Quentin Richardson

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Quentin Richardson

How do you think he is feeling after being traded 3 times in the past month?

Knicks to Grizzles for Darko

Grizzles to Clippers for Randoph

Clippers to Timberwolves for Sebastian Telfair, Mark Madsen and Craig Smith

Must be feeling a little unloved, being a member of 4 different teams this summer! I wouldn't be surprised if he isn't traded again before the deadline as an expiring contract bargaining piece.

Whats the record for most teams someone has been a member of in one season?

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that's a good question.

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Q Rich

He has to be feeling bad because he is getting tossed around like a poker chip.

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Should've never been involved with Brandy

tsk tsk LOL sorry had to say it!

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He's gonna come out this

He's gonna come out this season focused!

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He'll probably end up

He'll probably end up staying in Minny, they need a shooter, and Ellington still needs time to develop..

But can you imagine his emotion right now?
big city New York
Nice weather Memphis
Nice place, LA
and..his tour stops in snowy Minnesota..dang

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well I guess one positive

well I guess one positive note is he did escape the Clippers twice now

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i agree with knicksboy he going to come out with a chip on his shoulder.... and if he cant get motivated after being treated like a scrub then theres a problem

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He is apparently worth 5

He is apparently worth 5 players so he has to feel good about himself. Plus now he knows where all the good clubs are in 4 different cities!!!! party!

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I'm sure

Q will get over it making the like 8 mill he's gonna pull in. Plus, like others said, Minnesota is a good spot for him to get minutes in a contract year since Ellington probably won't be ready. If Q does'nt play solid this year, then he never will. The Wolves will miss Craig Smith a little though.

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Question Here

How is he being traded mutiple times. I don't get it?? Once you get traded, don't you have to wait a certain period of time because you can traded once you've been already traded once?

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No I think you're confused with signing free agents and trading them, you can trade players whenever you except when you just signed them, unless if it's a sign and trade deal. For example: When the pistons signed Kwame Brown they didn't execute a sign and trade deal, so in order to trade them they would have to wait 3 months or until December 15.

Here: (d) Except as set forth in Section 8(e) below: (1) no player who signs a Contract as a Free Agent may be traded before the later of (i) three (3) months following the date on which such Contract was signed or (ii) the December 15 of the Salary Cap Year in which such Contract was signed; and (2) no Draft Rookie who signs a Player Contract may be traded before thirty (30) days following the date on which the Contract is signed.
You can trade a player as much as you want basically. Hope that helps.

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