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Evaluating the 2008 Draft Class

Thu, 06/19/2008 - 3:16pm

With the 2008 NBA Draft a week away, it’s hard for fans to avoid wondering how this draft class might turn out. How will it compare to other drafts? Strengths? Weaknesses? Let’s break it down.

Big Men (4s and 5s):

Everyone knows about Michael Beasley. Coming off a dominant freshman season, Beasley is the only can’t-miss frontcourt prospect in the draft. After him, this is one of the better drafts for big men in recent memory, especially centers.

State of the Cap: Sacramento Kings

Thu, 06/19/2008 - 2:45pm


By Josh Redetzke

2008/09 Sacramento Kings Payroll: $63 million
[img_assist|nid=1102|title=Kevin Martin|desc=Icon SMI|link=none|align=right|width=300|height=450]
2008/09 Estimated NBA Salary Cap: $58 million (estimate)
Roughly: $5 million over cap

State of the Cap: Seattle Supersonics

Thu, 06/19/2008 - 8:46am

2008/09 Seattle Supersonics Payroll: $48.4 million
2008/09 Estimated Salary Cap: $58 million (estimate)
Roughly $9.6 million under cap

2008 Extended Mock Draft

Thu, 06/19/2008 - 7:04am


With the field set for the 2008 NBA draft and less than 10 days to go, here's a pick by pick mock draft of the first round of this year's NBA draft.