Was Summer League a second coming of Adam Morrison?

Cameron Crazy 22
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Was Summer League a second coming of Adam Morrison?

Anyone think he can live up to his hype.
Decent 1st season
injured 2nd season
bench warmer 3rd season

I think he can be a good role player but still needs improvement

any thoughs?

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I'm not ready to give up on him and the fact that people called him a bust after his 1st and 2nd season suprised me. I am a big fan of Morrison's game back to his Sophmore year at Gonzaga. He has the potential to start, but most likely a solid role player as you said. He just needs a real chance because I use to check his stats while in Charlotte and LB gave him real inconsistent minutes. The dude would score 15,14, then 4, or something like that, but most of the time he played different minutes.

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Wow....he didnt even play that good. The Lakers had him and Monds, they were the only people that could even play at all. Trust me, he is still too unathletic and slow to defend and that will make him to big a liability.

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