2005 Traded Picks

Here is a list of the outstanding traded draft picks for the 2005 NBA Draft. Because of the complexity of this list, it is presumably not 100% complete. If you find any inccuracies or unlisted outstanding trades, please contact NBADraft.net (be specific, and provide a link if possible) and we'll correct them.

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First Rounders
Charlotte receive Cleveland's 2005 (unconditional) first-round pick (taking Jahidi White 062204) via Phoenix receives future Cleveland first-round pick (lottery protected) Wesley Person trade 100197) -- The Bobcats gained Cleveland's first-round pick in the 2005 NBA Draft (without condition). When Charlotte acquired a first-round pick from Phoenix on June 22 through the expansion selection, the Cavaliers were permitted to keep the pick if it fell within certain draft positions. With their trade for Jiri Welsh, Cleveland was forced to remove all restrictions on the '05 pick, giving the selection to the Bobcats.
Denver receives a future (conditional) Orlando first-round pick. (Jameer Nelson trade 062404) Orlando receives a 2005 first-round pick from Washington (2005 top 13 protected, 2006 top 3 protected, 2007 no protection) (Brendan Haywood trade 080101)
New York receives (Phoenix) 2005 pick. (Nazr Mohammed trade 022405) via San Antonio receives a future Phoenix first-round pick (protected through 20th pick until 2008) (Leandro Barbosa trade 062603)
Phoenix receives a future protected Chicago first-round pick (062304 7th pick trade) Protected through No. 3 in the 2005 NBA Draft, through No. 1 in 2006 and is unconditional in 2007.
Toronto receives a 2005 Philadelphia first-round pick. (Protected through No. 8 in 2005, No. 5 in 2006 and unprotected in 2007.) (Vince Carter trade 121704) Via New Jersey. [New Jersey Nets receives a future Philadelphia first -round pick (Kenyon Martin 071504). via Denver receives a future (conditional) Philadelphia first-round pick. (Kenny Thomas trade 121802)]
Utah receives a 2005 Dallas first-round pick (Pavel Podkozine trade 062404)

Second Rounders
Atlanta receives a San Antonio 2005 second round pick. (Viktor Sanikidze trade 062404)
Boston receives Sacramento's 2005 second-round pick. (Darius Songalia trade 062303)
Detroit receives Philadelphia (conditional) 2005 second-round pick. (Ratliff trade 121897 )
Golden State receives Minnesota's 2007 second-round pick. (Marc Jackson trade 022102)
Golden State receives a LA Clippers 2005 second round pick. (Clifford Robinson trade 021405) via New Jersey Nets receives a future Los Angeles Clippers second-round pick (Kerry Kittles 072904) *The Warriors may end up with Orlando's pick since Orlando has the option to swap second rounders with the Clippers.
Houston receives New York's 2006 second-round pick. (Maurice Taylor trade 022405)
Los Angeles Clippers receive Charlotte's 2005 (and 2006) second-round pick (2nd for 4th pick trade 071404)
LA Lakers receive a 2005 second-round pick from Charlotte. (Kareem Rush trade 120604) via [Charlotte receives a 2005 second round pick from Atlanta. (Predrag Drobnjak trade 081604) ] via Atlanta receives a New York 2005 second round pick. (Tim Thomas trade 021504) The 2005 selection will be the better of the two second-rounders the Knicks currently own.
New York receives a 2005 Houston second-round pick (Van Gundy)
Orlando receives a 2005 Utah second-round pick (Stevenson/Giricek trade 021904) ???
Orlando has the option to swap second-round picks in 2005 with the LA Clippers (Bo Outlaw trade 111601)
Orlando receives 2 second round picks from Cleveland in 2005 (and 2007) (Drew Gooden trade 072304)
Phoenix receives a 2005 New Orleans second-round pick (Jim Jackson trade 012105) via New Orleans receives a 2005 Dallas second-round pick (Armstrong/Dickau trade 120304)
Seattle receives a 2005 Memphis second-round pick (Andre Emmett trade 062404)
Toronto receives Miami heat's 2005 second-round pick (Pape Sow/Albert Miralles trade 062404)
Utah receives 2 future Chicago second-round picks in 2005 (and 2006) (John Amaechi trade 093003). via Houston (Bryce Drew trade 092800)
Utah receives a future Phoenix conditional second-round pick (Keon Clark/Gugliotta trade 021904)
Utah receives 2nd of (2) future Sacramento second-round picks (Keon Clark trade 080503)

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