"The Dunk"

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"The Dunk"

So this is what all the hype was about? That's hardly "getting dunked" on. LBJ was coming from help side and the rim was halfway blocking his ability to get to it. That was absolutely nothing at all. Holy cow Nike made a mountain out of a molehill!!!

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Yea it pretty much sucked...

Yea it pretty much sucked...

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Yea, it wasnt so

Yea, it wasnt so great.
Atleast people know who Jordan Crawford is now.

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Ahh it is still embarrassing

Ahh it is still embarrassing for LeBron. In most cases he will send the ball down Crawford's throat.
Just unlucky timing and he underestimated Crawford's power.

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The Dunk

While I do agree with Nike making a mountain out of a molehill, that dunk was pretty raw. I liked it, I mean, he threw it down hard. Everyone gets dunked on, LeBron was just a second off on timing, happened to Dwight Howard last summer (Fernandez, Rudy).

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wow. so i just saw it

Lebron james and nike are gay! straight hoes 4 confiscating the tape. i mean it wasnt even that bad of a dunk. the way ppl talked about the dunk i was thinkin crawford jus took all of james body and flat out bammed on him. it jus shows that lebron is lame and another reason to make me hate him. i mean all great players have been dunked on. Kobe, jordan, even shaq. they never got any videos of them confiscated so why should lebron?

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