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So do you think that the Charlotte Bobcats should resign Felton, or just have Augustine run the show down there now?

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it all depends on whos the owner

if its jordan. then of course he'll bring felton back. but if i was running the show i would let augustine take over.

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i think they should resign

i think they should resign him then trade him to get some young talent as well as cap relief

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Who would they trade to

Bobcats have the worst salaries on them for three four more years and they probably wont be in the playoffs they get rid of the salaries. There only really good player besides D.J. would be Wallace who i feel bad for having him on such a bad team. Okafor is ok on defense but he is no Great Player. This team frustrates me the most as they could have had a better start and made the this year or next but they screwed up big time

The fans booed Adam Morrison in all of his games at home when he missed a single shot!!!!! No one even Micheal Jordan didn't get booed when he missed a shot? On the road he scored about 15 pg while at how he scored around 10pg because the pressure was to good. I know he couldn't become Larry Bird no one will ever be. But he could have at least been better then Josh Howard or a player like that. Sad Sad Sad

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I agree with most of what you have said, except for the comparison of Morrison to Josh Howard. What Josh does best is what Adam is the weakest at, and vice versa, but its a small issue. Morrison is a pure scorer, maybe in the Peja Stojakovich mold. Big time competitor that has a well developed offensive skill set. He is not a defender or rebounder, and he has to rely on his skills instead of his athleticism.

This being said, the Bobcats definately did not make good decisions. Augustine is good (and can get a lot better), but Felton is also one of the team's best players, and on a team that lacks talent, they should re-sign him, and make the pg position a position of strength like the Bulls had this year. Down the road they can trade him, much like the bulls are looking to do with Heinrich.

The team does need to get (somehow) a go-to scorer. With a good scorer (yet to be acquired), great depth at the PG spot, and a very good post defender (Okafor) the team has a chance to improve. They just have to stop wasting lottery picks.

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think the bobcats should keep felton, he's a better player than dj and will continue to be, + the bobcats need more than 1 pg. The pg position really isn't the problem its the small forwards and the centers, can't trade omeka( no other team really wants him), really hard to bring in talent when no one wants to play in charlotte, so the only real options they have is to make better draft choices or pair 2 bobcat stars like raymond and omeka or ever wallace for one nba star

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