2009 Extended Mock 3.0

Mon, 06/22/2009 - 8:37pm

With 2 days until the draft, the first round has become crystal clear... Errrr, actually this remains one of the most difficult drafts to project as no one has any idea what Memphis will do (including them) at 2, which will have a direct effect on the picks after it. So basically go ahead and tear up you mock drafts now... With so many teams looking to make deals, projecting the draft has become increasingly difficult. Here's our best effort to forecast the first round... for now. To create your own mock draft and compete for a Playstation 3, click to play Draft Day Challenge.


Blake Griffin

The Clippers have a brand new training facility and Blake Griffin is genuinely excited about leaving Oklahoma and moving to Los Angeles. He's got a youthful exuberance which hopefully can inspire a new attitude from a club with a long standing losing atmosphere around it.
Ricky Rubio The Grizzlies are unofficially on the clock and with Hasheem Thabeet missing his workout with them (shoulder injury), there's now even more intrigue with this pick. The most likely scenario appears to be that someone will move up to this pick for Rubio. Sacramento is interested and so are a number of other teams. If Memphis holds onto the pick, Thabeet remains the likely choice, but Memphis is looking to trade.
James Harden OKC's brass plays things close to the vest making it tough to know what they're thinking. If available, Rubio makes a lot of sense for them, but then there's the Westbrook factor and whether or not taking Rubio would be disrespecting him in his mind. The small market team needs to keep their biggest stars (Durant and Westbrook) happy any way possible. A nucleus of Westbrook, Harden, Durant and Green would be tough to keep out of the playoffs for long.

Stephen Curry A number of teams are desperately trying to move up for Curry. Whether the Kings see Curry as the next Bibby, or another team moves in to make this pick, Curry figures to go here at 4 or within a spot or two of here.
Jordan Hill Washington could be faced with the decision of whether to take Hill or Thabeet. Thabeet fits their team well, as they have a lot of great scorers but lack defense. But on the other hand, last year's first rounder JaVale McGee is looking like a potential future franchise center, and power forward is more an area of need. This pick could easily be made by someone else, with the Knicks being the leading candidate.
Hasheem Thabeet There's still a real chance Memphis takes Thabeet at 2, but if they trade the pick or take Rubio, Thabeet could slide all the way to 6. Thabeet would be a perfect match for Minnesota, as he could be platooned along with the bigman combination of Big Al and Kevin Love, giving them legitimate size at the center position and much needed defense. If Memphis deals with Minnesota they can roll the dice that Thabeet will be here at 6, and take another player they're high on, Tyreke Evans, if he's gone.

Brandon Jennings Golden State could look at Jordan Hill if he falls to them, but as a skinny 4, he sort of duplicates their young tandem of Brandan Wright and Anthony Randolph. Jennings has as much raw potential as anyone outside of Blake Griffin and would be an excellent match with Monte Ellis in Nellie's up tempo offense.

Tyreke Evans The Knicks shopping list includes (1) Stephen Curry, (2) Jordan Hill, and if neither of those two are available (3) Tyreke Evans is next on the list. Rubio might be their real target, but could be out of reach for them. The Knicks are pushing hard to move up to 5 to insure they get one of these guys. Rubio might still be their #1 target.

Gerald Henderson Brian Colangelo is universally considered one of the brightest minds in the business, but he has struggled to get the Raptors into the elite handful of teams the way he did with Phoenix. There may be a few guys with more long term potential, but it;s uncertain if this team can afford to wait for a player (Derozan) that may ultimately leave after their rookie contact ends.

DeMar DeRozan Milwaukee is very high on Jeff Teague, so he remains a strong possibility here. But for a team in desperate need of talent, if DeRozan were to fall to them he would be tough to pass on. Jonny Flynn is a possibility here as well.

Earl Clark The Nets appear to be in great position to grab a player that falls, similar to last year when nobody wanted Brook Lopez and he fell into their laps at 10. Clark would give the Nets another piece to build around for the future and help at both forward positions.

Tyler Hansbrough MJ and Larry Brown appear to have a different philosophy on the draft. MJ wanted Lopez last year, but Brown convinced him to take Augustin. Neither has much patience for players that aren't ready to contribute. Hansbrough has the UNC connection plus the ability to come in and contribute immediately. If Henderson is available he also makes a lot of sense, despite being a Duke player.

DeJuan Blair Indiana has a very conservative drafting philosophy, as they showed last year passing on players with significantly more upside such as Anthony Randolph and Jerryd Bayless for established college veterans Brandon Rush and Roy Hibbert. DeJuan Blair would fit in with the toughness of Jim Lynum.

Jonny Flynn The Suns appear to be in a good spot to grab a top notch point guard here with a number of teams potentially passing on them. Charlotte took Augustin last year and Indiana still has Ford and Jack. There's a real chance that either Flynn or Jennings slips to the Suns at 14. James Johnson is another player high on their list. If Indiana takes a PG, JJ probably goes here and Blair to Chicago.

BJ Mullens Trading away Billups was essentially giving up trying to win for a few years, but the team is in tremendous cap shape now and can start to reload for the future. Joe Dumars can afford to look for a long term player here. Rumors swirled around Daye and this pick, however Dumars is too smart for that. Mullens is the type of guy whose career may be affected by the team that he lands with. Detroit would be a great situation for him.

James Johnson Blair remains a real possibility here as he's one of the Bulls few targets. If gone, Johnson would be an excellent pick. Johnson may have scared off some teams with his combine weight (257 lbs), however not many players are as polished and ready to contribute as he is.
Ty Lawson Philly played their best basketball after Brand went down, as their racehorses were able to get out on the break and run. Lawson fits in very well with their speed and athleticism. Unfortunately, Brand doesn't. Philly will likely have a number of PGs to select from, but Lawson is said to be a guy they like.

Jrue Holiday Holiday makes sense to a team that isn't as close to contending as he's not seen as a NBA ready guy but a player with potential down the road. With Randy Foye, the team already has a point guard who can score. Holiday isn't much of a scorer but solid in other areas.

Jeff Teague Atlanta's first order of business this offseason will likely be resigning Mike Bibby. Without him they fall back into lotto land. Teague will provide an excellent back up to groom behind Bibby allowing him to take his time learning the position at the NBA level before being expected to take over the club.

Terrence Williams TWill sort of duplicates what Ronnie Brewer gives them with an unselfish, athletic defender. But the Jazz appear to be losing CJ Miles, so adding some depth with an NBA ready swingman like Williams makes sense for a playoff contender.

Eric Maynor The Hornets could use a back up for Paul, and while the 21st pick isn't generally where you want to take a reserve, Maynor has starter potential and could develop into a valuable asset learning under Paul.

Chase Budinger Rick Carlisle likes players with a defined skill, and Budinger has an NBA skill with his excellent shooting ability. This team is no longer as desperate for defense as it once was, so they can focus on taking a player that's ready to contribute, like Budinger.

Omri Casspi Casspi is set to become the first ever Israeli player to play in the NBA. His toughness and experience should give him a chance to contribute immediately.

Victor Claver The Blazers are very high on Victor Claver and may not take the risk that he will fall to them at 33. They are rumored to be shopping this pick and would also like to trade up for a pick in the lottery if possible, with Curry being the likely target. Claver works with their salary situation as they could keep this pick off the books for a season until they're able to resign Brandon Roy and LaMarcus Aldridge in 2010.

Wayne Ellington Oklahoma City may end up moving this pick. Ellington is a bit of a poor man's Russell Westbrook. He lacks the speed and athleticism, but is a better shooter. He would give this team yet another offensive weapon.

Toney Douglas While the Bulls don't exactly need a point guard with Derrick Rose in the fold, there's a good chance they trade out of this pick. Joe Dumars is desperately trying to pick up a late first rounder to take Douglas and this figures to be one of the picks in play, if not #25 or #29.

Taj Gibson Gibson is a long, athletic forward, but teams have to question his ability to add strength at his age (he turns 24 on Wednesday). Regardless, his excellent post skills and 7-4 wingspan make him an intriguing option in a draft devoid of quality bigs. Josh Heytvelt is another post player who could benefit from the lack of size in this draft and find a spot in the late first.

Jonas Jerebko The Timberwolves are one of a few teams that are high on Jerebko and will consider taking him late in the first round. Unlike some other Europeans (Claver), Jerebko is ready to play in the NBA next year and would actually prefer to go in the first round. Jerebko could go anywhere from 23 to late 30s.

Derrick Brown There's a good chance the Lakers will get rid of this pick. If they hold onto it, look for them to take a player such as Claver that they can leave over in Europe. They will be trying to resign Ariza and Odom this offseason, so every penny will count. Brown will give some team a steal in the late first round as he could go as high as late teens.

DaJuan Summers Picking at 30, it will be tough for the Cavs to add much help. Luckily this is actually a draft with some solid depth. Summers is a guy who could have developed into a lottery pick with one more year at Georgetown. He's a specimen who shows potential as a scorer with nice shooting ability, which would be a helpful addition for LeBron and company.
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Interesting and More Realistic

I took one look at the Mock 3 draft and couldn't believe how different it appears. I think the changes from Mock 2 are significant and very interesting.

I'm really intrigued by the possibility of Tyreke Evans going to the Knicks. Mike D'Antoni's system cannot succeed without high power offense and he brings it. Of course a high power shooting guard isn't going to thrive unless the Knicks also come up with a premiere point guard. Therefore, I wouldn't be surprised if Steve Nash moves to NY on draft day.

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If Thabeet falls to #6 that would be a huge steal for Minny. Worse case scenario he becomes a real good defender for you and good for a couple of dunks a game.


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mock draft review

I have really 3 big problems with this mock draft.
First, Hansbrough as a lottery pick?? WTF?? This is a guy that is viewed as a non-NBA player(more of a college player), and you have him going in the lottery? Don't get that at all.
Second, why the hell did Flynn drop so low? There is no way GS passes on him if he's still available at 7, or NY at 8, or MIL at 10.
Last big problem, why do you have NO take Eric Maynor over SG's like Budinger and Ellington? Yes, NO could use a backup PG, but taking one 21st overall? That doesn't make much sense. They need bigs and a starting SG, they can easily find a backup PG in FA, or buy a pick in the second round. No way they pass up on Budinger if he is still there.
I have other little problems like TOR taking Henderson over Clark(I have Clark higher on my board), Rubio going 2nd overall to a team who already has a PG in place, and Thornton/Young not in the first round.
But thank god you don't have Rubio going to OKC, he doesn't need to go there. Westbrook is severly undersized for the SG position at 6-3, plus he showed real flashes of being a franchise leading PG, then you take one the very next year 3rd overall?? Doesn't make ANY sense. If OKC is smart, they'll take Harden 3rd overall(or Thabeet if he is still there).

I would love to get your thoughts on my mock draft, but I have only done the first round,don't pay any attention to the second round, I'm still working on it.

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I have to agree with

I have to agree with cavsfans221 on his issues with the mock. My biggest issue is the Knicks not taking a PG at 8. Evans is nice, but he's never gonna be a PG in the NBA. Duhon basically burned out at season's end, and the Knicks have to address that problem. Curry, a guy that i would LOVE to see play in D'Antoni's "first good shot available, seven seconds or less" offense, may not be around, but still, I would rather them take Flynn, Jennings (if available), or even Ty Lawson as opposed to Evans.

Jrue Holiday hasnt shown me a thing, which is why i have him going 22nd in my mock. If he wants to be a PG in this league, then who better to learn from than Jason Kidd, even if he is over the hill. Now, he likely will not fall that far, but it would be understandable if he did.

I also feel that Marcus Thornton is too good of a scorer to fall to the second round. I believe that on of the teams between 26-30 (such as the Lakers or Cavs) will take a shot on him, and see if he can provide a championship caliber spark off the bench.

It also looks as if you guys projected picks 2-6 on the basis of possible trades (Kings-Wolves, Knicks-Wizards, etc.), which explains the drastic channges.

One more issue I have is with Terrance Williams. I have him going to the Pacers, due to their lack of a true SG. with Jack having a breakout season, Ford backing him up, and Tinsley's contract in their possession, but him not playing, that gives them 3 PG's I find the need for a 4th PG unnecessary. Blair could work here, but I just think that Williams would be a better fit.

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Minny trades up for Thabeet...

Minnesota wants Thabeet, according to the Star Tribune, that would be a dream scenario. But I gotta think they would have to trade up with Memphis to #2 to get him.

At #6 Memphis could still get local kid Tyreke Evans and collect a pick later in the draft from Minnesota. (Unless Sacramento/Wiz takes Evans first, which would leave Rubio or Harden or Curry for Memphis? Hmm). Seems like a logical swap, which probably means it will never happen!...

But that would give Minnesota an awesome front-court rotation: Love, Jefferson, Thabeet, a little bit of everything. Thabeet would make up for the defensive liabilities of the other two.

-B. Frank

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This draft class has a lot

This draft class has a lot of potenial

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