Taylor Griffin

i know he was drafted with the 48th pick by the Suns. My question to everyone is do you think he will stick in the league?

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not really

I would compare him a little to Jared Dudley. But he's probably not even as good as him. Taylor is a hustle player that does'nt really do anything special.

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Taylor Griffen does the little things, but he doesn't excel at anything in particular.

Think a less-athletic Patrick Ewing Jr.

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A Less Athletic Patrick

A Less Athletic Patrick Ewing Jr Is nothing lol ........Ewing Can barely Stay in the league, and can't prove to do nothing

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just like Griffin?

just like Griffin? Hes gonna have a similar journey

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Trust me, he isnt an NBA

Trust me, he isnt an NBA player. In summer league he didnt even hustle that hard, so I dont even consider him a hustle player.

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I'd sign him in 4 years to

I'd sign him in 4 years to draw his brother.

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Haha knicksfreak. Put him at

Haha knicksfreak. Put him at the most important position...Equipment Manager. Atleast his brother will think about it.

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I don't think the suns will

I don't think the suns will keep him. I HOPE they don't sign him and release Alondo Tucker and then pick up Zabian Dowdell and Micah Downs. They were both impressive in the summer league and I know its just summer league but they would be upgrades for the 11th and 12th spot and they both could become decent players in the league.

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I think the Suns already

I think the Suns already have a bigger and better version of Taylor Griffin in Louis Amundson. Hustle players are always needed to fill in gaps and provide sparks but there may be only enough room for Amundson.

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