2014 Extended Mock Draft 6.0

Fri, 06/20/2014 - 12:17pm

With the 2014 NBA draft less than a week away, and a shake up at the top with Joel Embiid's foot injury, here is our sixth look at the first round.

Andrew Wiggins 6-8 200 SF Canada Fr. With Joel Embiid's foot injury, Wiggins becomes the odds on favorite to go first. Whether or not Cleveland keeps the pick and drafts him or a team like Philadelphia offers enough to move up is the question. Philly likely cannot afford to stand pat at 3 and take Embiid, after waiting a full season for Nerlens Noel to get healthy, so the injury could actually make the top pick more valuable. Giving up 10 and 3 was seen as too much before the injury, but now they may feel obligated to do so. Wiggins is as physically talented as any wing player to come along since LeBron James. He still has only begun to scratch the surface in terms of skill development and realizing his abilities. He really began to emerge in the season's final month putting up a 41 and 30 in back to back games, though he struggled with just 4 points in Kansas' season ending tourney loss to Stanford. His defensive potential is far superior to Jabari Parker's, though he seems likely to struggle to score initially. NBA Comparison: Vince Carter
Jabari Parker 6-9 240 SF/PF Duke Fr. Jabari Parker is a legitimate franchise player to build around, and the fact that he could be used at the 4 makes him an excellent fit along with the Greek Freak in Milwaukee. Despite an unimpressive tournament performance, Parker's stock remains high. He may lack the long term potential of a Joel Embiid or the freakish athleticism of an Andrew Wiggins, but his offensive polish and maturity makes him an intriguing option even at 1. He's both polished and versatile and understands what it means to be a professional having grown up around the game with his father a former standout, Sonny Parker. Parker is a much better athlete than he appears at first glance. He's also sure to blow away the competition during team interviews, as he's a mature, high character guy. Parker lacks great foot speed and some scouts are worried about his ability to defend on the perimeter.NBA Comparison: Carmelo Anthony
embiid Joel Embiid 7-0 250 C Kansas Fr. With back concerns and now a broken foot that will keep him from attending the draft, Embiid's stock has become an uncertainty. His talent is superior to the players outside the top 3, however the injury concerns could knock him to the mid lottery. Boston at 6 would seem to be a worst case scenario. Embiid possesses the most upside of any prospect in this year's draft, and stands a real chance of becoming the league's best center in his prime. It's extremely rare to find a kid with his package of attributes. He's got a tremendous basketball body with not only great athleticism but the ability to add size and strength to his frame. The fact that he's shown an ornery side and has been willing to mix it up is only seen as a positive by scouts. He already shows signs of being an enforcer defensively with his length, explosiveness and timing on blocks. He must learn discipline on fakes and how to stay out of foul trouble and he will be a force. Embiid is a raw talent who has come a long way in a very short time. He shows terrific form and touch on his shot, plus amazing footwork, giving his potential as an offensive center great intrigue. NBA Comparison: Tim Duncan
Marcus Smart 6-3 227 PG Oklahoma St. So. Unless Exum jumps into the top 3 ahead of Embiid, this pick is likely to come down to the upside of Exum versus the safer pick Marcus Smart. Smart will need time to lock into the PG position, but would be a perfect compliment to Oladipo. Smart rates extremely highly among analytics projections. He struggled in his sophomore season as questions arose about his shooting ability and maturity. He could slide some on draft night, though he remains our top PG available. He had some bumps in the road including the incident shoving the Texas Tech fan, but his character is not in question according to scouts. He's a natural leader and the kind of player that makes everyone around him better just with his presence. While he's obviously a work in progress, scouts really like his competitiveness and will to win. He appears to be a guy that will work hard to correct all of the deficiencies in his game. Comparing Smart to past NBA guys is very difficult, as he's such a unique player. NBA Comparison: Dwyane Wade
Noah Vonleh 6-9 247 PF Indiana Fr. Vonleh is a player who will likely need a few seasons before things fully click. He made a surprisingly quick transition to the college level, but remains raw in terms of skill level. He lacks much in the way of post moves. He shows some solid instincts around the basket and has learned how to use his size and length to his advantage. His rebounding has turned into a real weapon. He's a bright, coachable kid who works hard and showed steady improvement as the season progressed. While Vonleh lacks the offensive polish and explosiveness of Julius Randle, he may have more upside due to his length. With a 7-foot-3 wingspan, Vonleh is well liked due to his length, upside and desire to improve. NBA Comparison: Wayman Tisdale
exum Dante Exum 6-6 196 SG/PG Australia Fr. Boston is in rebuilding mode and unless this pick gets moved in a deal for Kevin Love, they are likely to draft the player they feel has the most long term potential, and if Exum falls here would fit that criteria. Exum is the biggest wildcard of this year's draft. He's a terrific kid with a great deal of talent, but without question he's still very unproven as his biggest accomplishments have been in the form of international matches playing against low level of competition. He was very impressive playing for his Australian national team in competitions such as the U19 World championships in Prague. He's got a ton of upside due to his versatility to potential to play either guard position and extreme quickness off the dribble, and has drawn comparisons to Penny Hardaway. he may scare away some teams due to unfamiliarity. He has some kinks to work out such as a shot that lacks much trajectory. Is he a PG or SG at the NBA level? Scouts appear to be split down the middle on this. He must learn to either become a facilitator or learn to play off the ball. But surely a kid with a bright future. NBA Comparison: Penny Hardaway
Julius Randle 6-9 250 PF Kentucky Fr. The news that Randle has screws in his foot is cause for concern. With a foot issue that reportedly hasn't healed properly, there is speculation that Randle could slide on draft night. His range seems to widened from being a top 7 lock to possibly sliding into the 8-10 range. Kentucky's unexpected run to the title game did nothing but help Randle's stock. While he may lack the franchise changing ability of the top three, he's a strong bet to be a productive NBA player. His combination of power and skill set him apart. He's received positive reviews from scouts about his willingness to be coached and learn, though there was some frustration from Coach Cal about his ability to manage his minutes late in the season. While his face the basket skills are ahead of his back to the basket game, he has the strength and foot work to develop into a quality inside/outside threat in the league. Randle seems to be one of the prospects whose success will be contingent upon landing in the right situation. NBA Comparison: David Lee
Aaron Gordon 6-9 220 PF Arizona Fr. The Kings are a team looking for talent and character as they really need to change the culture of losing. Gordon rates highly in the character department but is a bit of a reach here as his potential isn't what some may envision. Scouts point to Gordon's age, he is very young for his grade, as a selling point for his potential. Despite being a tweener with limited offensive skills, he's an elite level leaper with a tireless motor. He had a solid freshman season providing energy to a 1 seed Arizona squad. He has impressed teams in interviews and has proven himself as a focused, team oriented player. He also made an excellent impression on scouts last summer winning MVP of the U19 Championships in Prague. He started out the season determined to turn himself into a small forward, but it is apparent that his future is as a 4. His main weakness is very concerning. To be blunt, his jumpshot is broken (similar to MKG) and while it can look solid in 1-on-0 situations, the mechanics break down when he is forced to shoot it within the speed of a game situation. While some envision a future star at the next level, look for Gordon to ultimately become an excellent defensive oriented, energy role player as a small 4. NBA Comparison: Kenneth Faried
Rodney Hood 6-8 208 SF Duke So. Would MJ green light drafting a Duke player? Probably. And Hood fits the conservative draft strategy of GM Rich Cho. Hood provides outside shooting and length at the SF position. How much a dismal tourney performance will hurt his stock remains to be seen, but some scouts do not have him pegged as a lottery pick. We are still high on him due to his versatility and scoring ability. One of Hood's main areas of weakness is lack of physicality and strength so that will be something that he will need to focus on leading up to draft workouts. Despite impersonating a ghost in the NCAA tourney, Hood stands a chance to grab a spot in the late lottery, though after the top 6-7 picks, things become extremely murky. NBA Comparison: Rashard Lewis
Zach LaVine 6-6 180 SG/PG UCLA Fr. Sam Hinkie has shown a penchant for swinging for the fences, as he drafted upside picks last year in Nerlens Noel and MCW. For a player that wasn't even ranked in many recruiting service's top 50 coming out of high school, LaVine's ascent this year was astronomical. Despite the national hype around Arizona's Aaron Gordon, LaVine is the prospect that we consider to be the Pac 12's best. While he struggled late in the season, LaVine garnered a good deal of national exposure. He's got a highly intriguing combination of explosiveness and shooting ability. LaVine is a player who will likely take some time to become a contributor, but his upside is among the very best in the this draft. Probably the draft's biggest boom or bust pick. NBA Comparison: Russell Westbrook
Gary Harris 6-4 205 SG/PG Michigan St. So. The Nuggets could go in a lot of different directions here but shooting guard seems to be a position where need and value are at the highest. Nik Stauskas, Gary Harris and Zach LaVine are all possibilities. Harris played sporadic, in particular his shot selection, and there is some thought that he could fall out of the lottery because of it. Though a tad undersized at 6'4, he has solid length, athleticism and good quickness. He also shows a textbook shooting form and range from deep. He didn't have the type of season shooting the ball as many anticipated, though he did finish the season strong and played well in the tournament. His ability to potentially be a combo guard gives him added intrigue. NBA Comparison: OJ Mayo
lavine Dario Saric 6-10 225 PF/SF Croatia 1994 If the Magic stand pat and select Smart or Exum at 4 as many are projecting, opting for one of the few bigger prospects like Saric at 12 would seem to make sense. Kyle Anderson would also be an intriguing option here. Saric is a potential lottery pick as this year's top European prospect. He's been on scout's radar from some time now proving to be an effective player at the European pro level at a young age. His highly polished skill set may be a better fit for Europe, however his toughness and feel for the game gives him some intrigue for the NBA. What he lacks for in speed and athleticism he makes up for in skill level and desire. Saric was a point guard as a youth, and retains a tremendous feel and the vision and passing to create for others. His jumpshot continues to be a work in progress. His lack of speed on the perimeter likely makes him a PF in the NBA. NBA Comparison: Boris Diaw
Nik Stauskas 6-6 207 SG Michigan So. Stauskas would certainly benefit playing next to a table setter, and there aren't many better passers in the league than Ricky Rubio. Stauskas is one of the nation's premiere shooters and has developed some of the other aspects of his game showing an adept ability to run the pick and roll and be a facilitator. The Big 10 Player of the year has garnered enough hype from scouts that he has a chance to be selected in the lottery. He's drawn comparisons to Kyle Korver and JJ Redick and could end up one of the better 3 point shooters at the next level. He may always struggle with the speed and athleticism of NBA 2 guards, but he shows the athleticism finish with off drives with dunks. He lacks great foot speed and doesn't show much lateral quickness, but pure shooters are always highly regarded in the league. NBA Comparison: Jason Kapono
mcdermott Doug McDermott 6-7 220 SF Creighton Sr. The fifth leading scorer in the history of the NCAA, something tells me Dougie Fresh will figure out how to score at the next level. In today's NBA, having one standout skill can be better than being just good in many areas. McDermott is an elite level shooter with a tremendous feel for the game. A player that can spread the floor as well as pass and competes with a high level of intensity would be a solid fit. McDermott may never be much of a defender due to lack of foot speed and athleticism, but his offensive arsenal should be enough to make up for that. NBA Comparison: Wally Szczerbiak
Kyle Anderson 6-9 230 PG/SF UCLA So. With the success that the Spurs have had using Boris Diaw as a mismatch, multi-skilled players like Anderson and Saric could really benefit. The Hawks have had Anderson in for a workout twice and with GM Danny Ferry a Spurs disciple, Anderson appears to be a real possibility here. Anderson had among the greatest impacts of any player to their respective team in college this season. His ability to set up teammates and handle the ball at 6-foot-9 is extremely rare. Slow Mo showed excellent improvement between his freshman and sophomore seasons, cutting down on turnovers and developing his offensive game. He became much more comfortable creating offense for himself and others and his once inconsistent jump shot is much more reliable. He's even became effective from college 3 point. While there is still concern about his lack of speed and quickness, his skill level and length makes him an intriguing prospect. Anderson's off court behavior (partying) has drawn some concerns from teams and could drop him some on draft night. NBA Comparison: Jalen Rose
payton Elfrid Payton 6-4 185 PG Louisiana Lafayette Jr. Payton has elite level quickness, great length and innate PG skills. He made a name for himself by being a valuable contributor to the U19 USA team that won gold in Prague at the World Championships, where he received high praise from all of the coaches. He followed up a tremendous summer by leading the Raging Cajuns into the Big Dance. He is an elite level athlete for a PG with great length and quickness, and although his shot remains a work in progress, it showed signs of improvement towards the end of the year. Payton has a chance to be a standout starter in the league, which is something that cannot be said about many PGs on the college level. He's still got a long ways to go, but being the age of a sophomore gives him added intrigue. Look for Payton to get looks beginning at the end of the lottery and find a spot in the mid first round. He has even drawn some comparisons from scouts to another former Payton, (Gary) due to his defensive prowess. NBA Comparison: Rajon Rondo
warren TJ Warren 6-7 220 SF NC State So. Warren is a talented forward with a nose for scoring. He spring boarded off of a solid freshman campaign to become one of the most prolific scorers in the country, 3rd in the nation at over 24 per game. Though just an average NBA level athlete, Warren shows a knack for taking what the defense gives him and one of those guys that makes the game look easy. He still needs to extend his range and add a 3 point shot to his repertoire, but he shows good form on his shot and should be able to improve that over time. Warren's incredible season taking home ACC POY honors virtually locks up a first round selection, and he could even get looks in the late lottery.NBA Comparison: Ryan Gomes
payne Jusuf Nurkic 6-11 280 C Bosnia & Herzegovina 1995 Nurkic is well liked by scouts as some teams have him in their top 20. He's a difficult player to project due to his dimensions and lack of explosiveness. But he could be a very effective center due to his strength and mobility. He's surprisingly nimble for a player his size and shows good lateral quickness. He also shows a lot of personality and some touch. He's a bit of a wild child, and some wonder if a guaranteed 1st round NBA deal could derail his focus. NBA Comparison: Nikola Pekovic
Adreian Payne 6-10 240 PF Michigan St. Sr. Payne proved to be a clutch performer and a true weapon as a 3 point shooter. While he still has some work to do as a post threat, his potential to be an inside, outside big forward, with high level athleticism gives him real intrigue. He was a top recruit and stayed 4 years, developing a once questionable work ethic under Coach Izzo. His jumpshot has become extremely accurate with excellent form and rotation. His standout tournament performance helped him. NBA Comparison: Robert Horry
Shabazz Napier 6-0 175 PG UConn Sr. Nobody's stock improved more with their tourney performance than Napier's, leading the Huskies to their (and his) second National Championship in four seasons. Napier went from a player who some criticized for lack of chemistry in past years to the ultimate leader. He refused to allow his team to lose, repeatedly putting the Huskies on his back to "survive and advance". Though he's not an explosive athlete, his talent has never been in question as he shows great quickness and belief in his abilities. His tournament performance has made him a lock for the first round and a player that could challenge to be one of the top point guards selected. NBA Comparison: Tyronn Lue
micic Glenn Robinson III 6-6 211 SF Michigan So. Probably the biggest head scratcher among the early entrants. GRIII really had a disappointing season, struggling to live up to preseason first team All American hype. He often found himself as the third option with more assertive teammates Nik Stauskas and Caris LeVert taking over games late. His tourney performance was solid, but he had far too many ups and downs for scouts. Regardless, he should make an excellent role player and could be underrated due to a down sophomore season. He's a player who some thought could be a mid lottery pick coming into the season, so he might be viewed as one of those "inefficiency in the market" type of prospects. NBA Comparison: Trevor Ariza
brown Jordan Clarkson 6-4 186 PG/SG Missouri Jr. Clarkson transferred from Tulsa and became one of the top playmakers in the nation. The fact that this team underachieved is chalked up by most to bad coaching. Clarkson is a real talent, and when he decided to be a little more selfish and take over games, his talent became obvious. He's got the athleticism and skill level to be an NBA starter at the PG position and could be one of this draft's biggest sleepers.
NBA Comparison: George Hill
payne CJ Wilcox 6-5 201 SG Washington Sr. Wilcox isn't flashy but has a solid all around game and underrated athleticism, as his combine numbers verified. He's got solid length with a 6'8 wingspan and can fill it up from outside with one of the purest strokes in the draft. Wilcox flew under the radar throughout his college career, but could end up hearing his name called in the first round. He is well liked by scouts due to his composed, mature game and outside shooting ability. While not great at creating offense for himself, if he's put next to a quality point guard, he could become an excellent catch and shoot scorer. NBA Comparison: Hubert Davis
James Young 6-6 215 SG Kentucky Fr. Young has lottery level talent, and could still go as high as 11, but someone has to fall and we've got him sliding a long ways. Young proved what an explosive athlete he can be with his dunk over UConn's bigmen in the National Championship game. Young is an athletic lefty two guard with a sweet shot, and plays with good intensity. Though he ran into some bumps during his freshman season and did not shoot as well as scouts would have liked, he proved to be UK's second best prospect and shows a real competitive fire. Young was projected as a one and done lottery pick entering the season, and he ended the season in strong fashion, but scouts worry about consistency and all around feel for the game. NBA Comparison: Daequan Cook
jones Tyler Ennis 6-2 180 PG Syracuse Fr. The Rockets are likely to target the PG position with both Lin and Beverly being question marks. Ennis turned into one of the most consistent and valuable freshmen in the country, leading the Orange to an undefeated record through more than half the season. Although he lacks elite level athleticism, he does a good job of changing speeds and getting by defenders into the paint. He's very good at finding teammates for baskets while on the move. His command of the PG position and decision making were advanced for a college freshman. Ennis's game likely would have benefited from another season or two in college, but as a possible lottery pick, and probable first rounder, he made the right decision from a financial standpoint. It's unlikely his stock would have ever been any higher. NBA Comparison: Kendall Marshall
early Cleanthony Early 6-7 210 SF/PF Wichita St. Sr. Early impressed scouts all season with his energy level and outside shooting ability. His excellent tourney performance against Kentucky sealed the deal for him as a likely first rounder. He's without question a tweener for the next level lacking great size to play in the post and skill level to play on the perimeter. But looking at his strengths, he's an above average athlete who plays with good energy and has excellent touch from the perimeter. NBA Comparison: Cliff Robinson
adams Jordan Adams 6-5 200 SG UCLA So. Adams struggled in the combine testing with painfully low athleticism numbers, but has good length and strong all around skills. He's a dead eye shooter that cannot be left open and has been doing well in individual match ups in front of teams. He stands a good chance of grabbing one of the last 10 spots in the first round. NBA Comparison: Anthony Morrow
Jerami Grant 6-8 214 SF/PF Syracuse So. Grant lacks readiness, but his athleticism is among the top players in this year's draft. Defensively, he shouldn't have any trouble guarding small forwards. But his skill level makes him a tweener as he is very raw in terms of passing and ball handling. Jerami is the son of former NBA forward Harvey Grant, twin brother of Horace Grant. He's a high level athlete with great length and quickness. His offensive game showed solid development in his sophomore season at Syracuse. Jerami shows a lot of potential but whether he has given scouts enough to work with and can overcome the tweener label to be a top 20 pick is the question. The team was not as effective when he went down to injury, but he bounced back quickly and is one of the draft's top overall athletes.NBA Comparison: Thaddeus Young
capela Clint Capela 6-11 222 PF/C Switzerland 1994 Capela scores very highly in analytics analysis, so a team with strong anylitics ties like OKC makes sense for the Swiss national. Capela is a freakish athlete who fits a number of team's idea of the perfect draft and stash type of pick. He probably won't be an NBA contributor for a few seasons, but for a team with patience, he's a great athlete who could be a force by the time he is 24-25. He doesn't always play with a high level of intensity, his main drawback, but when he's on he's a handful and he's only 20 years of age. His progression this season has been remarkable, with a number of big scoring and rebounding outbursts, giving him a lot of intrigue as a late first round pick. NBA Comparison: Ian Mahinmi
Bogdan Bogdanovic 6-6 190 SG Serbia 1992 Bogdanovic has been linked to the Spurs at 30 and he's a very heady player who would fit well into their scheme. He's shown the versatility to play both guard positions and has solid experience. Bogdanovic is already playing at a high level for one of the top teams in Serbia and is a major contributor. NBA Comparison: Zoran Plannic
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Jazz would not pass on Exum or Young.

wishful thinking? Zero chance the Jazz pass on Exum, according to what I am hearing locally. Maybe not my choice I like Gordon.

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agree with jazz fan

local reports out of the sltrib.com have us taking exum if he is there, I don't see him sliding past the Jazz. More likely he isn't there. Also, I think you are stuck on the CJ Wilcox utah connection. I don't think I've ever seen the Jazz take a local kid in a draft. They signed Andy Toolson after he played over seas, they traded for Ronny Price, but that's about it. He has a sweet shot but no way they pass on Young if slides this far... Besides, Jazz could probably get Wilcox at 35 too...

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Exum will be gone

by #3-4 pick depending on Embiid, if a team decides to take him. Heard Joel is out 4-6month? Bad timing for him. Am hoping Exum goes to a team that will use him well, has a chance to be great. Such a stacked draft cannot wait!!! Taking day off work to watch. Am sure will be alot of trades also...not long to go. As for the Jazz comments above, Alec Burks is very close to a Exum as a player? Can two similar guys play on the same team?

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alec and exum would be fine...

I see Exum as a better point than Alec Burks. Alec really is a 2. The jazz have used him at the 1 at times but it has often been because they had literally no one who was capable of doing the job. He creates match up problems there but Alec really at this point is a terrible passer. My hope, and frankly that's all there is, is that Exum would be better at the point. We need length at the point cause Trey just gets out worked on the defensive end at times. Having someone like Exum could really help there. As I've said before I'm not sold on Trey Burke being an all-star. Can he be a starter? Probably. I hope Exum is (if he falls to the Jazz which I doubt...).

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Need to update some of these comparisons. Stauskas- Kapono. Young Daequan Cook. Ennis- Kendall Marshall. Come on

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James Young too low. He

James Young too low. He deserves to be a lottery pick. Great size, great shooter, and he's very young.

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Its fun to try and figure out what will happen, but at the end of the day with trades brewing, its nearlyu impossible to take these mocks too seriously.

I agree wiggins "should" be the overall 1st,esp to the cavs.However,its the cavs:

Example:with the recent hiring of david blatt;although Saric is not in the conversation anywhere in the top 6 ,it would not shock me if the cleveland cavs trade the1st to orlando for the 4 and 12. & take saric at 4 and nurkic,capela or jokic at 12. Anyone else notice how that team is mostly intl. players? with the exception of dion waiters and tyler zeller.

It also wouldnt shock me if cleveland trades with philly so philly can get wiggins with 1st embiid goes 3 unless bucks take him at 2 and cavs wait another yr...or get the consolation prize at 3 with parker, and the 10th pick has to be included so they can get a perimiter defender that they passed on when not taking wiggins who should prove to be the best player to be drafted since anthony davis.

its a crapshoot who will really have the most impact on the league longterm.

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