2009 Outstanding Trades

Updated 3/9/09

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First Rounders
Sacramento receives a 2009 Houston (protected) first round pick. (Ron Artest trade 082108).
Los Angeles Clippers receive Minnesota's 2009 first-round pick (top 10 protected through 2011 and unprotected after). (Marko Jaric trade 081205).
Memphis receives Orlando's first round pick (Rafer Alston trade 021909).
Minnesota receives Miami's 2009 first round pick (top 10 in 2009, top 6 in 2010, beyond: unprotected.)(Ricky Davis trade 102407).
Minnesota receives Boston's 2009 first round pick (top 3 protected) (Kevin Garnett trade 073107).
Minnesota receives a first rounder (Rodney Carney trade 070908) via Philadelphia receives a Utah 2009 first round pick (protected) (Kyle Korver trade 122907).(The Wolves will get it if the Jazz pick lower than 22nd in 2009, 17th in 2010, 15th in 2011, 16th in 2012 or 16th in 2013.)
Oklahoma City receives Denver's 2009 (lottery protected) first round pick. (Johan Petro trade 022008).
Oklahoma City receives San Antonio's 2009 (lottery protected) first round pick. (Kurt Thomas trade 022008).
Utah receives a 2009 New York first-round pick (top 22 protected in 2009 and unproteced in 2010) (Tom Gugliotta trade 021904) via Phoenix (Marbury trade) Phoenix receives a 2005 New York Knicks first-round pick. (010504 Marbury trade).

Second Rounders
Charlotte receives New Orleans 2009 second round pick. (Melvin Eli trade 021307). via San Antonio receives a Toronto second round pick (Rasho Nesterovic trade 062106) via Toronto receives a 2009 New Orleans second round pick (Aaron Williams trade 012906).
Charlotte receives Oklahoma City 2009 second round pick. (Kyle Weaver trade 081108).
Chicago receives New York's second round pick in 2009 (Eddy Curry trade 100405).
Cleveland receives Chicago's second round pick in 2009 (Ben Wallace trade 022108).
Detroit receives Toronto's 2009 second round pick (Carlos Delfino trade 061507). *Minnesota's option.
Detroit receives Minnesota's 2009 second round pick (Ronald Durpee trade 062805). *Minnesota's option.
Indiana receives 2 Dallas second round picks (Shawn Williams trade 101308).
LA Lakers receive a 2009 second-round pick from Charlotte. (Kareem Rush trade 120604).
Miami receives Cleveland's 2009 second-round pick. (Darnell Jackson trade 062608).
Miami receives Indiana's 2009 second-round pick. (Stanko Barac trade 062807).
Miami receives Philadelphia's 2009 second-round pick. (Daequan Cook trade 062807).
Minnesota receives two Miami 2009 second-round picks. (Mario Chalmers trade 062808).
Philadelphia receives future draft considerations from Utah (Kyrylo Fesenko trade 062807).
Phoenix receives Golden State's 2009 second-round pick (Zarko Carpakapa trade 010305).
Phoenix receives a 2009 conditional Orlando second-round pick (Kurt Thomas trade 072007). via Oklahoma City receives future Orlando second round pick (Rashard Lewis trade 071107).
San Antonio receives Houston's 2009 second round pick (Luis Scola trade 071207).
Oklahoma City receives New Jersey's 2009 second round pick (Mikki Moore trade 072706).

2010 Outstanding Trades

Memphis receives LA Laker's 2010 (top 6 protected) first round pick (Pau Gasol trade 020108).
New Jersey receives Dallas 2010 first round pick (unprotected). (Jason Kidd trade 021908).
New Jersey receives 2011 Golden State first round pick (lottery protected in 2011, top 11 protected in 2012, top 10 protected in 2013. *If it is not conveyed by 2013, the Nets get second-round picks in 2013 and 2015). (Marcus Williams trade 072208).
Oklahoma City receives Phoenix's 2010 (unprotected) first round picks. (Kurt Thomas trade 072007).

Charlotte receives a conditional Phoenix 2010 second round pick. (Jason Richardson trade 121008).
Denver receives a future conditional second round pick from LA Clippers. (Cheik Samb trade 010509).
Denver has the right to swap second round picks with LA Clippers in 2010. (Marcus Camby trade 071508).
Detroit receives Toronto's 2011 second round picks(Carlos Delfino trade 061507). *Minnesota's option.
Houston has the right to swap second round picks in 2011 with LA Clippers (Steve Novak trade 080608).
LA Lakers receive a 2010 second-round pick from Memphis. (Pau Gasol trade 020108).
Miami receives Memphis's 2012 second-round pick. (Shaun Livingston trade 010709).
Minnesota receives Houston's 2010 second-round pick. (Gerald Green trade 022108).
New York receives Denver's 2010 second-round pick. (Renaldo Balkman trade 072808).
New Orleans receives Memphis's 2015 second-round pick. (Javaris Crittenton trade 121008).
Toronto receives a future LA Clippers second-round pick (Hassan Adams trade 010709).

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