one night i have 40 points then the next day i wake up with 7 points. i guess someone dont like me on here or the maing guys at nba draftnet must hate me. i feel like ron artest wait now.

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lol i gave ya a point man

lol i gave ya a point man

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You post a little bit too

You post a little bit too many topics. You should really post one topic with a bunch of questions, I can see how that annoys people. Besides points don't matter anyway.

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i only post maybe

10 topics a day lol.

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Looks like somebody has found another glitch in the system. Time to shut down the website.

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I had to reply to the topic

I had to reply to the topic damn ... 10 a day is quite a few and can quickly shuffle the good topics to the topic Graveyard, but that sounds harsh. But I agree some people get a little too jacked up on the haterade. Hang in there lil'buddy.

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Truth it happens man and

Truth it happens man and there is nothing you can do about it because you can not see who takes your points and a some people on here are cowards. I have been negative 100 before but started giving myself points. I have lost 60 or more point in one day for not saying anything that controvesial. I would probably be negative 200 or something if it was up to some people and everyone knows i put out quality posts. Some people may not agree with me but I have mad info to support anything I say. Even if I make a mistake and say something wrong I will have the proof before most people.

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It"s not that uncommon. I

It"s not that uncommon. I have lost over 40 points on a topic because of arguing that Cp3 was better than D-will. One topic and I lost 40 points. Don't sweat the technique...

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Yea i Got Deducted Points

Yea i Got Deducted Points For Stating My points......well i lost quite alot, and nobody was going to even argue back but say "No your Wrong"......I Consider this system completely abused .

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