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He is suppose to stay in Spain for another two years at least, but it isn't Rubio. :) Sergio Llull who was drafted by my Rockets. Does anyone know anything about this kid? I could go look him up, but I just want to see if anyone has heard or knows anything about him before I do.

BTW. Yao Ming is a beast. :)

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I Don't Know about Sergio

I Don't Know about Sergio Llull.......But Luis scola traveled....Did Anyone See that to?

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If you are saying on the first pass to Scola it isn't a travel because he had just recieved the basketball and was making a basketball move forward. Then he took two steps, but you are right, I had to look at it a couple of times. It'd be different if he started with the ball.

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So ya, Yao Ming = #1 centre

So ya, Yao Ming = #1 centre on depth chart, and #2 PG. I mean, Brooks needs to take a break. But seriously, I hope to see that man step on a court again.

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llull is ok. i doubt he is

llull is ok. i doubt he is more than a solid backup. he is more of a scorer than a passer. he does control the game well tho. i hope that helps.

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It's center in the US,
It's center in the US, centre in Canada and Europe.
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