2007 Traded Picks

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First Rounders
Atlanta receives Indiana's 2007 first-round pick. (Al Harrington trade 082206) (Top 10 protected in 2007, top 8 in 2008, top 5 in 2009, and unprotected in 2010).
Boston receives Minnesota's 2009 first-round pick. (Wally Szczerbiak trade 012606). Top 3 protected. Trade will not go through until after (Minn) first round pick has been conveyed to LA Clippers. *Must be 2 years following this trade commencing due to NBA's no succesive year first-round pick trade rule. (traded back in KG trade)
Charlotte receives Toronto's 2007 first-round pick. (Top 15 protected in 2007, lottery (top 14) protected in 2008. Unprotected in 2009. (Pavlovic trade 062204) via Cleveland receives a future Toronto first-round pick (Lamond Murray trade 092502).
Chicago has the right to swap first-round picks in 2007 with New York Knicks (Eddy Curry trade 100405). *Unless Knicks pick at 24 or lower, in which case pick is conveyed to Utah and swap of picks is extinguished.
Detroit receives Orlando's 2007 first-round pick. (Darko Milicic trade 021506). (Top 5 protected in 2007, unprotected after)
Golden State receives a conditional Philadelphia 2007 first-round pick. (Erick Dampier trade 082404) via Dallas receives a Philadelphia first-round pick. (Antoine Walker trade 102003) via Atlanta (Glenn Robinson trade 072303). (Top 15 protected in 2007, or Dallas receives 1 million dollars, and trade obligations will be extinguished).
Philadelphia receives Dallas 2007 first-round pick (Allen Iverson trade 121906) via Denver receives a first-round pick from Golden State. (Nikoloz Tskitishvili trade 022405) via Golden State receives a 2007 Dallas first-round pick. (Erick Dampier trade 082404). (Top 7 protected in 2007, top 5 protected in 2008, and unprotected in 2009).
Philadelphia receives a Denver's 2007 first round pick. (Allen Iverson trade 121906). Top 1 protected in 2007.
Phoenix receives a 2007 Cleveland first-round pick. (Rajon Rondo trade 062806) (top 10 protected through 2010 and unprotected after) via Boston receives a 2007 Cleveland first-round pick. (Jiri Welsh trade 022405)
Utah receives a 2007 New York first-round pick (top 24 protected in 2007, top 23 protected in 2008, top 22 protected in 2009 and unproteced in 2010) (Tom Gugliotta trade 021904) via Phoenix (Marbury trade) Phoenix receives a 2005 New York Knicks first-round pick. (010504 Marbury trade).

Second Rounders
Boston receives Golden State's 2007 second-round pick. (Walter McCarty trade 020805) via Phoenix receives a 2007 conditional Golden State Warriors second-round pick (Carbakapa trade 010305).
Chicago receives Denver's 2007 second round pick (JR Smith trade 072006).
Chicago receives a Boston 2007 second round pick (JR Smith trade 072006) via Denver via receives a future second-round pick. (Leon Powe trade 062806) *Less favorable pick between Boston and Golden State's - owned by Boston.
Dallas receives Atlanta's 2007 second-round pick (Anthony Johnson trade 022207).
Dallas receives a 2007 Miami second round pick (JR Pinnock trade 062806). via LA Lakers receive a Miami Heat second-round pick (Shaq trade 071404).
Golden State receives Minnesota's 2007 second-round pick. (Marc Jackson trade 022102).
Golden State receives New Jersey's 2007 second-round pick. (Clifford Robinson trade 021405).
LA Lakers receive Charlotte's 2007 second-round pick. (Jumaine Jones trade 102605).
Milwaukee receives Houston's 2007 second-round pick. (Mike James trade 022405).
Minnesota receives Philadelphia's 2007 second-round pick. (Bobby Jones trade 062806).
Orlando receives Sacramento’s 2007 second-round pick (Deshawn Stevenson trade 021904) via Utah acquires Sacramento second round pick (Keon Clark trade 080503).
Orlando receives Cleveland’s 2007 second-round pick ( Drew Gooden trade 072304).
Philadelphia receives a 2007 New York second round pick. (Thabo Sefolosha trade 062806) via Chicago receives 2007 New York Knicks second round pick (Eddy Curry trade 100405).
Philadelphia has the right to swap 2007 second-round picks with Utah. (Alan Henderson trade 022207).
Phoenix receives a conditional 2007 Charlotte second-round pick (Jake Voskuhl trade 080205) *Pick must be after 55 or owed pick will be extinguished.
Portland receives Indiana's 2007 second-round pick (James White trade 062806).
Portland receives a conditional 2007 Toronto second-round pick. (Chris Dudley trade 101097) *Protected to 50 through 2012, no protection afterwards.
Portland receives a 2007 Chicago second-round pick (LaMarcus Aldridge trade 062806). *Pick may be in 2008 if Chicago 2007 second rounder is conveyed to San Antonio.
San Antonio receives Chicago's 2007 2nd round pick (Errick Barkley trade 102502) (2007 pick is top 51 protected. Otherwise Chicago's trade obligations are extinguished).
San Antonio receives a 2007 Milwaukee second round pick (the better of Milwaukee’s two second round draft picks in the 2007 NBA Draft [Houston's]) (Damir Markota trade 062806).
Seattle receives Memphis' 2007 second round pick (Lawrence Roberts trade 062805).

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