Anthony Davis Developing in the Post For #3 Kentucky

Darrell Bird/

Not to be outdone by Andre Drummond's coming out game, Anthony Davis continued to impress during his freshman season at Kentucky. Davis scored 14 points, grabbed 18 rebounds and swatted 5 shots in an 87-62 win over Chattanooga. Doron Lamb and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist scored 24 and 17 respectively, but Davis has been the Wildcat that people are dying to talk about.

He is still developing as a post player after a major growth spurt in high school took him from a guard to a now PF/C role, not to mention shooting him up to the top of his HS class rankings. But, as the season wears on, Davis is getting more and more comfortable with his back to the basket.

“It makes the game a lot easier when I stay low, hold your ground when they try to push you up,” Davis said. “If I stay low, I’ll be fine.”

The Wildcats certainly think that he will be as they still are considered one of the better teams in the nation. While Anthony Davis does not have Andre Drummond's girth, he seems to be a freakish athlete in his own right and he had a much smoother transition to NCAA play. The debate on which of these players will be the first taken in the draft is sure to be one that rages on throughout this season. Right now, a majority seem to think Davis has a head start, but I believe once these two play against conference opponents, it should really get interesting.

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