eavesdropping on Draft History

Fri, 06/18/2010 - 8:56am recently was able to get a hold of a few transcripts of conversations made by NBA General Managers before they made some fateful draft choices.

Summer 2003 – Detroit

Joe Dumars is sitting in his office and watching game tape from the 1989 Finals.

Darko MilicicDarko Milicic*Phone rings*

Joe Dumars: Hello?

Isiah Thomas: Joe! How’s it going? It’s Zeke.

Pacers consider UK's Orton

Indianapolis Star

State of the Cap: Orlando Magic

Fri, 06/18/2010 - 6:36am

2010/11 Orlando Magic Payroll: $79.6 million
2010/11 NBA Salary Cap: $56.1 million
Roughly: $23.5 million over cap

Jamaican Sensation | Jerome Jordan Interview

Fri, 06/18/2010 - 5:05am

By Eric Yearian

Jerome Jordan, a native of Jamaica, picked up the game of basketball at a late age. Attending Tulsa, where he has played for four years, he has grown by leaps and bounds. Known primarily as a defensive player capable of blocking or altering virtually any shot, the “Jamaican Sensation” has focused on preparing himself for the NBA game the past few years.