triple threat

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triple threat

just saw this in an interesting article... it talks about the guys who shoot 25% + of their shots from each of 1) inside 2) 2pt jumpers and 3) 3pts

and the guys who qualify with the best overall FG%

Good for Eric Gordon:

Only a few dozen players in the NBA satisfy what I will call the triple-threat qualification: A minimum of 25% of their shot attempts must come from each of three-point land, two-point jumpers, and inside.

This should identify players who have some of the most balanced offensive games in the league. However, it's one thing to take your shots from all over the court, making said shots is the true test. Baron Davis (37% FG), Stephen Jackson (41%), and Ron Artest (40%) are just a few examples of players who qualify for the "triple threat" designation but don't connect at a very high percentage, meaning them shooting from all over the court is probably more of a threat to their own team.

With that in mind, here are the leaders in field-goal percentage last season among players who qualified as "triple threats":

1. Mike Miller .482
2. Jason Richardson .477
3. Paul Pierce .457
4. Eric Gordon .456
5. Manu Ginobili .454
6. Jarrett Jack .453
*minimum 2000 minutes played

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