Ryan Harrow will not be playing in the Champions Classic

NBC Sports/Rob Dauster

After only garnering 10 minutes in Kentucky's 72-69 victory over Maryland, it was assumed that Ryan Harrow might already be in Coach Calipari's dog house. Despite the great story that came of former walk-on Jarrod Polson playing very well he was on the sidelines, the truth behind it all was that Harrow is coming off of a bout with the flu.

Yes, Michael Jordan did the same thing while making sweet chin music of Utah in the Finals. We are not all Michael Jordan and many of us need time to get past said ailments. Harrow will be sitting out the Champions Classic against Duke. This firmly puts the spotlight on Polson, who will have to contend with far more consistent outside shooting from the Blue Devils as opposed to the Terrapins.

Still would be advised to give Harrow the benefit of the doubt. Seems like John Calipari felt bad for even playing him in the season opener as he was limited by his illness. Harrow may not be at the level of Calipari's string of first round PG's since 2008, but he still more than likely makes Kentucky a far better team when he is at full health.

To paraphrase Rob Dauster at the end of this report, if Polson can come through against Duke, he will be a bonafide Kentucky legend.

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