marc stein reports

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marc stein reports

that everybody around the league feels odom will resign with the lakers.

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no doubt

he should. because that 5 yr 34 million dollar deal with the Heat would have been less money for more years than 3 yrs 27 million which would be more money with less yrs for the Lakers...
think about it.

Odom wants 4 years 36 mil.

lakers are giving him one less year for the same dollers.

if he were to take the 5 yr 34 million doller deal he would be makin

6,800,000 per year...
less than 9 mill

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Why wouldn't he?

He wants to go back, he loves them, and he wants to win.
Only way it doesn't happen is if Boozer is traded to the Heat before Odom re-signs. Then he may resign...
Wade, Boozer, Chalmers, Beasley, Odom, O' Neal, and their bench...

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dang it

There goes Wade...

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