2011 Mock Draft


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1<a href='https://www.nbadraft.net/nba_draft_trades/2011'  title='Cleveland receive Los Angeles Clippers first round pick (unprotected)'  class='mock_team_link'><strong>*Cleveland </strong></a> *Cleveland Kyrie Irving6-3191PGDukeFr.
2<strong>Minnesota</strong> MinnesotaDerrick Williams6-8248SF/PFArizonaSo.
3<a href='https://www.nbadraft.net/nba_draft_trades/2011'  title='Utah receives New Jersey&#039;s first round pick (unprotected)'  class='mock_team_link'><strong>*Utah</strong></a> *UtahEnes Kanter6-11259PF/CKentuckyFr.
4<strong>Cleveland </strong> Cleveland Jonas Valanciunas6-11240CLithuaniaIntl.
5<strong>Toronto</strong> TorontoBrandon Knight6-3177PG/SGKentuckyFr.
6<strong>Washington</strong> WashingtonJan Vesely6-11230SF/PFCzech RepublicIntl.
7<strong>Sacramento</strong> SacramentoTristan Thompson6-9227PFTexasFr.
8<strong>Detroit</strong> DetroitBismack Biyombo6-9243CCongoIntl.
9<strong>Charlotte</strong> CharlotteKawhi Leonard6-7227SFSan Diego St.So.
10<strong>Milwaukee</strong> MilwaukeeJimmer Fredette6-2196PGBYUSr.
11<strong>Golden St.</strong> Golden St.Klay Thompson6-7206SG/SFWashington St...Jr.
12<a href='https://www.nbadraft.net/nba_draft_trades/2011'  title='Minnesota receives Utah&#039;s first round pick (top 16 protected)'  class='mock_team_link'><strong>*Utah</strong></a> *UtahKemba Walker6-1184PGUConnJr.
13<a href='https://www.nbadraft.net/nba_draft_trades/2011'  title='Houston receives Phoenix&#039;s first round pick (lottery protected)'  class='mock_team_link'><strong>*Phoenix</strong></a> *PhoenixAlec Burks6-6193PG/SGColoradoSo.
14<strong>Houston</strong> HoustonMarcus Morris6-8230SF/PFKansasJr.
15<strong>Indiana</strong> IndianaMarkieff Morris6-9241PFKansasJr.
16<strong>Philadelphia</strong> PhiladelphiaJordan Hamilton6-8228SG/SFTexasSo.
17<strong>New York</strong> New YorkChris Singleton6-9230SF/PFFlorida St.Jr.
18<a href='https://www.nbadraft.net/nba_draft_trades/2011'  title='Washington receives Atlanta&#039;s first round pick.'  class='mock_team_link'><strong>*Washington</strong></a> *WashingtonMarshon Brooks6-5195SGProvidenceSr.
19<a href='https://www.nbadraft.net/nba_draft_trades/2011'  title='Charlotte receives New Orlean&#039;s first round pick via Charlotte.'  class='mock_team_link'><strong>*Charlotte</strong></a> *CharlotteDonatas Motiejunas7-0224PFLithuaniaIntl.
20<a href='https://www.nbadraft.net/nba_draft_trades/2011'  title='Minnesota receives Memphis&#039; first round pick (lottery protected)'  class='mock_team_link'><strong>*Minnesota</strong></a> *MinnesotaIman Shumpert6-5222PG/SGGeorgia TechJr.
21<strong>Portland</strong> PortlandKenneth Faried6-7225PFMorehead St.Sr.
22<strong>Denver</strong> DenverTobias Harris6-8223SF/PFTennesseeFr.
23<a href='https://www.nbadraft.net/nba_draft_trades/2011'  title='Houston receives Orlando&#039;s first round pick via Phoenix.'  class='mock_team_link'><strong>*Houston</strong></a> *HoustonNikola Vucevic6-11260CUSCJr.
24<strong>Oklahoma Cty</strong> Oklahoma CtyReggie Jackson6-3200PG/SGBoston CollegeJr.
25<strong>Boston</strong> BostonTrey Thompkins6-10239PFGeorgiaJr.
26<strong>Dallas</strong> DallasTyler Honeycutt6-8187SG/SFUCLASo.
27<a href='https://www.nbadraft.net/nba_draft_trades/2011'  title='New Jersey recieves Los Angeles Lakers first round pick (top 18 protected)'  class='mock_team_link'><strong>*New Jersey</strong></a> *New JerseyNikola Mirotic6-10225SF/PFMontenegroIntl.
28<a href='https://www.nbadraft.net/nba_draft_trades/2011'  title='Chicago receives Miami&#039;s first round pick (lottery protected)'  class='mock_team_link'><strong>*Chicago</strong></a> *ChicagoKyle Singler6-9228SFDukeSr.
29<strong>San Antonio</strong> San AntonioDavis Bertans6-10211SFLatviaIntl.
30<strong>Chicago</strong> ChicagoNorris Cole6-1174PGCleveland St.Sr.
31<a href='https://www.nbadraft.net/nba_draft_trades/2011'  title='Miami receives Minnesota&#039;s second round pick.'  class='mock_team_link'><strong>*Miami</strong></a> *MiamiDarius Morris6-4190PGMichiganSo.
32<strong>Cleveland </strong> Cleveland JaJuan Johnson P...6-10220PFPurdueSr.
33<a href='https://www.nbadraft.net/nba_draft_trades/2011'  title='Detroit receives Toronto&#039;s second round pick.'  class='mock_team_link'><strong>*Detroit</strong></a> *DetroitJeremy Tyler6-10262PF/CUSAIntl.
34<strong>Washington</strong> WashingtonJimmy Butler6-7222SFMarquetteSr.
35<strong>Sacramento</strong> SacramentoShelvin Mack6-2205PG/SGButlerJr.
36<strong>New Jersey</strong> New JerseyJustin Harper6-9228PFRichmondSr.
37<a href='https://www.nbadraft.net/nba_draft_trades/2011'  title='LA Clippers receive Detroit&#039;s second round pick.'  class='mock_team_link'><strong>*LA Clippers</strong></a> *LA ClippersMalcolm Lee6-5198PG/SGUCLAJr.
38<a href='https://www.nbadraft.net/nba_draft_trades/2011'  title='Houston has the right to swap second round picks with LA Clippers'  class='mock_team_link'><strong>*Houston</strong></a> *HoustonNolan Smith6-3189PG/SGDukeSr.
39<strong>Charlotte</strong> CharlotteJosh Selby6-3195PG/SGKansasFr.
40<strong>Milwaukee</strong> MilwaukeeJon Leuer6-11223PFWisconsinSr.
41<a href='https://www.nbadraft.net/nba_draft_trades/2011'  title='LA Lakers receive Golden State&#039;s second round pick.'  class='mock_team_link'><strong>*LA Lakers</strong></a> *LA LakersChandler Parsons6-10221SFFloridaSr.
42<strong>Indiana</strong> IndianaJordan Williams6-9247PFMarylandSo.
43<a href='https://www.nbadraft.net/nba_draft_trades/2011'  title='Chicago receives Phoenix&#039;s second round pick'  class='mock_team_link'><strong>*Chicago</strong></a> *ChicagoTravis Leslie6-4205SG/SFGeorgiaJr.
44<a href='https://www.nbadraft.net/nba_draft_trades/2011'  title='Golden State receives favorable pick (Utah or Phonex) from Chicago via Chicago receives Utah&#039;s second round pick'  class='mock_team_link'><strong>*Golden St.</strong></a> *Golden St.Cory Joseph6-3186PGTexasFr.
45<a href='https://www.nbadraft.net/nba_draft_trades/2011'  title='New Orleans receives Philadelphia&#039;s second round pick.'  class='mock_team_link'><strong>*New Orleans Old</strong></a> *New Orleans OldCharles Jenkins6-3216PG/SGHofstraSr.
46<a href='https://www.nbadraft.net/nba_draft_trades/2011'  title='LA Lakers receive New York&#039;s second round pick.'  class='mock_team_link'><strong>*LA Lakers</strong></a> *LA LakersAndrew Goudelock 6-2198PG/SGCharlestonSr.
47<a href='https://www.nbadraft.net/nba_draft_trades/2011'  title='Houston has the right to swap second round picks with LA Clippers'  class='mock_team_link'><strong>*LA Clippers</strong></a> *LA ClippersKeith Benson6-11217COaklandSr.
48<strong>Atlanta</strong> AtlantaGreg Smith6-9253PF/CFresno St.So.
49<strong>Memphis</strong> MemphisBojan Bogdanovic6-7195SG/SFCroatiaIntl.
50<a href='https://www.nbadraft.net/nba_draft_trades/2011'  title='Philadelphia receives New Orleans second round pick.'  class='mock_team_link'><strong>*Philadelphia</strong></a> *PhiladelphiaMatthew Bryan-Am...6-10232PFWashingtonSr.
51<a href='https://www.nbadraft.net/nba_draft_trades/2011'  title='Pick may be conveyed to Portland or Detroit.'  class='mock_team_link'><strong>*Portland</strong></a> *PortlandMalcolm Thomas6-9223PFSan Diego St.Sr.
52<a href='https://www.nbadraft.net/nba_draft_trades/2011'  title='Detroit receives Denver second round pick.'  class='mock_team_link'><strong>*Detroit</strong></a> *DetroitXavi Rabaseda6-7190SGSpainIntl.
53<strong>Orlando</strong> OrlandoE'twaun Moore6-4191PG/SGPurdueSr.
54<a href='https://www.nbadraft.net/nba_draft_trades/2011'  title='Cleveland receives Oklahoma City&#039;s second round pick.'  class='mock_team_link'><strong>*Cleveland </strong></a> *Cleveland Rick Jackson6-9242PFSyracuseSr.
55<strong>Boston</strong> BostonDavid Lighty6-6216SGOhio StateSr.
56<strong>LA Lakers</strong> LA LakersWillie Reed6-9220PFSt. LouisJr.
57<strong>Dallas</strong> DallasCam Long6-4192SGGeorge MasonSr.
58<a href='https://www.nbadraft.net/nba_draft_trades/2011'  title='LA Lakers receive Miami&#039;s second round pick.'  class='mock_team_link'><strong>*LA Lakers</strong></a> *LA LakersJulyan Stone6-6200PGUTEPSr.
59<strong>San Antonio</strong> San AntonioDeAndre Liggins6-6202SGKentuckyJr.
60<a href='https://www.nbadraft.net/nba_draft_trades/2011'  title='Sacamento receives Chicago&#039;s second round pick via Milwaukee.'  class='mock_team_link'><strong>*Sacramento</strong></a> *SacramentoDeAngelo Casto6-8255PFWashington St...Jr.

*NBA Outstanding Trades 2010 & 2011.

Outstanding Trades

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If you find any inaccuracies or unlisted outstanding trades, please contact NBADraft.net (be specific, and provide a link if possible) and we'll correct them. For more info on traded picks please visit:
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2011 Outstanding Trades
Bobcats receive the Hornets' 2011 first-round pick, via Blazers (Jerryd Bayless trade) (top 7 protected in 2011, top 8 protected in 2012, 2013, and 2014. If pick is not conveyed by 2014, the Bobcats will instead receive the Hornets' 2015 and 2016 second-round picks) (Gerald Wallace trade 02-24-11)
Bulls receive the Heat's 2011 first-round pick, via Raptors (Chris Bosh trade) (top 14 protected in 2011, if the Heat's own 2011 first-round pick is in top 14, the Heat will instead send cash to the Raptors) (James Johnson trade 02-22-11)
Cavaliers receive the Clippers' 2011 first-round pick (Baron Davis trade 02-23-11)
Clippers receive the T'Wolves 2011 first-round pick (top 10 protected in 2011, unproteced in 2012) (Marko Jaric trade 08-12-05)
Jazz receive the Nets' 2011 first-round pick (Deron Williams trade 02-24-11)
Nets receive the Lakers' 2011 first-round pick (top 18 protected in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016, unprotected in 2017) (Sasha Vujacic trade 12-15-10)
Rockets have option to swap 2011 first-round picks with the Knicks (top 1 protected) (Tracy McGrady trade 02-18-10)
T'Wolves receive the Grizzlies' 2011 first-round pick, via the Jazz (Ronnie Brewer trade) (top 14 protected in 2011, top 12 protected in 2012, top 10 protected in 2013, top 9 protected in 2014 and 2015, if pick is not conveyed to the T'Wolves by 2015, the T'Wolves will instead receive cash considerations from the Grizzlies) (Al Jefferson trade 07-13-10)
T'Wolves receive the Jazz's 2011 first-round pick (top 16 protected in 2011, top 14 protected in 2012, top 16 protected in 2013, in 2014 the T'Wolves have the option to swap with the Jazz, top 9 protected, if the pick is not conveyed to the T'Wolves by 2013 and also does not swap 2014 first-round picks with the Jazz, then the T'Wolves will instead receive the Jazz?s own 2014 second-round pick) (Al Jefferson trade 07-13-2010)
Suns receive Orlando Magic 2011 first round pick (Jason Richardson trade 12-18-10)
Rockets receive the Suns's 2011 first-round pick (Lottery protected in 2011, under this circumstance the Rockets will instead receive the Suns' acquired 2011 first-round pick via the Magic) (Aaron Brooks trade 02-24-11)
Wizards receive the Hawks' 2011 first-round pick (Kirk Hinrich trade 02-23-11)
2011 Second Round
Blazers have option to swap 2011 second-round picks with the Nuggets, or can wait and switch in 2012 (For assistant coach Tim Grgurich 10-04-05)
Bucks receive the Bulls' 2011 second-round pick (John Salmons trade 02-18-10)
Bulls receive the Jazz's 2011 second-round pick (conditions currently unknown) (Carlos Boozer 07-08-10)
Bulls receive the Suns' 2011 second-round pick (Hakim Warrick trade 07-09-10)
Cavs receive the Thunders' 2011 second-round pick, via Heat (Latavious Williams trade) (top 40 protected in 2011 and 2012, unprotected in 2013) (LeBron James trade 07-09-10)
Clippers receive the Pistons' 2011 second-round pick (Alex Acker trade 02-16-09)
Heat receive the T'Wolves' 2011 second-round pick (Michael Beasley trade 07-12-10)
Hornets have option to swap 2011 second-round picks with the 76ers (Craig Brackins trade 09-23-10)
Bucks have option to send their own 2011 second-round pick to the Kings, or send the 2011 second-round pick acquired from the Bulls to the Kings (John Salmons trade) (Jon Brockman trade 07-21-10)
Lakers receive the Knicks' 2011 second-round pick (Toney Douglas trade 06-25-09)
Lakers receive the Heats' 2011 second-round pick (Patrick Beverly trade 06-25-09)
Lakers receive the Warriors' 2011 second-round pick, via Nets (Marcus Williams trade) (Sasha Vujacic trade 12-15-10)
Pistons receive the Nuggets' 2011 second-round pick (after the Blazers decided to swap with the Nuggets) (Arron Afflalo trade 07-13-09)
Pistons receive the Raptors' 2011 second-round pick (Carlos Delfino trade 06-15-07)
Rockets have option to swap 2011 second-round picks with the Clippers (Steve Novak trade 08-06-09)
Rockets receive the Grizzlies' 2011 second-round pick (top 55 protected) (Steve Francis trade 12-23-08)
Rockets receive the Kings' 2011 second-round pick (top 55 protected) (Jermaine Taylor trade 12-15-10)
Warriors receive the Nets' 2011 second-round pick (top 55 protected) (Anthony Morrow trade 07-13-10)
Warriors will receive the less favorbale of 2011 second-round picks from the Bulls (via the Suns or via the Jazz) (CJ Watson trade 07-22-10)