2014 Extended NBA Mock Draft 3.0

Mon, 03/24/2014 - 7:28pm

With the first weekend of the NCAA Tourney in the books and the Sweet Sixteen set, the 2014 draft is steadily coming into focus. Here is a third extended look at this year's first round with descriptions for each of the prospects.

Jabari Parker 6-8 235 SF Duke Fr. Parker may lack the long term potential of a Joel Embiid or the freakish athleticism of an Andrew Wiggins, but his offensive polish and maturity makes him a highly regarded prospect. He's both polished and versatile and understands what it means to be a professional having grown up around the game with his father a former standout, Sonny Parker. He remains incredibly humble as well as focused and hard working. Parker is a much better athlete than he appears at first glance. He's also sure to blow away the competition during team interviews, as he's incredibly mature and well spoken. Parker may lack Wiggins' freakish athleticism, and Embiid's upside, but he possesses sneaky athleticism and the most NBA ready, polished all-around game at this point. Parker lacks great foot speed and some scouts are worried about his ability to defend on the perimeter. Without question the safest of the top 3 draft options, Parker has the potential to be a top 5 player in the league. Despite the Dukie's flaming out in the first round of the tourney, he still has an excellent chance to go first. He reminds scouts of Melo (without the drama) or a shorter, stockier Durant. NBA Comparison: Carmelo Anthony
embiid Joel Embiid 7-0 250 C Kansas Fr. Early in the year the thought was that Embiid could be drafted in the top 5 based on potential. He was expected to show flashes and put up numbers sporadically. But he progressed much faster than anyone expected. He showed excellent consistency, a strong motor and made a considerable impact. It's extremely rare to find a kid with his package of attributes. He's got a tremendous basketball body with not only great athleticism but the ability to add size and strength to his frame. The fact that he's shown an ornery side and has been willing to mix it up is only seen as a positive by scouts. He already shows signs of being an enforcer defensively with his length, explosiveness and timing on blocks. He must learn discipline on fakes and how to stay out of foul trouble and he will be a force. Embiid is a raw talent who has come a long way in a very short time. Scouts who saw this kid 2 years ago African Basketball without Borders event marvel at just how much he's improved in such a short time. He shows terrific form and touch on his shot, plus amazing footwork, giving his potential as an offensive center great intrigue. There is a growing feeling among scouts that he could turn into the NBA's top center during his prime. With questions surrounding his late season back problems, he also had some issues as a senior in high school, the door has been left open for a player like Bari or Wiggins to become the top pick. However scouts remain extremely high on Embiid, who could re-emerge as the favorite to go first. NBA Comparison: Tim Duncan
Andrew Wiggins 6-8 200 SF Canada Fr. Wiggins is as physically talented as any wing player to come along since LeBron James. He has so much raw potential and talent that he still has only begun to scratch the surface in terms of skill development and realizing his abilities. After stuggling in the first half of the season, Wiggins answered his critics with a strong finish. He really emerged in the season's final month putting up a 41 and 30 in back to back games, though he struggled with just 4 points in Kansas' season ending loss to Stanford. With Embiid missing a number of games due to injury, Wiggins capitalized with increased productivity taking KU on his back to stay competitive in games. He has solidified a spot in the top 3 and put himself back into the conversation to go first. While his upside is considered greater than Parker's, he's also considered the riskier pick. NBA Comparison: Rudy Gay
Marcus Smart 6-4 225 PG Oklahoma St. So. Smart is a "different kind of dude", as one scout put it, speaking about his maturity and decision to stay in school and bypass the draft in which he would have likely been a top 2-3 selection in 2013. Smart first began playing the PG position full time while at Oklahoma State, so detractors must keep in mind that the holes to his game are still developing. his jump shot remains a work in progress. He also may always struggle to stay in front of elite point guards, but then again everyone does. Smart displayed his improved shooting and scoring ability with his 39 point outburst against Memphis. He had some bumps in the road including the incident shoving the Texas Tech fan, but his character is not in question according to scouts. He's a natural leader and the kind of player that makes everyone around him better just with his presence. He always seems to be a step ahead of the competition with a feel for the game that is very advanced for his age. Comparing Smart to past NBA guys is very difficult, as he's such a unique player. NBA Comparison: Dwyane Wade
Kyle Anderson 6-9 230 PG/SF UCLA So. A case could be made that Kyle Anderson is the most valuable player to any college team in the country. His ability to set up teammates and handle the ball at 6-foot-9 is extremely rare. He's drawn comparisons to Magic Johnson from scouts and some feel that he's a legitimate top 5 pick candidate. He led UCLA to win the Pac 12 tournament over Arizona and their great fan support in Las Vegas. A deep run in the NCAA tournament could really open some eyes to his abilities. Slow Mo has shown excellent improvement between his freshman and sophomore seasons cutting down on his turnovers and improving upon his A/TO ratio. He looks much more comfortable creating offense for himself and others and his once inconsistent jumpshot has become much more reliable. He's even hitting 3 pointers at an excellent clip, though on a low volume. While there is still concern about his lack of speed and quickness, his skill level and length makes him a very intriguing prospect. Becoming a lottery selection now looks well within his grasp. NBA Comparison: Magic Johnson
Noah Vonleh 6-9 240 PF Indiana Fr. Vonleh has had a surprisingly quick transition to the college level. He's a forward who has spent a lot of time working on his handle but seems to have realized that his bread and butter at the NBA level lies in the paint. He lacks much in the way of post moves and is just a raw physical specimen at this point. He shows some solid instincts around the basket and has learned how to use his size and length to his advantage. His rebounding has turned into a real weapon. He's a bright, coachable kid who works hard and showed steady improvement as the season progressed. While Vonleh lacks the offensive polish and explosiveness of Julius Randle, an interesting debate has developed between the two players with scouts. Vonleh is well liked due to his length, upside and desire to improve. NBA Comparison: Wayman Tisdale
exum Dante Exum 6-6 185 PG/SG Australia Fr. Exum is the biggest wildcard of this year's draft. He's a terrific kid with a great deal of talent, but without question he's still very unproven as his biggest accomplishments have been in the form of international competitions such as the Hoop Summit where he matched up with Aaron Harrison. He was very impressive playing for his Australian national team in competitions such as the U19 World championships in Prague. He's got a ton of upside due to his versatility to play either guard position and extreme quickness off the dribble, and has drawn comparisons to Penny Hardaway. he may scare away some teams due to unfamiliarity. Had Shabazz Muhammad sat out his FR year and not been "exposed", scouts feel he would have ended up being a top 3-5 pick in 2013. Exum has the same kind of hype behind him and could end up a top 5 pick without ever playing at the college or Pro European level. He has some kinks to work out such as a shot that lacks much trajectory. Is he a PG or SG at the NBA level? Scouts appear to be split down the middle on this. He must learn to either become a facilitator or learn to play off the ball. He also needs to learn how to play more within a team context as opposed to having carte blanche as he does leading his Aussie team. A bright kid with a bright future, but is the hype beginning to go overboard? NBA Comparison: Penny Hardaway
Julius Randle 6-9 240 PF Kentucky Fr. Randle is a rare talent in that he combines raw power with a high skill level. Randle is Kentucky's top prospect in a year in which many pundits considered to be Coach Calipari's greatest recruiting haul. He's proven to be virtually unguardable for any single college player. His combination of power and skill set him apart and make him a big time post prospect for the NBA level. His on court mannerisms have caused some to question his focus, however he's received positive reviews from scouts about his willingness to be coached and learn. In high school he got a little too enamored with facing the basket and his post game needed some polish, but he has been virtually unstoppable around the basket at UK. While no longer a lock to be a top 5 pick, Randle, an absolute physical specimen, remains one of this draft's most intriguing prospects to scouts. NBA Comparison: Michael Beasley
Gary Harris 6-4 205 SG/PG Michigan St. So. Harris is a sophomore who plays with unusual maturity and poise. Though a tad undersized at 6'4, Harris has solid length, athleticism and great quickness. He also shows a textbook shooting form and range from deep. The cerebral guard flirted with the idea of turning pro as a freshman in such a weak class, however his shoulder troubles would have likely dropped him further than where he would have liked. Though he hasn't been 100% healthy all season, which could concern some teams, he has been healthy at the end of the year. His ability to potentially be a combo guard gives him added intrigue. Harris figures to get looks in the mid to late lottery. NBA Comparison: OJ Mayo
mcdermott Doug McDermott 6-7 225 SF Creighton Sr. In today's NBA, having one standout skill can be better than being just good in many areas. McDermott is an elite level shooter with a tremendous feel for the game. Scouts now have his range pegged as a likely late lottery pick. A player that can spread the floor as well as pass and compete at a high level will fit right into many teams. McDermott may never be a good defender due to lack of foot speed and athleticism. But his offensive arsenal should be enough to make up for that. NBA Comparison: Ryan Anderson
warren TJ Warren 6-7 220 SF NC State So. Warren is a talented wing with a nose for scoring. He has spring boarded off of a solid freshman campaign to become one of the most prolific scorers in the country, 3rd in the nation at over 24 per game. Though just an average NBA level athlete, Warren shows a knack for taking what the defense gives him and one of those guys that makes the game look easy. He still needs to extend his range and add a 3 point shot to his repertoire, but he shows good form on his shot and should be able to improve that over time. Warren's incredible season taking home ACC POY honors virtually locks up a 1st round selection, and he's likely to begin to get looks in the late lottery. NBA Comparison: Caron Butler
early Cleanthony Early 6-8 225 SF/PF Wichita St. Sr. Early benefits from the Shockers undefeated regular season and has impressed scouts all season with his energy level and outside shooting ability. He's without question a tweener for the next level lacking great size to play in the post and skill level to play on the perimeter. But looking at his strengths, he's an above average athlete who plays with good energy and has excellent touch from the perimeter. After a tremendous season and performance in the NCAA tournament, Early has begun to receive late lottery mentions from scouts. NBA Comparison: Cliff Robinson
Zach LaVine 6-4 180 SG/PG UCLA Fr. How shocking has LaVine's climb into the lottery been? He wasn't even ranked as a top 50 high school senior last season. Despite the national hype around Arizona's Aaron Gordon, it's LaVine that is actually the Pac 12's top freshman and prospect. While he has trailed off some of late, LaVine finally garnered a great deal of national exposure. He's got a highly intriguing combination of explosiveness and shooting ability. A second year in Westwood to get stronger and work on his PG skills would be beneficial. But if he continues to play at his current rate it will be difficult to turn down being a potential top 10 selection after just his freshman season. NBA Comparison: Russell Westbrook
Rodney Hood 6-8 210 SF Duke So. Hood is a strong outside shooting as well as an above athlete with a polished all around skill level. He has proven to be a high level prospect in his own right playing alongside Parker. One of Hood's main areas of weakness is lack of physicality and strength so that will be something that he will need to focus on leading up to draft workouts. Despite impersonating a ghost in the NCAA tourney, Hood stands a chance to grab a spot in the late lottery. NBA Comparison: Rashard Lewis
payton Elfrid Payton 6-3 180 PG Louisiana Lafayette Jr. Payton made a name for himself by being a valuable contributor to the U19 USA team that won gold in Prague at the World Championships, where he received high praise from all of the coaches. He followed up a tremendous summer by leading the Raging Cajuns into the Big Dance. He is an elite level athlete for a PG with great length and quickness, and although his shot remains a work in progress, it showed signs of improvement towards the end of the year. Payton has a chance to be a standout starter in the league, which is something that cannot be said about many PGs on the college level. He's still got a long ways to go, but being the age of a sophomore gives him added intrigue. Look for Payton to get looks beginning at the end of the lottery and find a spot in the mid first round. He has even drawn some comparisons to another former Payton, (Gary) due to his defensive prowess, from scouts. NBA Comparison: Rajon Rondo
Aaron Gordon 6-8 225 PF Arizona Fr. Gordon is an explosive leaper and a great kid. He had a solid freshman season providing energy to a 1 seed Arizona squad. He will impress teams in interviews and has proven himself as a focused, team oriented player. He made an excellent impression on scouts last summer winning MVP of the U19 Championships in Prague. He drew Blake Griffin comparisons coming into college, but it has become apparent to most that he lacks the size, power and all around talent of Griffin. While he might benefit by returning to school, the other side of the coin is that if he doesn't show skill development in future seasons he could easily slip from his current mid-first round projection. He started out the season determined to turn himself into a small forward, but it is apparent that his future is as a 4. His shooting has proven to be a real weakness, particularly from the line, however his vision and passing have been a pleasant surprise. While some envision a future star at the next level, look for Gordon to ultimately become an excellent defensive oriented, energy role player as a combo forward. NBA Comparison: Kenneth Faried
jones Tyler Ennis 6-2 180 PG Syracuse Fr. Ennis turned into one of the most consistent and valuable freshmen in the country, leading the Orange to an undefeated record through more than half the season. Although he lacks elite level athleticism, he does a good job of changing speeds and getting by defenders into the paint. He's very good at finding teammates for baskets while on the move. His command of the PG position and decision making are truly special for a college freshman, and throw in the fact that he's got good touch and a promising mid range game, and Ennis will likely be faced with a decision following the season as a likely first rounder with a chance to be a lottery pick. Syracuse's success in the tournament will likely have some effect on Ennis' draft stock. NBA Comparison: George Hill
Montrezl Harrell 6-8 240 PF Louisville So. Harrell is an intriguing 4 man due to his great power and explosiveness. Despite being a shade below 6'9, he possesses a huge wingspan and plays with a high level of energy. Scouts who watched him play for Team USA at the U19 Championships raved about him, comparing him to Ben Wallace. With Russdiculous and Chris Jones in the backcourt, Harrell is forced to get most of his baskets off of rebounds, put backs and the occasional ally oop. But he has found ways to score putting up 14 plus points per game, with many of his baskets coming in aggressive, rim punishing fashion. He's an energy guy who's most valuable to the team providing dirty work: rebounding and playing physical around the basket. NBA Comparison: JJ Hisckson
Jerami Grant 6-8 215 SF/PF Syracuse So. In terms of readiness, Grant should be looked at similar to the freshmen projected in the later half of the first round. Grant is the son of former NBA forward Harvey Grant, twin brother of Horace Grant. He's a high level athlete with great length and quickness. His offensive game showed solid development in his sophomore season at Syracuse. Jerami shows a lot of potential but whether he has given scouts enough to work with and can overcome the tweener label to be a top 20 pick is the question. The team was not as effective when he went down to injury, but he bounced back quickly and is one of the draft's top overall athletes. NBA Comparison: Thaddeus Young
Adreian Payne 6-9 235 PF Michigan St. Sr. Payne came in as a highly decorated recruit and while he had his ups and downs, he stuck around though his senior season, and it should prove very beneficial as his game showed significant improvement as an upperclassman. His jumpshot has become extremely accurate with excellent form and rotation. His tournament performance has helped him as much as anyone's and he's now firmly in the first round. NBA Comparison: Robert Horry
Vasilije Micic 6-5 200 PG Serbia 1994 While Micic isn't the fleetest of foot, his leadership and ability to run a team makes him extremely intriguing. There are not many players on any level with the vision and passing ability that he possesses. He also seems to have gained some speed and athleticism over the past 6 months, after coming back from a leg injury, and looking a step slow at the 2013 adidas Eurocamp in Treviso. There are still some concerns with his foot speed and ability to score, but his heart for the game and determination are excellent. For those that enjoy imaginative passing, Micic is a true joy to watch. NBA Comparison: Jose Calderon
brown Markel Brown 6-4 190 SG Oklahoma St. Sr. Brown is an undersized 2 guard but he has the requisite freakish athleticism to overcome the size disadvantage. His ability to create shots off the dribble are enhanced by his top flight speed and athleticism. He's long been one of the most explosive guards in the country, but he has added a consistent jumpshot and improved ball handling and decision making to his skill set. Playing alongside Marcus Smart for two seasons has certainly been beneficial to him. Despite being undersized, Brown is a solid bet to grab a mid to late first round spot in a deep draft. NBA Comparison: Avery Bradley
James Young 6-6 210 SG Kentucky Fr. Young is an athletic lefty two guard with a sweet shot, and plays with good intensity. Though he ran into some bumps during his freshman season and did not shoot as well as scouts would have liked, he remains UK's second best prospect and shows a lot of competitive fire. He has fallen from being a projected lottery pick to no longer being a sure first first rounder, though he still projects as a 20-30 draft pick. He has starting potential for the NBA level, but he'll need to become more aggressive attacking the basket. NBA Comparison: Daequan Cook
wcs Willie Cauley Stein 7-0 230 C Kentucky So. Cauley-Stein became a force for Kentucky as a shot blocker in his sophomore season. He runs the floor like a deer and plays with good energy. While his offensive game lacks touch and polish and he may never possess much of a post game, he's able to score using his athleticism with ally oops and put backs. Cauley-Stein projects as a mid to late first rounder who has a lot of potential due to his excellent athleticism, though his feel for the game still needs work. NBA Comparison: Dan Gadzuric
Nik Stauskas 6-6 190 SG Michigan So. Stauskas is one of the nation's premiere shooters and has developed some of the other aspects of his game showing adequate ability to run the pick and roll and be a facilitator in spurts. The Big 10 player of the year has garnered enough hype from scouts that he's a likely first round pick. He's drawn comparisons to Kyle Korver and JJ Reddick and has even some lottery chatter from some. He may always struggle with the speed and athleticism of NBA 2 guards, but he shows the athleticism finish with off drives with dunks. He lacks great foot speed and doesn't show much lateral quickness, but the NBA obviously values pure shooters. There is a wide spectrum of opinions regarding Stauskas with some seeing a late lottery pick, and others questioning him as a first rounder. Look for him to split the difference and fall somewhere in the 18-30 range. NBA Comparison: Jason Kapono
adams Jordan Adams 6-5 200 SG UCLA So. Adams lacks a great body and isn't the most athletic wing, but he has elite level scoring ability and could find a spot in the late first round of this year's draft. He is deadly from mid range with both spot up and pull up ability and one of those players that if you give him an ounce of daylight, he's going to find the basket. Adams has done a solid job of improving his body as the season has progressed. He's also a very strong defender, despite not being a tremendous athlete. If UCLA surprises in the tourney as they might, Adams stands to gain as much as anyone as he will surely be in the spotlight as UCLA's go to scorer. NBA Comparison: Anthony Morrow
capela Clint Capela 6-9 230 PF Switzerland 1994 Capela is a freakish athlete who fits a number of team's idea of the perfect draft and stash type of pick. He probably won't be an NBA contributor for a few seasons, but for a team with patience, he's a great athlete who could be a force by the time he is 24-25. He doesn't always play with a high level of intensity, his main drawback, but when he's on he's a handful and he's only 20 years of age. His progression this season has been remarkable, with a number of big scoring and rebounding outbursts, giving him a lot of intrigue as a late first round pick. NBA Comparison: Ian Mahinmi
Samaj Christon 6-3 190 PG Xavier So. Christon has a tremendous basketball body with the speed and quickness to get to the basket as well as the length to give opposing point guards headaches as an on ball defender. The one major weakness that he must improve upon is his shot which comes off flat and lacks a fluid release. He shot very effectively as a sophomore, but his mechanics leave some question marks about his ability to extend his shot with consistency at the next level. His shooting in workouts will likely be key to his draft stock. Playing at Xavier has made it more difficult for Christon to receive national attention. He appears set to enter the draft where he's projected as a late first to early second round pick by scouts. NBA Comparison: Keyon Dooling
Shabazz Napier 6-1 181 PG UConn Sr. Has put it all together in his senior year and become both a team leader and a clutch go-to scorer. Napier received criticism for his lack of leadership and was even described as being selfish early in his college career. He has really evolved with four years of college and is praised for his leadership now in his senior year. Though he's not an explosive athlete, his talent has never been in question as he shows great quickness and belief in his abilities. He was a key reserve as a freshman to UConn's title team and with strong play throughout his senior year leading the Huskies to the Sweet 16, he's now squarely on the first round bubble for this year's draft. NBA Comparison: Tyronn Lue
harrison Andrew Harrison 6-5 205 PG Kentucky Fr. The Harrison Twins are considered likely to enter the draft and even though they are not highly regarded by many scouts, with such a strong performance in the NCAA tournament, particularly against Wichita State, they have put themselves back into contention to grab a first round spot. There are concerns about body language and attitude with the twins, but you can't knock the results as UK exceeded execrations in the Big Dance. NBA Comparison: Javaris Crittenton
Rip255 (not verified)
Some strange movements

I always like Aran's analysis and agree with most of it, however I feel like he's bucking a lot of other draft experts trends with this mock.

1) I think Wiggins is a lock for #1 and that Parker is a lock for #2, regardless of who wins the lottery. I have seen Wiggins answer every question-mark against his name and I don't think his poor final tournament game will cause him to slip.

2) I don't see teams letting Dante Exum sliding to 7. I have him at 3, and Embiid at 4 due to his bad back.

3) Kyle Anderson is compared to Magic and too high at #5. I have him at 10-15 because I think he's far too flat-footed to run an NBA offense and I think a motivated Boris Diaw is closer to his ceiling than Magic.

4) I don't understand why Zach LaVine is so high on this board. He had an unproductive freshman season and his upside needs to take more into consideration than athleticism and shooting stroke from 3. I have him as a 20-25 range pick, with Tyler Ennis as a late lottery pick.

5) And this is nit-picking, but I don't like the Beasley and Randle comparison. I also think a team takes a flyer for Aaron Gordon with that athleticism and ability to play off the ball.

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Wow, what are the scouts

Wow, what are the scouts smoking putting Anderson in the top 5? Dude shouldnt be a lottery pick by any stretch. He's not Magic Johnson or even close. People forget how athletic Johnson was running the floor, whereas Anderson would almost definitely be the slowest player in the NBA end-to-end. He also lacks the strength to defend bigger players down low that Magic had, even at the same age.

I can't even fathom how you'd take Kyle Anderson over Exum, Randle or even Vonleh.

I just can't see a team that would give him the ball in his hands all the time, which is what he needs to be effective.

I hope LaVine comes back another year, because his confidence needs a serious boost, he would benefit immensely from being the #1 option and having the ball in his hands all the time next season. He'd be a top-5 lock almost and in the discussion for the #1 pick.

I was legitimately stunned to see Slo-Mo that high in the draft, it literally boggles my mind. Wait til the combine and his stock is going to fall out of the lottery.

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Agree with a lot of what you said

No way Randle drops to 8. Lavine is averaging like 5 ppg in his last 6 - he is "potential only" and not lottery. Aaron Gordon is a Top 10 pick. Sixers aren't passing on Wiggins for a center with a bad back when they took a center with a bad knee last year - and its not a centers game any more - its an athletic wings game.

This will change 15 times between now and the actual draft

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Finally Anderson is getting

Finally Anderson is getting some respect. He is probably the most skilled player in the draft. Deadly shooter, outstanding ball-handler, outstanding passer, one of the best defensive rebounders in the entire NCAA, terrific defensive instincts. Anderson just needs to improve his ability to contain ball-handlers, his focus on defense, and continue to improve his physique.

I think Anderson has a completely realistic shot at being a top-5 selection. Once the season ends, early season hype starts to wear off and actual production starts to matter more. And, despite his reputation, Anderson is more athletic than TJ Warren, Dario Saric (I realize he likely isn't going to enter), and Doug McDermott, and is pretty comparable physically to Jabari Parker. No, Anderson isn't an athletic freak, but when a 6'9" player with a 7'3" wingspan is the most skilled player in the draft, a top-5 selection shouldn't be out of the question.

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Anderson reminds me more of Turk than Magic... Sure, he's got skill, but Magic was athletic and could post up and defend better than a guy that pretty much looks like he always has ankle weights...

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Stauskas is compared to Kapono, yet he goes higher than the Twins?! They didn't play well during the season but they lived up to their hype Saturday! They aren't falling out of the top 20. Randle isn't falling out of the top 6.

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I get that Ennis is skilled and he can lead a team, but his George Hill comparison is horrible. Hill is tied with Chalmers as the worst starting Points in the league...

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This mock draft is comical at

This mock draft is comical at best. I'm fine with Parker and Embid (even with a bad back) listed above Wiggins, because i think there are questions regarding Wiggins ability to propel a team. I'm questioning Smart at 4, considering the disaster of a season he had offensively, defensively, and as it pertains to leading a team.

Then you have Kyle Williams, who has the lateral quickness and athletism of a stick of celery. Don't get me wrong, i'm a huge fan of the triple threat forward with high basketball IQ, but the successful ones have athletism. The comparison to Magic Johnson is laughable, and doesn't need a counter argument.

The lakers passing on Exum is questionable, Detroit taking another undersized powerfoward without a natural position is illogical, and Payton being taken ahead of an established lead guard like Enis is just down right wrong.

Is it just me, or the more i look at this draft, the more i'm becoming very underwelmed by the talent?

Meditated States
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Gordon is being slept on

Every player has flaws. He is good in a lot of areas. I can see him getting minutes and being effective early in the NBA.

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Smart averaged 18ppg, 6rpg, 5apg, and 3 steals per game. Not exactly a disaster there, kliyanage30. OSU's season? Disaster. Fan pushing incident? Disaster. But Smart's numbers across the board were better than the year before when he won Big 12 POY.

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