Team Needs: Atlantic Division

Fri, 06/04/2010 - 8:28pm

Philadelphia 76ers

Team Needs - SG, C

Picks - 2nd overall

Derrick Favors & Evan TurnerDerrick Favors & Evan TurnerAfter a disappointing year resulting in a golf filled post season, the 76ers needed a change. Out with Eddie Jordan, in with Doug Collins. Still, a lot more will need to be added to this team if they want to be competitive with the top teams in the Eastern Conference. In last year's draft, Philly came away with their point guard of the future in Jrue Holliday, and this year they will use the draft again to add talent to a team who really lacks just that.

Philly is really missing a relied upon second scorer, especially when you consider that Andre Iguadala can not be counted on to score 20 plus every night. With Iggy mainly occupying the small forward position, Philadelphia could really use a complimentary scorer at the shooting guard slot. Willie Green, Jason Kapono and Jodie Meeks are all nice players to have... off the bench playing behind someone a lot better than any of them. Another need for the 76ers is a big man to replace Samuel Dalembert, who is entering the final year of his contract. Unless anyone is willing to take on the contract of aging and declining Elton Brand, the only way this team will look to improve this offseason will be through the draft in the second slot.

Options at the #2 include:

Evan Turner - The top player in the nation this past season, Turner has drawn Brandon Roy comparisons with his ability to score and create, handle the ball and use impressive body control when getting into the lane. The only red flag here is that some worry he would not co-exist with a similar player in Iguadala, however passing up someone with this much skill for an upside guy could backfire- aka Darko over Melo or Oden over Durant.

Derrick Favors - On the other hand, Derrick Favors could end up being the best player in this draft... one day. A ridiculous athlete with a huge wingspan, he's got quick post moves and great hands that help him flourish around the basket. He may not be a big time power forward or center right away, but his upside is considerable. Unfortunately the Sixers front office doesn;t appear to be in position to wait and find out.

New Jersey Nets

Team Needs - SG, SF, PF

Picks - 3rd, 27th, 31st

Finishing with one of the worst records in the history of the sport, the New Jersey Nets will look to rebound in a big way this offseason, and can do it by adding talent via the draft and free agency. Behind the Knicks, the Nets have the most cap room, and with the amount of star free agents available this summer, it's a good time to have spending money. The Nets currently have a fixture at the center position with Brook Lopez, and appear relatively comfortable with Devin Harris running the point. What the Nets could really use is an athletic big man to compliment Brook Lopez in the front court. A scoring two guard to take the pressure off Harris is also a need, and if the Nets really get their way this summer, its possible they can fill both vacancies. The Nets will be in the running for all of the top free agents, with LeBron sitting at the top just like everyone else's shopping list. With the rare likelihood that the Nets will be able convince Bron' to play in Jersey, or eventually Brooklyn, they will target certain players based on who they land in the draft. For example, if Turner slips to them at 3, it's more likely that New Jersey will be looking at Chris Bosh, Amare Stoudemire or Carlos Boozer. If Favors ends up being their guy, Wade, Joe Johnson, and possibly Rudy Gay would be potential targets.

Options at the 3rd pick:

Derrick Favors - Adding a 6'10, lengthy and athletic forward to compliment Brook Lopez could be one of the top 1-2 punches in basketball one day out of the front court.

Evan Turner - Like Favors, Turner also fills a need but as a scoring off the ball guard. Turner's versatility and ability to create for himself and others will allow Devin Harris to ease into a role of more of a pass first point guard, which usually is a better formula for success than a shoot first point guard.

Options at the 27th and 31st pick:

Damion James - Athletic forward who rebounds extremely well, and can consistently knock down the mid range jumper and runs the floor like a guard

Quincy Pondexter- Small forward who can score in isolation, and is trustworthy with the ball and can finish around the rim... just lacks consistent range on his jumper but one can only think that will improve with each year

Devin Ebanks - Athletic swingman with a long wingspan, has all the tools to becoming a lockdown defender and can guard multiple positions... his length, timing and shot mechanics all bode well for future success somewhere down the line

Larry Sanders - Athletic PF/C who can beat an entire team down the floor... proficient shot blocker who would be a great energy spark of the bench for a team who needs some flare

Elliot Williams - A 2 guard who excels at attacking the rim and finishing around the basket... plays real tough on ball defense and shows a desire to improve all aspects of his game...

New York Knicks

Team Needs - PG, SG, SF, PF, C

Picks - 38th, 39th

Knick fans have been waiting for this summer like teenagers wait to use their real ID in a bar. The Knicks have many needs, and if all goes according to Donnie Walsh's plan, 90% of their needs will be will be fulfilled with two new additional contracts. Along with cap room, the Knicks have 2 second round picks, with the possibility open to trading up to the late first round. They desperately need a point guard, just as they desperately need a center, shotblocker, and a few go-to scorers. With Eddy Curry nothing more than a contract, and Chris Duhon playing himself out of contention of pure relevance, the Knicks will need to score big from the free agent pool. If they can pick up two legit scorers, and pick a winner in the second round, the Knicks could turn things around quickly.

Not sure how I feel about "LeBron or bust", but it may seem like that if LeBron goes back to Cleveland, or signs somewhere not named New York. The ideal scenario would be for the Knicks to persuade LeBron by allowing him to recruit any of the other available free agents, with Chris Bosh presumably the best compliment. The Knicks would have a trio of LeBron James, Chris Bosh and Danilo Gallinari- one that would undoubtedly be ranked among the top cores in the league. When it comes to free agency and the Knicks this summer, we come across 2 ifs: If New York can't land James, it might be very difficult to sign another elite player, and... If David Lee is wearing a Knicks uniform next year, you can assume they did not achieve their objectives in free agency.

Options at the 38th and 39th pick:

Jarvis Varnardo - One of, if not the best shotblocker in the nation, Varnardo would be the first real shotblocker the Knicks had since Marcus Camby in 1999 when they represented the East in the NBA Finals... Not much of an offensive threat, but considering the Knicks defense the past decade, it could be worth the sacrifice

Jordan Crawford - Will get a serious look if still around by pick 38, as someone who can actually put the ball in the basket. He's a scorer in every sense of the word, and shot pretty well at the combine, a must in a Mike D'antoni system

Tiny Gallon - A bruiser down low with a midrange jumper, Gallon could actually give the Knicks some size and versatility in the paint, something they haven't had since.... Anthony Mason?

Mikhail Torrance - An actual playmaker who has shown he can run the point, he has size and handle- a rare combination - finds ways at getting inside the paint, and can play tough D on the other side of the ball

Jerome Jordan - Not the toughest kid on the block, but at 7'1 he's a true center who can hit the mid range jumper and score in the paint. Eddy Curry is currently the only center under contract, but he doesn't really count.

Toronto Raptors

Needs: SG, SF, PF/C

Picks - 13th

The Raptors will do everything in their power to convince Chris Bosh to stay in town, however I just can't picture him returning to the same average team when there are plenty of available options that give him a better chance to win. Besides looking for an insurance policy for Bosh, the Raptors still have other needs to fill if they want to fight for more than just an 8th spot in the playoffs year after year.

As we speak, a post presence isn't a need, however most likely that will change once July 1st rolls around. They could also use a scoring threat coming from one of the guard positions. Calderon, Jack and Derozen all bring something to the table, just not a consistent scoring threat. With Turkoglu demanding a trade, and Bosh possibly on his way out, the Raptors basically have a need at every position. Other than Bosh, their biggest asset (literally and figuratively), is a 7 foot Italian sniper who plays more like a small forward then center. Considering Bargnani is not an intimidator in the post, it wouldn't hurt for Toronto to look for a defensive and rebounding presence to give this team some toughness.

Assuming Bosh is not really interested in returning to the mediocre Raptors, the best case scenario for this team is for CB4 to agree to a sign and trade. The Knicks would be one of the most likely partners in this type of deal, with David Lee being the target.

Options at the 13th pick -

Cole Aldrich - Sorry for repeating myself, but Bargnani isn't much of a defensive center... Aldrich can step in and add some smarts and toughness down low, block some shots and finish around the rim allowing Bargnani to shoot over his defender from outside the paint...

Daniel Orton - 6'10 with an excellent wingspan, Orton could allow Bargnani to play a little more of a forward position, which he naturally plays anyway... Orton could fill the hole that Bosh might leave behind

Hassan Whiteside - A project, but at this point what big guy isn't... He uses his long arms to find ways to score in the paint, and has shown the ability to knock down mid range jumpers... He's a defensive force, and again would allow Bargnani to play against smaller forwards considering that the Italian sniper isn't a defensive force

Xavier Henry - If Toronto finds a way to keep Bosh or acquire a David Lee through a sign and trade (for Bosh), Henry would be a nice compliment with his NBA ready body and ability to knock it down from deep...

Boston Celtics:

Needs: Scoring forward off bench, backup PG

Pick - 19th, 52nd

Right now it's tough to find an immediate need for a Celtics team who find themselves in the NBA Finals 2 of the past 3 years. With an aging Pierce, Allen and Garnett, Boston should be looking for young players to develop through the draft. The Celtics could use a scorer off the bench to spell Pierce or Garnett during the regular season. It also wouldn't hurt to look for a backup point guard for Rondo, as Nate Robinson is not a long term solution, nor a pure point guard. The Celtics won't be big players in the free agent frenzy this summer. Most likely their focus will be on resigning free agent Ray Allen, who continues to hit clutch shots deep in the playoffs despite creeping up there in age.

At the 19th pick, Boston can really make a value selection if the right guy is available. Between Gordon Haywood, Paul George and Luke Babbitt, any of these guys would benefit from playing behind Pierce and Garnett at the highest level. All three can play both the 3 and 4, (limited at the 4, but are capable) and all three can be serious scoring threats once they get going. But all 3 could easily be gone at their pick.

Options at the 19th pick-

Gordon Hayward - Stock is rising every day, he can use a number of different moves to get off a shot, and has excellent range... Also an excellent rebounder for someone who looks like they might be in grade school..

Luke Babbitt - One of my favorite players in the draft, he would be an ideal fit for the Celtics as he can score from both the 3 and 4 positions off the bench - can create his own shot, and is very accurate from long range

Paul George - Smooth forward who also can stretch the defense with incredible range, he's an athletic, versatile forward and at 6'9 will have an advantage against most small forwards.

Devin Ebanks - Defenive and rebounding small forward with a better shot than advertised. Ebanks is beginning to get some mid-first round buzz and could be considered here.

James Anderson - A scorer who can spot up from deep and shoot with a smooth release, he can also attack the rim and just screams offense...

Damion James - With the ability to rebound and guard multiple positions, he would be an excellent fit coming off the bench for Pierce or Garnett

Options at 52nd pick -

Sherron Collins - A scoring point guard who had great success and experience in college, he could be worth a look to backup Rondo

Jon Scheyer - Another college success story who may lack the quickness and athleticism to have the same success in the NBA... BUT, he's a smart kid who can handle the ball and shoot, and I would think Doc Rivers would get the best out of this 4 year Duke graduate...

Jerome Randle - Excellent handle and impressive shooting abilities... He would thrive learning behind Rondo and Doc Rivers.

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Celtics Picks

First off I would love to see James Anderson, Luke Babbitt or Paul George fall to us, but I dont see it happening.
People I'd like them to consider with 19 pick-

Devin Ebanks- like his defensive skill set and hope he could improve his offense learning from Pierce and Allen.

Damion James- James has size and speed to play good defense on opposing 3's and 4's. has good mir range game as well.

Quincey Pondexter- This is the guy I would choose if I was drafting. He has matured and come into his own this last year. He has good range and form on his shot and should be able to extent it to the 3 point line. Is solid defender with good length. I can see him being very good backup at the Sf and maybe sg vs certain teams. Pierce is getting older and is best suited to play about 34 minutes a game and not 40 like he has been.

People I'd consider with the 52 pick-

Jerome Randle- If he is left this is who I draft hes a good scorer but in Portsmouth showed he can also run a team. Is very fast and I think can cuase havoc by getting into the lane.

Jerome Jordan- He is a big body with some range and could be solid backp to Perkins. At this point all picks have some rish so why not.

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Sixers Pick

Yeah I See them pick Even Turner by collide a little with Iggy.
But what you all think the chances of trading this pick are?
I wouldnt

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Finally an article where the

Finally an article where the writer was not thinking subjectively and said there is a small chance Bosh re-signs.

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Excellent Article

I definitely see Turner to the Sixers, Rule of thumb is to always get the best player at the top when you're a struggling team and sort it out later.

New Jersey has a bright future and Favors is gonna be great for them. His abilities fit in perfectly with Lopez and Harris and he'll get plenty of touches.

Toronto should go with Cole Aldridge if he's there or a Patrick Patterson. They are in dire need of some interior toughness and rebounding and they both fit the mold. Trying to convince Bosh to go home to Houston if they can't resign him would be great in order to get maybe a Scola/ Jordan Hill or Scola/ Battier combination in return.

Quincy Pondexter would look great for the Celtics, able to attack the rim and defend. His size at 6'6" will allow him to spell both Allen and Peirce. Moving up in the draft to get a Sherron Collins or simply taking a Scheyer or Randle would both play major dividends in not wearing Rondo out throughout the season.

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For the celtics

For the celtics I really dont think Collins is for them. Id very much perfer Randle and what he brings. Scheyer I feel could go undrafted and is someone they could pikc up that route.

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The chances of re-signing Bosh are very remote. The Turkoglu contract makes the roster totally inflexible. Even with Bosh, the raptors are going to be bad for at least the next 2 year unless Derozan makes a quantum leap or we make a truly stellar draft pick.

In that scenario, why would we take lower ceiling players like Aldrich or Patterson?

I think the pick will be high upside as we look to rebuild. Whiteside, Ed Davis, Paul George, Xavier Henry....

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I think with the way the C's are now, possibly in the last year of a great 3 year run, I would go with a high upside big guy they can pair with Rondo down the road. Maybe Orton or Larry Sanders (whom I admittedly have never seen play). I guess really any high upside guy except PG would make sense in my book. I'm not sure if an immediate bench guy would put them in another NBA finals again next year. Especially with the way KG has looked and Ray going to free agency.

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I love Turner and as a Sixers

I love Turner and as a Sixers fan I almost passed out when we got the 2nd pick; after we won the 2nd pick i stopped paying attention cuz it didnt matter to me anymore with Jrue Holiday up their repping I wanted Turned to play alongside him as the backcourt of the future so i wasnt too concerned about getting Wall who will be the Wiz franchise from day one and will deliver. But with that said i been slowly coming around to Favors and Cousins, just lookin at the head to head pic of Turner n Favors makes me want Favors look at that guy. He is one big, strong, long, n super athletic human being. He;s hard to pass on.

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NY and NJ

Perhaps the main focus of the offseason, NY and NJ's rebuilding.

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