Who would you choose

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Who would you choose

Kid or Nash? Who do you think will go down in history more and who do you think was better in there prime?

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Nash or Kidd?

Kidd has been great throughout his career while Nash really began to blow up in Pheonix. He has two MVPs, great shooting at the line and 3 point, assist leader multiple times, and led his team to the best record.
While Kidd has more All-Stars I believe, the finals as well, and does just 'bout everything. I think Kidd gets the boot on this one, he'll be mentioned because of all the triple doubles, but Nash has those two MVPs that just scream to people.
I didn't watch Kidd much while in his prime so I'll leave that alone.

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Jason Kidd hands down.

Jason Kidd has had the better career. Everyone was calling Nash a combo guard when he played for Dallas, he blew up when he played for Mike D'Antoni.

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He's definitely had the better and more complete career.

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jason kidd for sure... way

jason kidd for sure... way better player than nash... i remember watching kidd against the pistons in the conference finals man... and he smoked everybody... his corner 3 ownd us... id say kidd because of his ability to actually make a team way better (i say this because when he played for the nets they were a big contender in the east for a couple seasons..).. not to mention kidd's defense is way better....

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kidd's stats for career are outstanding. nash has had 4-5 amazing years compared to kidd's whole career.

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give me jason

kidd any day. that guy was amazing in his prime.not that nash wasnt good but i loved jason kidd in the 90's. even when he had that horrible bad blond hair day. kidd was ridiculously good even when he was aging with the nets he still carried them to the finals. i dont feel nash has done as much as kidd has as far as a legacy

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