is mike dantoni and donnie walsh the right people to turn around the knicks.

now dont get me wrong i think dantoni is a okay coach and walsh has made some good moves in the past.
but to all my knicks fans or non knicks fans do you think these are the right people to lead yall back to the jeff van gundy days.

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Yes and No. Yes- Walsh is

Yes and No.

Yes- Walsh is the right man

No- Dantoni is not. I think unless he changed his practices (he has the shortest in the nba) and if he began to preach a little bit of D, then yes.

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I can't endorse any coach that doesn't care about defense. Walsh has done an alright job with the cap situation however.

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i think the knicks would be better off with

avery johnson or a mark jackson a non sense good defensive guy.

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Walsh is the man, fkin

Walsh is the man, fkin genius..

D'Antoni, he has the attitude to survive in New York, and whether you like it or not has one of the best offenses in the NBA, just needs to endorse defense a little more, I suggest he swallow his pride and hire a defensive specialist as an AC, say what you want..if the Knicks played solid defense they would have made the playoffs, and need I remind you we missed the playoffs by 8 wins..

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I would'nt trust him to get me to the finals. But if you are a team just trying to get going in the right direction, then he will help. I just keep remembering visions of him yelling "push it" as the suns were taking the ball out of the basket on defense instead of yelling at the guys for giving up the basket in the first place. That whole suns team was more concerned about getting the 2 points back at the other end instead of focusing on where they blew the defensive assignment. That might get you to the playoffs, but it does'nt win titles.

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to say that

to say that Dantoni doesnt care about defense is a bit much. I think I only missed one or two games last year, and there were so many times that he chewed David Lees ass for missed defensive assignments. And I believe it was the 05 06 season that he had the Suns where they finished 8th in overall defense. Not too shabby. Also dont forget that teams score more against the Knicks because they get alot more shots in that up and down game. So the final score can be deceiving.
I do think this is the right combo of guys to get it done. And I like how everybody raves on JVG. How many championships did he win? thats right..0.

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The Knicks will always stink.

Dhamp...the new Hubie Brown

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