If we had these players in there prime at the slam dunk contest who do you think would win??

Michael Jordan
Dominique Wilkins
Vince Carter
Lebron James

In my opinion Vince Carter he had the hops and the power to dominate the dunk contest

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Jordan definetly

Jordan definetly

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wasnt this already posted?

wasnt this already posted?

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Considering Vince is

Considering Vince is regareded but the populous as the greatest dunker of all-time, I'm going with him. While the first 3 were all spectacular (LeBron's are more "Power-Dunks" to me, which isn't that impressive, although is is good) there is something about being able to do what VC used to do in games that put him over the top.

1) VC
2) MC
3) DW
4) LBJ

1-3 are practically tied in my book and LBJ will have to do a lot more than just slam it hard for me to put him in that top 3.

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